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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Darko starts as Magic rout Knicks

After being late for shootaround, DHoward found himself not starting for the first time in his career, as Darko replaced him at PF. As it turned out, both players, especially Dwight, had outstanding games as the Magic bounced back from last night's embarrassing loss to CHA to rout NY 111-87 in Steve Francis's return.

Seven players scored in double figures for the Magic, led by Dwight (23 pts 7 rebs in 22 minutes off the bench). HTurkoglu (16 pts), JNelson (13 pts 6 assists 0 TOs), Darko (13 pts 7 rebs 4 blocks in 31 minutes), and KDooling (11 pts 9 assists) all played well. Steve-O's return was nothing short of a bust, as he scored a mere 2 pts with 3 TOs in just around 10 minutes of play. Five players scored in double figures for the Knicks, led by C Eddy Curry (15 pts).

The Magic dominated every aspect of the game. They outscored NY from the field 88-65 on 51.2% shooting. NY shot 47.6%. The Magic outscored NY from the FT line 23-22 on 85.2% shooting. NY shot 75.9% from the line. The Magic outrebounded the Knicks 40-32, and had a sparkling assist-to turnover ratio of 22-8, while the Knicks had an awful ratio of 12-21. Magic bench outscored NY's bench 53-45.

The Magic played like they are capable of playing. They shot the ball well from the field and the FT line, rebounded well, passed the ball well, and took care of the ball. Granted, it came against a train wreck of a team, but at least it showed the Magic can play like they care and can bounce back after a horrible loss.


  • At 11:16 AM, Blogger OVERWADED said…

    I'm back, unfortunately... The vacation was great, the only thing I missed was my Magic. Of course they had to start winning when I couldn't watch any games. Although I did get to see Dwight's "dunk of the year" like 50 times on Sports Center. :)

    Does anyone think Stevie Francis will ever be an all-star again? I know it's not ALL his fault being in NY, but he was tanking here for the last few months, so it kind of is his fault he is where he is. He's kind of shaping up to be a sad story, but it's def. not the first time a player with his talents has gone down that path.

    Speaking of sad stories... Shawn Kemp wants to comeback. They say he's went from 320 to 270. I know we'll never see the "Reignman" again, but I'd like to see him finish his career off in a nice way. He was once a top 5 half-man half-amazing player. Oooh the memories; The Reignman and The Glove... And I thought Francis story was sad...

    I'm glad to see the Magic are holding down the fort at home. Winning some games kind of sucks because I want a top lottery pick, but at the same time, we're showing many signs of becoming a future breakout team. Next year should be exciting. If we make even a little noise next year, our chances on attracting a big name free agent will go up. Think about it, what NBA player wouldn't want to come to sunny FL, where the taxes are easier on them, the team is young and talented, and to play with the likes of Dwight and company? My prediction; we're going to have a lot of "all the sudden Magic fans" again, especially after the next 2 years.

  • At 2:03 PM, Blogger Mike from Illinois said…

    Welcome back Intro; glad you had a good vacation and nice to have you here in the mix again.

    Check out the post of WeRDevos a little over a week ago, "an open letter to Grant Hill." Several of us had a really good debate about whether Grant should retire or not before next season. Check it out when you get a chance.

    The only thing that could hold the Magic back from being a solid playoff team in the future and a major player in the free-agent market is Brian Hill and his coaching strategies and demeanor.

  • At 4:31 PM, Blogger Ken said…

    Ok, i guess i have to eat some crow and admit I was totally wrong about my prediction for the game against the Knicks. I think it comes from seeing it so many times before that i just assumed it would happen again.. Its really nice to see them blow someone else out every once in a while


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