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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

You can't have a rumor without Francis

HoopsHype - NBA Rumors: "Francis" appears 24 times on the HoopsHype rumors page.

NY -- likely
Denver -- Carmelo hates him and would pout.
Lakers -- keeping Odom for now
Minny -- waiting for Marbury this summer?

Marbury & Francis would be a $30 million backcourt this year, then $33, $36 and finally $39 million in 2008/2009!


  • At 12:31 PM, Blogger Big Figure said…

    Ya know,i think marbury and francis can be dominating,they are total opposite's,marbury shoots the three and steve has a hell of a mid range game when he's motivated,sure some would say that one is gonna have to guard shooting guards,but those shooting guards are gonna have to guard step and steve in the open court also,which could be worse for the other team b/c of fatigue,the only arguement i keep hearing is that they wont pass to each other and there could be a fight at mid court,well i think both is stupid for a number of reason's! (1) A point guard and a shooting guard dont have to pass to each other,an effective two guard puts the ball in the basket thats a shooting guards job,so steve doesnt have to pass to the point! (2)I've said all along that steve needed to be a permanant shooting guard,and isiah is gonna be the first one to get it right with steve if the deal goes thru,it will make steve a much more humble person,b/c he doesnt have the weight of the franchise on his shoulders,notice when steve came to orlando he no longer wanted to be known as stevie franchize,he went with steve-o,shaking that label in steve's mind probably took alot of pressure off of himself! (3) And attitude wise steph is more quiet like isiah,and steve is more fiesty like dumars,steve is quick to start a fight with guys twice his size! (4) Larry Brown will be able to motivate steve,when steve hears some of that good coaching,i bet he'll be a better player,he'll feel like he's actually playing for someone that knows what he's doing,while LB lets steve finally be free at the two position,i could be wrong in everything i say but i try to use logic when analyzing players,and i dont think anything i've said about these guys is wrong,i dont like the knicks or any of their players (unless they become members of the magic)so my comments are trying to give the flip side of the situation,b/c i've heard no one that thinks it'll work!

  • At 12:57 PM, Blogger Ken said…

    I know what your sayin big, I've read all the sports blogs and colunms that say Francis and Marbrry will get into a fist-fight at mid court over who would get the ball. I like you point about Larry Brown being good for Francis, LB is a coach who is capable of actually teaching and getting players to buy into his system making themselves as well as the team better. BSHill isn't qualified to coach anything much beyond the middle school level, and unfortunately we are stuck with him. It's obvious just watching the Magic offensive sets that his communication and plays aren't working, and his "my way only" form of coaching sure isn't working. It would be interesting to see what LB can do with SM and SF, if he dosn't killem first...

  • At 1:15 PM, Blogger Ken said…

    I was over at the Slantinel.com and thought i'd check out that world class Magic blog. Well, it's un-moderated again. I guess enough people complained or they just gave up trying to keep up to it. After being in here so much and getting use to intelligent conversation, it's pretty hard to read through even the first page of their replies on there. Most of the absurd comments and trade suggestions are down right laughable..


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