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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Chicago Tribune writer predicts Magic will take Redick

Chicago Tribune basketball writer Sam Smith, in Wednesday's paper, predicted how the upcoming draft will go. With the Magic selecting 11th, here's what Smith had to say about Duke shooting guard J.J. Redick going to the Magic:

"This is higher than many draft experts project, but Magic is said to like him to help spread the court for Dwight Howard."

Personally, even though I'm alarmed at how dramatically Redick's shooting % fell off the last month of the season (fatigue had a lot to do with it), this would be a good risk for the Magic, as Redick set just about every ACC record for 3 pt shooting, and as we all know, the Magic were one of the worst 3 pt shooting teams in the league. If the Magic can spot Redick's minutes effectively, he would be a huge asset off the bench with his shooting.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Vasquez still P-Whipped

In the great tradition of Doug Christie, Vazquez the Spanish guy still doesn't have permission from his wife to move to the U.S. Maybe the year after next Otis hopes. That might be enough time for his game to improve and his marriage to be annulled.

Sports: "Magic general manager Otis Smith said the team has remained in contact with Vazquez, scouting him throughout the past season in Europe. He said he thinks Vazquez will play for the Magic in 2007-08.

'I think the possibility is a lot greater after next season, but we still consider him an asset for us,' Smith said. 'Coming over here is something him and his fiance/wife have to get comfortable with. Hopefully in another year he'll be in a better position to get his arms around who he is as a person and a player.'"

Kasun Gone

El Mundo Deportivo is reporting Mario Kasun will sign a 3 year contract with FC Barcelona in Spain. Mario was tall and had tatoos and reportedly dated a porn starlet. Other than that he pretty much sucked with the Magic.

He appeared in 73 games for the Magic including 28 last year. Career numbers are 2.7 points, 2.6 rebounds and .22 blocks and 2.5 fouls per game in 7.8 minutes.

It is now up to Otis to replace the 80 points and 60 rebounds he contributed last year.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

FL Today: Magic set to tackle offseason to-do list


Good list from Florida Today. I didn't realize Magic were 2nd to last in 3's. JJ Riddick might make a good backup SG if available in the draft at 11. Better yet, perhaps a trade that brings in a banger at center plus a SG. Even better if Garrity is included...

1. Draft a shooting guard.
The Magic made just 299 3-pointers this past season, ranking next-to-last in the NBA ahead of only the Los Angeles Clippers. To put that in perspective, Seattle's Ray Allen made 269 by himself and the Phoenix Suns made a staggering 837.
2. Explore the Grant Hill options.
But in Hill, the Magic already own one of the NBA's most- coveted players. Because Hill's seven-year, $92.88 million contract will finally come to an end after next season, Hill has great value around the league. And that's regardless of whether he's able to return from the sports-hernia injury that wiped out yet another season for him.
3. Monitor growth of Howard and Milicic.
Orlando's best chance at making a big jump next season is for Howard and Milicic to make monumental strides. If they can play alongside each other, it gives the Magic 14 feet of shot-blockers and a nifty high-low combination teeming with talent.
4. Add a veteran center.

Even at 6-foot-11, 262 pounds, Howard always will be a power forward at heart, and at times it appears Milicic is allergic to paint, given the way he floats on the perimeter. Tony Battie is great in the locker room and serviceable down low, but he's badly undersized at center.

"We have a lot of length," Magic coach Brian Hill said, "but we just don't have much girth."

5. Re-sign Stevenson at a reasonable rate.

So now the Magic must try affixing a value to Stevenson. He is no All-Star, but he was a big part of the Magic's stirring season-ending run.

"I really don't think you can be a good team without having guys like DeShawn on your team," Brian Hill said. "He had a defensive mindset and he was willing to check the best perimeter player on the other team every night. He knew his defense was the most important thing and he sacrificed his offense.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Jameer 6th most Indispensable Player in 05/06

lowpost.net/blog - 2005-06 Indispensable vs. Expendable

Record with Jameer in lineup: 31-31

Record in 20 games Jameer missed: 5-15

Monday, May 08, 2006

Stevenson has knee surgery

Daytona Beach News-Journal Online -- Sports

Just a guess. We will know if the surgery went well if DeShawn opts out of his contract. He has until July 1 to decide.

Otis must be busy compiling a list of SG free agents, draft picks and potential trades.

Rumor has Cory Maggette available this summer for a lottery pick so Clippers can resign Cassell and Vlad.

