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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Stupid Magic Tricks

Just a few reminders that this franchise is always just a half-step away from screwing up a good thing.

1. Last night the coach sends Outlaw in the game first, instead of Darko, because he is concerned about Darko matching up against the Hawks. Magic lose the first quarter badly. Fortunately, Hill comes to his senses and it turns out it's the Hawks who can't match up to Darko while he's on the floor shooting 5-6.

2. Magic announce they will hire a GM before the draft. Huh? The article actually indicates they may hire someone from outside the franchise. Yeah, now that the franchise finally has a clear vision of the future let's hire someone new and change the freaking plan. The fools simply should have announced Otis Smith's promotion once he accepts the job. Lord knows he deserves it after the Detroit and New York heists.

3. Garrity back. Middle of playoff push with an athletic, ball moving, shot blocking, rebounding nine playing the most exciting Magic basketball in three years and Garrity is going to get minutes? Yikes. Does this mean, would Ariza leave the rotation? All Ariza did last night in 10 minutes is grab 5 boards and score 4 points.

4. Grant Hill: The papers are still writing things like: "even though the Magic have re-entered the Eastern Conference playoff race that Grant Hill won't play again this season." Why won't this franchise disabuse the local press of the notion that Grant Hill is part of the Magic's future? At this point he's old, injury prone and can't be anything more than a distraction to this teams winning ways. Turkoglu has been fantastic during the turnaround. The mere idea of taking his minutes away, let alone starting role at this point is disgusting.

Sheesh. I need to stop reading the papers. All they ever report on is bad news. I shouldn't have to be worrying about all this bad stuff in the middle of a 13-4 run that is the 3rd best record in the league over the last 17 games.


  • At 1:02 PM, Blogger OVERWADED said…

    1. I was OK with Bo's playing time. He played good in Miami. The team looked sluggish in the 1st quarter last night, so regardless of the size matchups, I understood the thinking of bringing Bo on the court to bring some energy to the team.

    2. Otis Smith should be GM. If somehow Otis is not the GM, they better have a good excuse and have a PRO's-PRO taking the position.

    3. Pat Garrity should never play again for the Magic. If he does, he needs to play a role like Stacy Augmon. Like a rare case everyone is off, or someone is hurt, or we need a three point threat on the floor; still, he shouldn't crack 5 minutes on the floor. Beyond that, he has no purpose and I pray his time is up this summer as a member of the Magic.

    4. Grant Hill should no longer be talked about this year. I'm still torn about his future. I mean really, after this last year, is it really worth having a distraction like him around? The only role I EVER want Grant playing on this team again would be 6th man. I'd much rather give the starting position to a guy that will be able to take that position, use it, and start on a regular basis, and we all know Grant will NEVER be able to do that again. So he'll either be hitting the road, or hitting the bench for a new role, but as for this year, he shouldn't be mentioned anymore.

  • At 1:31 PM, Blogger WeRDevos said…

    Re: Garrity & Grant Hill.

    Ariza is restricted free agent and it's good odds he'll be resigned. Stevenson has a player opt-out so he's 50:50 to return. If both come back we have our winning 9 back next year.

    How great would it be to have a strong rotation back (it's a huge stretch, but 13-4 equates to a 63 win season were it to continue.)

    Anyway, how great would it to be going into next year with a rotation of Howard, Nelson, Turkoglu, Battie, Stevenson, Darko, Arroyo, Dooling, Ariza plus a rookie with Grant Hill plus Pat Garrity = $20 million in expiring contracts.

    As we know with Darko/Arroyo/Ariza, anything can happen at the trade deadline in February. (Think 'Sheed to Detroit in '04) A good start and some unthinkable trade and this time next year the Magic could actually be thinking Finals.

    Or, the Magic could return to form and crash and burn. It's always a thrill following this team.

