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Friday, February 13, 2009

The Magic's offensive woes without Jameer Nelson

The Magic, in the four games since Jameer Nelson's injury, are 2-2. The Magic have scored 125, 102, 101, and 73 points in those games. Not counting the game against the Clippers, who weren't remotely interested in playing any defense, the Magic are averaging just 92 ppg in the last three games on 41% shooting, and 31.3% three point shooting. Compare that to their season average of 102.2 ppg on 46% shooting and 39.6% three point shooting. The Magic are averaging ten fewer points, shooting five percentage points worse from the field and eight percentage points worse from three point range in their last three games.

Let's take a look at how some individual Magic players have done the last three games, and compare that to their season averages in parenthesis:

Anthony Johnson... PPG: 6.0 (4.8); FG%: 35.3% (39.1%); 3 PT FG%: 14.3% (40.5%); AST/TO: 7/7 (133/48)
Mickael Pietrus...... PPG: 9.7 (11.9); FG%: 35.7% (45.8%); 3 PT FG%: 42.1% (37.0%); AST/TO: 5/5 (33/38)
Dwight Howard...... PPG: 22.3 (20.5); FG%: 55.2% (56.4%); AST/TO: 1/11 (64/141)
Rashard Lewis........ PPG: 14.0 (18.5); FG%: 35% (44.2%); 3 PT FG: 39.1% (41.5%); AST/TO: 5/9 (136/108)
Hedo Turkoglu....... PPG: 15.3 (17.1); FG%: 36.8% (40.1%); 3 PT FG%: 20% (36.2%); AST/TO: 24/13 (246/136)
Courtney Lee...........PPG: 6.7 (7.1); FG%: 42.1% (46.4%); 3 PT FG%: 16.7% (42.1%); AST/TO: 3/4 (53/41)
J.J. Redick................PPG: 8.0 (5.8); FG%: 35.7% (42%); 3 PT FG%: 30% (40.2%); AST/TO: 2/2 (37/31)

Some observations:

-In the last three games, Lewis, Pietrus, and Turkoglu are well off their season averages
-Howard is nearly two points above his season average the last three games
-Redick and Johnson are also above their season averages, Johnson because he is playing more minutes and Redick thanks to a 17 pt effort against Indiana
-All the Magic players have shot worse their last three games than their season average, with Lewis and Pietrus having the largest difference
-Only Pietrus has a higher shooting percentage from three point range than his season average the last three games
-Howard may be scoring more, but his AST/TO ratio is a disaster the last three games at 1/11
-Lewis and Johnson's AST/TO ratios are considerably worse than their season average the last three games
-Turkoglu is doing a great job dishing the ball, but that's taking away from his scoring and shooting percentages
-Subtracting Howard, the Magic have shot a dismal 38% from the field their last three games

I know three games is a rather small sample, but the Magic have been consistent in their mediocrity the last three games without Nelson, who they miss big-time.


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