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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

More bad news for Magic heading into NJ

As if the Magic, losers of 7 in a row and 11 of their last 12, didn't have enough problems, they will be without Hedo Turkoglu (sprained ankle), and GHill (groin soreness related to his surgery), for tonight's game. Also, JNelson will be out at least 3 more weeks, as he was diagnosed with cartilage damage in his foot. And, of course, the drama around Francis continues... a trade with the Knicks is said to be imminent.

NJ, 29-23 overall, coming off a road win at MIL last night, has been nearly unbeatable at home since mid-December, going 13-1 (17-7 overall at home). The Magic are a dismal 6-20 on the road. NJ is led by star Vince Carter, who is coming off a 45 pt night against MIL, and is averaging 24.1 ppg. Richard Jefferson (18.9 pts), Jason Kidd (14.4 pts 7.9 assists) and Nenad Krstic (12.7 ppg) are all key players.

If one good thing comes out of the game tonight, it's that Darko and Arroyo should see way more action than they did against CLE. Even BHill admitted that the 3 minutes Darko played will be the fewest minutes he'll ever see. Hill will be finally forced to use a different starting lineup and bench rotation with the injuries to Hedo and Grant, and the possible trade of Francis. Here's my idea as to who he should start tonight: PG Arroyo, SG Dooling, SF Stevenson, PF Dwight , C Battie. Bench rotation: Diener at either guard spot, Darko at PF/C, Kasun at C, and Garrity and Augmon at F or SG. If Steve plays, start him at the 2 and Dooling at the point.


  • At 8:11 AM, Blogger Ken said…

    It didn't look good when they were carrying Turkglu off the floor. What else can possibly happen to this team? If it weren't for bad luck.......

    Well, so much for my comment about riding Grant Hill and getting whatever we can out of him. Nothing surprises me anymore with Grant. Actually, it seems weird even having him in the line-up, it just seems natural for him to always be on the injured list.

    It was great to get a glimse of Darko and Arroyo last nite, and look forward to seeing what they can do, while significantly cutting reducing garrity's minutes. Still uneasy about BSHill being in control of all this though...

  • At 9:21 AM, Blogger Big Figure said…

    This season is over,just to many injuries,when we get healthy its never for that long,plus bsh is a moron,when keyon came in for steve in the first quarter,that was the first time in the game we actually saw someone get other poeple invovled,keyon was getting dwight the ball at point blank range with his penetration,and when arroyo came in in the fourth,he was doing the same thing,making dwight better by getting him the ball in scoring position's with his penetration,but yet coach hill stays with steve as the starter,WHY? We've got two good point guards in keyon and arroyo,if steve were playing the two we'd win easy,but coach hill is a moron,our best players arent being played,or if they do get on the court,its for a short period,it seems like the only thing that can help us,is trading steve,b/c then at least coach would be forced to start someone else at the point,which could lead to us ending our losing streak,i think it will,if steve's in the starting line-up tonight we probably lose,but if keyon and deshawn start,i predict a win,bottom line is,we're not gonna win until something's done with steve and coach figures out that garrity sucks!

  • At 9:27 AM, Blogger Big Figure said…

    As long as steve is here,and bsh is our coach,we're gonna lose! If steve is moved,everything wont be great,b/c bsh will probably still play garrity 25 minutes,i literally hate bsh now!

  • At 9:33 AM, Blogger Big Figure said…

    One game was enough for me,playing pat so many minutes,means to me coach hill needs to go,i'm tired of us getting killed on the boards,for an occasional three pointer,we lose length in the passing lanes b/c pats undersized,we lose rebounding b/c pat cant jump,we lose speed b/c pat cant run,how can this guy get so many minutes,i bet pat loves coach hill,they both should be waived,pay them both and get them as far away from our court as you can!

  • At 9:35 AM, Blogger TragicFan said…

    I just figured it out!

    Management is going to trade Francis for Hardaway because they don't have the stones to fire Brian Hill.

    They figure the only person that had the stones to do it was Penny, so they are bringing him in to do the dirty work.

    Makes perfect sense - I like how the GM's are disagreeing in the press - Its a nice touch to this ping-pong-ball-bound-season.

  • At 9:43 AM, Blogger WeRDevos said…

    The disappointment list from last night (in no particular order)

    1. Diener deactivated
    2. Garrity 26 minutes, horrible D
    3. Kasun 5 minutes 5 fouls of Darko time.
    4. Arroyo doesn't play first 43 minutes.
    5. Darko plays well, doesn't return in 2nd half, but Kasun does?
    6. Francis plays point.
    7. Everyone but Turk & Howard forcing up ugly shots.
    8. Stevensons jump shot was truly ugly.
    9. Francis trying to force passes into the to create turnovers.
    10. Stevenson bouncing balls off his feet twice for turnovers.
    11. Not playing Darko with Howard.

    The coach is an idiot.

  • At 9:58 AM, Blogger Matt said…

    I agree with all points raised by WeRDevos, except one ... Deshawn's shot; he has always shot it in a non-aesthetic form and since his knee is injured he doesn't have much of a leg action neither. Regardless, the guy is a warrior and a team player. I can live with his occasional mishaps.

    As for Grant's hernia injury, I have questioned Magic's medical staff' (I doubt they have any on pay roll except the trainer) competence. I am also curious how a typical injury could persist so long unless they happen to locate the worst doctors in the nation.

  • At 12:34 PM, Blogger Ken said…

    The Magic should just deactivate Hill for the season, he takes up a valuable roster spot from a player who is ready and able to contribute. It's fine to keep him around the locker room and practice just for his teaching and mentoring ability, but but this 2 games on then 15 games off is bullshit... I like ya Grant, but what have you done for us lately? In fact, what have you ever really done for us besides bleed this team of 93 million dollars?


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