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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

On Otis

MAGIC: Getting Better All the Time

Good article on Otis at the Magic site by Bill Fay.

He hates it when he hears the term rebuilding used about the Magic. "We've got pieces in place, lots of good pieces," he said. "Are we there? No, but rebuilding means you're tearing down and starting over. We're not starting over. We need a few more pieces and we can be contending again." Most of all, Smith hates losing. He has been around it enough to know that it can become every bit as habitual as having a cup of coffee every morning. He doesn't want that type of culture to set in around the team.


  • At 7:11 PM, Blogger Mike from Illinois said…

    Yeah, nice article.

    The good thing is, Otis wants to get better himself, and he realizes the team needs to get better. With his work ethic, I'm confident that Otis can acquire the missing pieces to the puzzle to make the Magic a legit championship contender in the very near future.

  • At 6:59 PM, Blogger OVERWADED said…

    I've was high on Otis this season with what he did. I wanted him to get the job. This article was great though. It really drove the point home that Otis deserves this job. We as fans don't always know what really goes on behind the scenes, but it was refreshing to hear about what he is trying to accomplish, making sure everyone is on the same page, and the strong communication he is using to keep this going in the right direction. I can't wait until next year. Until then, the playoffs have been pretty kick ass so far. Although, I think the officiating has been at it's worst in a long time. At times it almost appears the NBA is trying to pick who is going to the next round and who is going home.

  • At 4:21 PM, Blogger Mike from Illinois said…

    Yeah, Intro, the playoffs have been really exciting to watch so far.

    Being from the Chicago area, I followed the Bulls series with MIA intently. Even though the Bulls lost in 6 games, they put a big scare into the Heat and definitely exposed some weak areas with them that better teams like DET could easily take advantage of.

    Even though I am a great admirer of Dwyane Wade, I don't think the Heat, if they can get past NJ, have much of a chance against DET. Shaq has to show up for every game, Wade has to have his usual star game, and the role players (Posey, Walker, Haslem, Williams, Payton) all have to play well just for the Heat to have a chance.

    Interesting observation about the refs, Intro. Watching the MIA/CHI series, the officiating was definitely inconsistent at times (a 31-5 discrepancy in FT attempts in the Bulls favor for Game 4; and how about that no-call in Game 6 when Heinrich was absolutely hammered going to the basket by Haslem and no call was made). But the better teams have won each series so far, and the refs have done their best officiating games which can be very difficult to officiate, especially in the playoffs when anger and tempers tend to flare more than during the regular season.

    I am looking forward to following the rest of the WAS/CLE series, and Game 7 of the LA/PHO series.

    We think it's bad that the Magic haven't won a playoff series in 10 years, but here the Clippers waited 30 years before finally winning a playoff series. Congrats to the Clippers, and it's nice knowing that Magic fans, thanks to the nice work by Otis, will not have to wait quite that long before our team wins a playoff series (maybe next season; if not, definitely the next after that).


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