Big Surprise: Howard, Nelson, Milicic listed as future of Magic

Sports These articles can write themselves at this point, but this one offers a few interesting tidbits about Darko:

Remarkably, Milicic said he rarely ever lifted weights during his three seasons with the Detroit Pistons. Magic strength and conditioning coach Mick Smith has put Milicic on a similar program to the one that helped Howard gain 25 pounds the past two seasons.

Already an adept perimeter shooter and an uncanny passer, the Magic want Milicic to add some post moves to his game this summer. A rangy 7-footer with a solid fundamental base, the Magic fully believe Milicic can replace Battie as the starting center next season.

That certainly appeals to Milicic, who rarely played meaningful minutes before being dealt to Orlando.

"It's nice being here and getting a chance to play," said Milicic, who blocked 2.07 shots a game in just 20.9 minutes of playing time. "I enjoy the game again because I'm a part of the team. It's why I came (to America), to get to play and be counted on to help the team."

Milicic vows he's never been more excited about heading into an offseason so he can work on his game. He stressed he will come back next season ready to become an impact player.

I also read elsewhere that Darko has committed to spending at least a month in Orlando working out this summer. That's good news.

Magic All Time Playoff Team

kutv.com - All-Time NBA Team? Look No Further Than the Magic

Sports anchor from Utah arguing Magic all-time best players are as good as any other teams all-time best.

How depressing!

New Arena Happenings

Mayors seek deal to divide tourist tax

Though fundamental differences remain, both sides said they expect to reach an agreement within a few months.

Supporters of the three projects say that once a tourist-tax plan is in place, contributions from area businesses and philanthropists will start to roll in. Still unclear is exactly how much each project would cost, and how much other parties, such as the Orlando Magic, would contribute.

Crotty plans to invite backers of all three public projects before county commissioners this summer to lay out plans and costs.

Crotty's sports strategy makes financial sense - Orlando Sentinel : News Columnists

Field of Schemes:
The legislature did approve a passel of other sports subsidies, including $75 million in state money over the next 30 years for upgrades of spring-training facilities, and a $2 million a year sales-tax rebate for the Orlando Magic, matching what other teams in the state have gotten. (While most press coverage calls this $60 million, since it's spread out over 30 years, the present value is more like $30 million.) The legislation that passed also included a provision for local governments to spend their own cut of sales taxes on their existing sports franchises - though clearly, cities are going to be a lot more willing to dole out sales-tax subsidies when it's the state's money, not their own, that's at stake.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

NBA Team results post timeout -- coach ratings? from 82games.com

82games.com tries to rank coaches by looking at playcalling coming directly out of timeouts.

I'm not sure what to make of this list. Coming out of timeouts, Orlando on offense has the 9th best performance. On defense they are tenth. Overall they are rated 6th.

NBA Team results post timeout -- coach ratings? from 82games.com

Then again, 5 of the 10 best offenses coming out of timeouts did not make the playoffs. 2 of ten defenses didn't make the playoffs. Overall, 3 of the ten best including Orlando did not make the playoffs, including Boston.

On Otis

MAGIC: Getting Better All the Time

Good article on Otis at the Magic site by Bill Fay.

He hates it when he hears the term rebuilding used about the Magic. "We've got pieces in place, lots of good pieces," he said. "Are we there? No, but rebuilding means you're tearing down and starting over. We're not starting over. We need a few more pieces and we can be contending again." Most of all, Smith hates losing. He has been around it enough to know that it can become every bit as habitual as having a cup of coffee every morning. He doesn't want that type of culture to set in around the team.

Otis to be named GM Today


Smith could very well receive some votes for the NBA's Executive of the Year award for the moves he pulled off late in the season to spark the Magic. He traded seldom-used center Kelvin Cato to Detroit on Feb. 15 for promising center Darko Milicic and point guard Carlos Arroyo.

A week later, Smith brokered the deal that could prove to be a landmark decision for the Magic. By unloading mercurial point guard Steve Francis and his remaining $47 million in salary on the Knicks, the Magic are expected to have approximately $12.5 in salary cap room to pursue a top-line free agent after next season.

Smith's moves also sparked a Magic team that had floundered most of the season. Once 20-40, Orlando went a franchise-best 16-6 down the stretch. At one point, Orlando (36-46) won 12 of 13 and eight in a row to briefly get back in playoff contention.

"You have to be happy for them because they were willing to make some bold moves and they paid off for them," ABC color analyst Hubie Brown said. "They were willing to make the hard decisions. Now, they have all that young talent coming on. And the way they played late in the season, it's a great sign for the future of that team."