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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Magic players under contract for next season

Here's a listing of Magic players under contract for the 2010-11 season, and how much they will earn. All salary information is from hoopshype.com.

Rashard Lewis... $20,514,000
Vince Carter... $17,300,000
Dwight Howard... $16,509,600
Jameer Nelson... $6,722,222
Marcin Gortat... $6,322,220
Mickael Pietrus... $5,300,000
Brandon Bass... $4,000,000
Ryan Anderson... $1,409,040

J.J. Redick will be a restricted free agent and has a qualifying offer of $3,887,150. The Magic can match any other offer he receives from another team.

Matt Barnes will probably become an unrestricted free agent, as he has a player option next season of $1,600,000.

This leaves the Magic with a payroll for next season currently at around $74.2 million, and if the Magic re-sign Redick, this figure probably goes to around $80 million, with the Magic having nine players under contract (assuming they can re-sign Redick). That leaves four to five players that will need to be signed to fill out the roster. How far over the salary cap would the Magic be willing to go for next season to fill out their roster.

Jason Williams, Anthony Johnson, and Adonal Foyle all will be unrestricted free agents.


  • At 2:31 PM, Blogger Matt said…

    Magic needs to sign J.J. and Matt., and it is best to try to sign both before they enter the free agency market, Particularly J.J., since he is capable and fit to sign as a starter for some teams who could offer 6+ mil to him leaving Smith with making one of his subjective decisions. I don't worry as much about Matt, but he could also get in the 2.5-3 mil range.

    VC's expiring contract is a winning card depending on which team with a high flying free agent is willing to re-build; TOR comes to mind more than any other team but they certainly do not want Vince back. Teams which are shooting for getting LeBron - NY in particular - may re-build if they don't get him, in which case we could shoot for David Lee. I can envision Vince gone except if Smith is not prepared to admit to the failure of the move to bring him to Central Florida, which seemed promising at the time, but did not work out.

  • At 7:39 PM, Blogger Mike from Illinois said…

    The Magic core of Nelson, Howard, Lewis, Gortat, Bass, and Anderson are signed through the 2012-13 season. Howard and Bass have player options for the '12-13 season, and can become unrestricted free agents then if they don't exercise their player option. Anderson can become a restricted free agent before the '12-13 season, also.

    D12 will most likely decline his $19.2 million player option for '12-13 and become a free agent if he can continue his outstanding play the next two seasons.

    On an OPP thread the other day, they were discussing the pros and cons of moving Rashard to the SF spot, and one of the biggest cons is that Rashard would not be able to handle the SF position defensively at all, that any advantage the Magic would have offensively with Rashard at the three would be negated by his poor defense there.

  • At 9:53 AM, Blogger Matt said…

    The discussion of Rashard's defensive liability at SF is absurd. He should be able to hold his own not much worse than defending the likes of Pau and Garnett. Even if so, it could be compensated by a strong showing in PF. One needs to remember that Rashard was an all-star - and was signed to max contract by Magic - due to his play at SF. Moving him to PF was an after thought when he came over and Magic was weak at PF but they had Hedo to fill in the SF position.

    The point is that we are not shooting for regular season's success - which we could do with Rashard at PF - but rather for championship, and it has been clearly proven that he cannot hold his own defending taller/bigger players. We need to strengthen our middle defense - and help Dwight - by bringing in a true PF, or else all teams would attempt to attack our basket and get Dwight in foul trouble.

  • At 4:25 PM, Blogger Big Figure said…

    Two things. (1) We arent getting the bang for the buck. Rashard makes a ton of money but gets out played at the PF spot against the likes of garnett and gasol. Both seven footers that unless they retire soon rashard is bound to find himself against late in the playoffs if he remains a PF for the magic or any team. (2)VC is second on the list and obviously not worth the money if he's gonna have 3pt games when we need him the most. Bottom line,its been three seasons since we signed rashard and we've seen what he can and cant do,he's not going to gain any gerth to be good at blocking out and he's not going to get any taller to be able to defend seven footers and both are reason's he comes up short defensively and on the defensive backboard. If otis is serious about winning a championship then he will start taking defense and rebounding seriously. Kobe bryant last night made a great point about winning a championship at his post game press conference,he stated the most important things to winning a championship are "defense and rebounding". Well,the magic are basically an offensive team with the best defensive center in the league. Thats the only reason this team stays at the top of the league in the defensive statistics category's. VC's not worth the money,at some point i'd like to see him moved just for that reason alone. Rashard,either he moves to SF where i believe he could be worth the money or they move him for a true PF (to like the suns for amare).


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