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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Record-breaking loss for Magic at CHA

Down by as many as 20 points in the first half, the Magic were able to get within 4 pts late in the game but could pull no closer and lost a team-record 16th game in a row on the road 108-102 to CHA. In addition to not having Emeka Okafor and Sean May, CHA also was without point guard Brevin Knight and forward Melvin Ely, but the Magic were unable to use their depth for an advantage.

Six players scored in double figures for the Magic, including all 5 starters. HTurkoglu had 24 pts 9 assists, JNelson had 19 pts 8 assists, DHoward 17 pts 15 rebs. TBattie (14 pts), DStevenson (11 pts), and KDooling (11 pts) all scored in double figures. The ORL bench, which had been playing so well, was outscored by CHA's bench 24-17. Darko saw only 12 minutes of action (0 pts 3 blocks). CArroyo did not score in 13 minutes of action. TAriza had just 2 pts in 18 minutes. Five players scored in double figures for CHA, led by Gerald Wallace (27 pts), and Primoz Brezec (22 pts). Raymond Felton had 13 assists.

The Magic did shoot well at 50% (39/78), but were outscored from the field by CHA 87-84, even though CHA shot just 44.4% (40/90). CHA outscored the Magic 21-18 from the FT line, as the Magic shot just 18/26 (69.2%), compared to 80.8% by CHA (21/26). Magic were outrebounded again 44-39, including 17-9 on the offensive boards. CHA had a superb assist-to-turnover ratio of 26-8, compared to 24-14 for the Magic.

Yet another relatively unknown player had a career night against the Magic. Bernard Robinson, who had been averaging just 6 pts and 3 rebs, scored 17 pts, along with 13 rebs and 6 assists. A bad loss for the Magic to the team with the worst record in the NBA, and they made history in the process.


  • At 12:01 AM, Blogger Ken said…

    I shut the game off in the first half when the Magic went down by 20. I just couldn't bare to watch anymore. Even though they shot over .500 for the game, I think everyone just overlooked CHA. It seemed like they thought this was going to be a cake walk and could win just by showing up. But CHA clearly out hustled the Magic, at least in the first half. The shocker for me was Darko and Arroyo having ZERO points for the game. Something that stood out, to me anyway in the first half was, maybe it's just the end of a long season, or knowing that they aren't going to make the playoffs, but it seems like Dwight is regressing in his development. He still gets pushed around quite easily in the post, he relies heavily on the point blank dunks, and seems really slow at getting back on defense. I know he's young and has many years ahead of him, just sayin..... It was clear that BSH didn't have this team anywhere near ready to play tonight, they got the shit stomped outta them in the first half, and then struggled to play catch-up the rest of the way... Thats all i can commment on since i didn't see the whole thing.

  • At 12:18 PM, Blogger Big Figure said…

    Boy,i said charlotte would win if they started a small line-up,but i didnt know it would be that easy,this is another loss just like the ATL loss that should be solely blamed on the coach,charlotte followed ATL's strategy and started two small forwards at the forward position's,GWallace & BRobinson for charlotte,ATL used AHarrington & JSmith,both teams got the same result,(1)alot of fast break attempts anytime we miss shots or turnover the ball,(2)dwight or tony has to guard GWallace or JSmith in the open floor,impossible for true PF's,(3)their team will have no problem rotating out of double teams b/c of their lack of size on the court,they doubled everybody all night,which brings me to(4)there wont be any driving lanes b/c their playing small ball and rotating defensively,so we'll wind up taking alot of jumpshots with the clock running down,(5)In this type of game darko is only going to be effective if he was the sole big-man on the floor playing with a match-up lineup,but playing with dwight or tony on the floor like last night,wound up with darko matched up with GWallace,AGAIN impossible for our bigmen to cover him,no bigman should have to cover a SF for that matter,so there's a list of ways their coach out-coached our coach! It's the suns style of playing basketball that other teams are trying to copy,and ATL & charlotte used it to success against the magic,its a form of smallball,if you have small forwards that can play the PF,and dont have a true PF,then you start both your small forwards and play the running game,b/c its gonna be harder for true PF's to stay with small forwards in transition,than it will for those small forwards to have to guard the true PF's in the post,Gwallace 25pts & AHarrinton 30pts mostly coming from trasition and steals created by the running game,and they played good enough defense in the post at their size against dwight & tony to get the win!


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