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Friday, April 14, 2006

Dime Magazine Smack

"We’re just gonna come out and say it: we love the Orlando Magic. We really do. Jameer, Dwight and Darko - the foundation of what will be a very good team in the very near future. Last night O-Town won their 11th game in 12 tries, this time improbably knocking off the Spurs. In San Antonio. With Tim Duncan having a huge game. Unbelievable stuff. In this run, Orlando has now beaten San Antonio, Miami, Detroit, Milwaukee, Dallas, Chicago and Philly, among others. They’re 2 1/2 games behind the Sixers and the Bulls for the final playoff spot in the East with three to play and stranger things have happened. At this point, with Philly and Chicago battling for the right to get pounded by Detroit in the first round, who wouldn’t rather see this Magic squad battle the Pistons? … "


  • At 11:49 AM, Blogger Big Figure said…

    Dime mag isnt gonna be the only one to love us now,everybody's gonna jump on the bandwagon now,i said it a month ago and it still stand's,but slowly but surely poeple are taking notice,espn's cold pizza just stated they thought the magic should be a 5th seed in the east,and that all the other team's (5-8)arent better than the magic,but just lucky b/c the magic's trades were so late,if they would've happened a month earlier,we'd be in no problem!

  • At 2:32 PM, Blogger Mike from Illinois said…

    Great to see the different basketball web sites to read about the well-deserved praise of the Magic.

  • At 6:05 PM, Blogger Ken said…

    Exactly right big figure, everybody is gonna be jumping on the bandwagon now. I call those people the "fair weather fans" But it just nice seeing the commutity get behind these young guys and once again filling the TDW.

  • At 6:38 PM, Blogger WeRDevos said…

    I love bandwagons. The alternative has really sucked the last 2.75 years.

  • At 8:17 AM, Blogger Edmcd3 said…

    Dwight Howard is amazing. Check out this site, which has video of that ridiculous dunk he made vs. Boston.



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