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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Career game from Howard, clutch three from Redick help Magic overcome Bobcats in OT

Dwight Howard scored a career-high 45 points, along with 19 rebounds and 8 blocks, as J.J. Redick hit the game-tying three with eight seconds remaining in regulation as the Magic downed Charlotte 107-102 in OT. The Magic were also helped by a 20 point margin over the Bobcats at the free throw line.

The Magic led 25-21 after one quarter, only to see the Bobcats take control in the second to lead at the half 50-43. The Bobcats continued to lead going into the fourth 74-68, before the Magic finally took the lead 90-89 late in the fourth before the Bobcats scored six of the next eight points to go up three before Redick tied it late.

Charlotte scored the first two points of the OT before the Magic took control and outscored the Bobcats 12-7 in the OT for the final five point margin of victory.

Magic leading scorers

Dwight Howard: 45 points (16 of 23 field goals), 19 rebounds, 8 blocks
Rashard Lewis: 17 points (5 of 14 field goals), 6 rebounds
Hedo Turkoglu: 13 points (3 of 13 field goals), 7 assists, 5 rebounds

Charlotte leading scorers

Raymond Felton: 22 points, 10 rebounds, 5 assists
Emeka Okafor: 14 points, 9 rebounds
Boris Diaw: 14 points, 7 rebounds

Overall Game Stats:

FG%: CHA 46.3% (44 of 95) ORL 43.8% (35 of 80)
3 PT FG%: ORL 37.5% (9 of 24) CHA 35.3% (6 of 17)
FT%: ORL 75.7% (28 of 37) CHA 47.1% (8 of 17)
REB: CHA 51 (17 offensive) ORL 49 (13 offensive)
AST/TO: CHA 21/14 ORL 21/15

Other game notes and stats:

-Howard outscored the other four Magic starters combined 45-38 and outrebounded them 19-18
-The other four Magic starters combined to shoot 11 of 37
-Turkoglu and Lewis combined for 30 points but shot a combined 8 of 27
-The Magic starting frontline outscored the Bobcats' starting frontline 75-36 and outrebounded them 30-20
-The Bobcats starting guards, Diaw and Bell, outscored the Magic starting guards, Johnson and Pietrus, 35-8
-The Bobcats outscored the Magic from the field 94-79
-The Magic outscored the Bobcats 28-8 from the free throw line and had more than twice as many attempts 37-17
-The Magic turned the ball over just three times in the second half and OT after 12 first half turnovers
-The Magic used a ten-man rotation with Redick leading the reserves with 10 points on 3 of 5 shooting
-Pietrus attempted six field goals, with five of those three point attempts

The Magic are now 39-13 as they travel to New Orleans for Wednesday night's game.

For the complete box score, click here


  • At 4:59 AM, Blogger Mike from Illinois said…

    From the game recap from cbssports.com:

    "Dwight was unbelievable, unbelievable," Magic coach Stan Van Gundy said. "I mean phenomenal. He just put us on his back. That's leadership right there, that kind of play on the floor. It kept everyone else motivated."

    That about says it all. Wow, what a performance! That's the first time in at least 35 years that anyone has had as much as 45 points, 19 rebounds, and 8 blocks in a game.

    Dwight has definitely taken it upon himself to pick up the scoring load with Jameer Nelson out. Let's just hope he doesn't wear down as the season goes on.

    Lewis and Turk continue to struggle from the floor, though Lewis picked up his play in the second half and Turk had 7 assists and also an unbelievable basket in the OT.

    Pietrus has got to start driving and slashing to the basket more often instead of just jacking up threes. He hardly played in the second half because of his lack of aggression.

    The two PGs, Johnson and Lue, did slightly better than the Denver game as they combined for 10 points and 6 assists, along with 8 boards, though their 10 points is 7 off Nelson's season average.

    I didn't think that this would be an easy win for the Magic; it's going to be a struggle for them in a lot of games now without Jameer.

    It's rather unlikely that Otis Smith is going to make any more trades. I know some people wanted Otis to try and get Ray Felton from the Bobcats; he scored 22 points with 10 boards and 5 assists Tuesday night. I have to admit, he would look good in a Magic uniform now, with a player option for next season.

    Oh well, it is what it is...

  • At 12:01 PM, Blogger Big Figure said…

    Boy,it took alot more effort from the magic to win this game than i thought it would. I was surprised to see all the moves the bobcats have made to make themselves a much tougher team,give them credit they are built with tough guys and they played like it. Bell,diaw and diop present a very different bobcats team than the one i expected. At the same time credit dwight for playing like his all-star self and dominating like i thought he would. The game itself had me questioning SVG though on alot of things. (1) I'm not liking the fact that SVG has turned hedo into a full-time PG (with the second unit) and doesnt let anyone else with the second unit handle the ball. Its drastically limiting hedo's offense. (2)This change isnt allowing hedo to score points because he has to distribute the ball,without jameer we need his floor game dominance from the small-forward position so that he can score (as well as pass and rebound). (3)Either let courtney lee handle the ball some with the second unit or use lue as the back-up at PG. CL and JJ run together now with the second unit and while both are not PG's by nature,they both have shown the ability to handle the ball and SVG needs to start putting confidence in some of his other players beside's hedo. That line-up is one of the strangest i've ever seen,two guys in the back-court who are 6ft 4 but dont handle the ball,then you see a 6ft10 inch guy bringing up the ball,strange. (4)Why not let CL bring up the ball and let hedo go back to running the offense? Him bringing the ball up and passing it basically means we dont have hedo or jameer!(5)Also it seems like SVG has gone into the bsh waters with just feeding dwight and everybody else stands around and watches. SVG has to prove that he can draw up things for us when dwight isnt hitting his shots,luckily for him dwight was killing okafor throughout,but what happens when dwight struggles also like his teammates? SVG isnt showing me many adjustments to this problem,seems like he's content with just feeding dwight and everybody else takes what's left over. I agree that he's put more people on the block lately,but that seemed like a "need to do" thing to generate more points without jameer rather than a coaching move. (6)SVG doesnt milk things for what they are worth or he isnt coaching his team to milk certain things (except dwight),maybe giving them to much freedom. First possession of the game we post hedo and he draws a foul,then he doesnt get another post up chance until late,why? We should have gone right back to that match-up and see if he couldve drawn another foul getting us into the penalty earlier. I'm having alot of problems with what i'm seeing from SVG right now,but i'm hoping it's just a re-learning process figuring out this team without jameer and the right players will be used correctly again.

  • At 6:39 PM, Blogger Mike from Illinois said…

    Interesting observations, Big Figure.

    I'm not too worried about Stan Van Gundy, though. I think he's trying different things to see how they work, but I'm sure he'll be able to figure what's best for the Magic eventually.


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