  • At 1:39 PM, Blogger Big Figure said…

    (1)I too was OK with Bo's playing time,they were so small that battie just couldnt guard harrington,at one point at the end of the first the hawks had JSmith & AHarrington at the bigs b/c they were down pachulia,so darko would have been a bad match-up against either,thats why bo's number was called! (2)What quality GM is on the market that we already dont know about? I dont like the way that article made it seem as if the job could go to an outsider either,how and the world could they not promote otis to GM at this point? You'd still have dave who likes to be in the background in his same position,nothing would really change accept title's! (3)Pat will remain his behind on the bench,as long as we keep winning coach doesnt seem like anyone else is gonna fit into his rotation,it took arroyo to get hurt for travis to get some minutes (he didnt score,but he dint hurt us either while he was on the floor),i like the 10 guys we use! (jameer/carlos,deshawn/keyon,hedo/trevor,battie/bo & dwight/darko) (4)If grant can get himself ready over the summer,he can give us a quality 20 minutes off the bench,but hedo's earned that job starting,grant would be fine playing with carlos & keyon,with trevor as insurance,but he needs to just come out and end his season,grants a smart guy,i know grant doesnt think we'll mess things up,and let his behind back in the line-up with so much on the line in these last weeks,so why not end it now?

  • At 2:02 PM, Blogger WeRDevos said…

    I hear you, but I almost threw my shoe at the TV when Outlaw came off the bench instead of Darko.

    I don't dislike Bo at all and give credit for how he and Augmon have been used by Hill up to last night. But Darko is the leader of the bench and he has earned the right to fill the sixth man role of always first big off the bench.

    And I think his play last night proves me right. So Phhhhbbbbttttt! to you who disagree.

  • At 3:23 PM, Blogger Mike from Illinois said…

    Even though Bo came off the bench first against ATL, I had a feeling that Darko still would see quality minutes, considering that Darko played just 11 minutes against MIA. BHill saw that Outlaw wasn't going to be as effective against ATL, so he brought in Darko.

    Introvert316 and Big Figure all bring out good points and comments regarding this post by WeRDevos. The only thing I'll add is that if Garrity ever sees any playing time, it should be just for maybe 5 or so minutes to spread the opponent's defense to look for the 3 pt shot. I agree that it's foolish if Garrity is given minutes at the expense of Ariza.

    Thanks for the Florida Today link, WeR. That's bad news if Arroyo is going to be out indefinitely, like that paper reported, because of his hamstring.

    You're right, WeR. It IS a thrill following this team!

  • At 3:42 PM, Blogger WeRDevos said…

    Re: Arroyo

    There was a moment last night where Diener brought the ball up the floor and missed a 3. Matt Guokas got all angry and Hill called a timeout to scold him.

    Naturally, Diener hadn't played since before the Detroit trade. Back then that's exactly what Francis, Turkoglu, Nelson and Dooling did all the time. Chuck up a shot whenever you could, cause the ball sure as hell wasn't coming back to you if you passed.

    Since Francis (6 turnovers, 3 assists in 31 min last night) left and Arroyo showed up everyone is dribbling less and making the extra pass. It's changed so much that when a guy like Diener makes a Francis-like, chuckle-head play it really stands out.

    I hope Arroyo returns soon too. But just his influence helped the Magic produce 27 assists vs. 12 TO last night.

  • At 11:16 AM, Blogger Big Figure said…

    WeR i agree with both points,darko should be our sixth man and BO couldnt be the leader of anyone's bench,i think 95.9% of the time darko will fill that role,but there will be a few occasion's (ATL,PHO) where they (the opposing team) just play's so small,that its actually putting darko in a bad situation if he has to guard a small forward who's playing the four,putting guys in position to flourish is most important and especially with young players who are trying to find their game/niche,we dont want to give darko any reason's to feel bad about himself or his game,and keeping him in match-ups he can dominate will only further his confidence and developement,i dont think this was a serious situation,just a rare one where bo got the first call against a team playing two 6ft8 guys at the bigs,95% of the time its gonna be darko though!


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