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Friday, March 17, 2006

Rare comeback win for Magic against Celtics

St. Patrick's Day did not prove to be lucky for the Celtics. The Magic, trailing by two entering the fourth quarter, held the Celtics to just 3 of 23 shooting in the fourth and won 84-77. This was only the second time in 37 games this season that the Magic won a game after trailing after 3 quarters.

Four players for the Magic scored in double figures, led by DHoward, who had 18 pts, 13 rebs and 6 blocks. JNelson (19 pts, 7 rebs, 5 assists, 1 TO), HTurkoglu (18 pts 9 rebs), and Darko (10 pts, 7 rebs, 4 blocks in just 19 minutes) had good games. Paul Pierce (19 pts) and Wally Szczerbiak (16 pts) were the only Celtics who scored in double figures.

The Magic outscored BOS from the field 65-54 on 32 of 78 shooting (41%). BOS shot a mere 32.5%. BOS shot 23-26 from the foul line (88.5%), while the Magic shot 19-27 (70.4%). Magic were outrebounded 48-45 by BOS, but the Magic had a better assist-to-turnover ratio of 17-13, compared to 16-19 for BOS. Magic bench outscored the Celtic bench 23-19.

This was the 4th win in 5 games for the Magic. Our point guards, Nelson and Arroyo, continue to impress, as they combined for 24 pts, 9 assists and just 2 TOs. Darko continues to shine off the bench, and a great game for Dwight. It wasn't pretty, but it counts as a win.


  • At 11:55 PM, Blogger Matt said…

    A win is a win, but it was ugly against a team that was coming from a tough defeat, the night before. Magic won it because of the defensive prowess of Dwight and Darko (can we call them DDs?). Credit to coach playing Darko towards the end of the 4th quarter. However, 19 minutes is not nearly enough for Darko to get his feet wet. It was good to see Ariza get some minutes taken away from Augmon. Still no sign of Diener despite patches where no Magic player, except Jameer, could make a jump shot.

  • At 4:20 AM, Blogger Mike from Illinois said…

    Saw the highlight on SportsCenter of Dwight's amazing one-handed dunk off a pass... was that awesome or what? The SportsCenter guys were saying that was one of the best dunks they had ever seen.

    I noticed that former Magic guard-forward Mike Miller scored a career-high and franchise-best 41 pts for Memphis Friday night against Denver. And the guys we got for Miller (Giricek and Gooden) are long gone from the Magic.

  • At 1:17 PM, Blogger Big Figure said…

    Good win,one the magic usually find a way to lose,we ran some but not enough,any time BHILL slowed the game up,the celts were able to get back in the game,keyon did a good job in the fourth of forcing the tempo,and it turned into some easy baskets which turned out to be the difference,maybe an ugly game from the offensive output standpoint,but the defense dwight and darko showed plus dwight's highlights,made it a fun game to watch for me!

  • At 3:16 PM, Blogger Ken said…

    Any win is a good win at this point. Amazing dunk by Howard. That will be on Sports Center highlight clips for a long, long time... I agree with bigf that, if there was ever a night the Magic needed to get out and run, this was the night... Catching the Celtics comming off a back breaker against Miami, this would have been the perfect way to finish them off early. Run it down their throats. But No, not BSH, he'll continue to put everyone to sleep walking the ball up the floor at a snails pace allowing the Celtics to keep it close the entire game. The one thing i am thankful for is Garrity being hurt. Because you all know damn well if he wasn't, Darko's ass would be parked on the bench and Arizza would be placed on the injured list already. I say let the mental midget BSH finish out the season, but then he has got to go... Won't matter how much talent this team has, Hill will continue to play Augmon and Garrity..

  • At 12:40 AM, Blogger Ken said…

    Who else thinks MeMack is calling it quits til next year? His mysterious end-of-the-season back spasms again. I know he's been in and out all season with them but didn't the same thing happen while he was here? No chance of making the play-offs so he shuts it down early... Maybe that is a bit synical and all, but damn. I wonder how long before the Rockets grow weary of this....

  • At 4:47 AM, Blogger Mike from Illinois said…

    You're right, Omar. T-Mac's annual back injuries are becoming a yearly thing. Despite all his talents and scoring accomplishments, he will never be known as a great player until he can stay healthy and lead his team to at least 1 playoff series victory. With Yao starting to come into his own at center, the chance for the Rockets is certainly there in the coming years if T-Mac can stay healthy.


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