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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Knicks' Deal for Francis Is More Likely Than Not

New York Times Say Francis/Garrity for Crawford, Ariza & Taylor is very likely today or tomorrow.

I guess we'll know sometime during the next 28 hours...


  • At 11:31 AM, Blogger Big Figure said…

    This management has made mistake after mistake,but they can fix alot in my mind by doing this deal,at first the deal with the knicks wasnt that appealing to me,but if they send pat & steve to the knicks,they will have sent both of our problems right out the door,with coach hill remaining he wont be able to play garrity to much,and steve wont be in our backcourt taking nights off,and taking minutes away from guys like keyon and arroyo,who noticably wanna make us better,if they do this deal,the magic could make the playoffs! BSH will be forced to start a true point guard (keyon or arroyo),he wont have garrity as a reserve,so he'll be forced to give those minutes to mario & darko,instantly making us a bigger team,sounds good to me!

  • At 11:48 AM, Blogger Big Figure said…

    Bottom line is,for this coach to be successful,mamnagement has to put together a team full of defenders that can score,is brian hill a defensive upgrade? Yes! But having players like steve and pat,who dont play any defense,but are very good at what they do offensively (when not under scrutiny)is a contradiction to the reason you brought in this specific coach,b/c there were other candidates,if you bring in a defensive coach,logic says you should become a defensive team personnel wise,steve being a combo guard,and pat being a three point specialist,means they are offensive players and not the type we should build around! If i were the coach from day one steve would have been a two,and pat would play when it benefits the team,not just get 25 minutes a night against bad match-up's for him,i like steve and pat,and i'm gonna hate to see them go,but this coach is to limited in his offensive mindframe for offensive players to work here,penny,nick,horace & shaq,were arguably the best defenders in the league at their respective position's,thats one thing we have to remember,and it's up to management to get us some better defenders,crawford & ariza's size would be a good start,and with grant and hedo out,they would be just what the doctor ordered at those position's (SG & SF)!

  • At 12:45 PM, Blogger Ken said…

    YES! YES! YES! I'd be in favor of almost any deal that included sending garrity anywhere for just about anything. Just get him away from this coach that seems to cheerish his lack athletic ability and talent. Hell, i'd send Francis and garrity to NYK for Crawford alone, dosn't matter, just get these 2 diseased parasites out of Orlando. Let the Knicks deal with Francis's mood swings and self-absorbed outlook, as far as garrity, well, I don't see the Knicks kissing his ass and playing him 25 minutes a night the way BSHill loves to do. Larry Brown would be rolling on the floor laughing watching garrity try to run down the court and then play his unique brand of defense, if he goes to the Knicks, I don't see him lasting to long there either.


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