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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Magic's Survey

I conducted a survey on Orlando Magic covering a broad range of topics related to the franchise. The sample group used is a rather small one (although not by statistical standards) to allow a quick survey. Due to the size of the sample group, I intended to go with a ±5 margin of error. However, since the socio-economic balance of the group may allow a ±3 margin of error, I elected to go with an overall average of ±4 for the study. The survey was conducted via e-mail to which the recent e-mail of Magic's president/CEO was attached. The following covers some interesting results:

1) A large majority of the sample group (78%) support the construction of a new arena, but only a small percentage (26%) support using public funds for such project.

2) A larger percentage (43%) blame coach Hill for the recent incident with Francis as compared to 39% who blame Francis for it. That is still within the margin of error.

3) Although a large percentage (64%) agree with Francis’s suspension, only a small percentage (29%) believes that he should be traded.

4) Only 21% (1 out of 5) have a positive view of the current ownership of the Magic.

5) As for the possibility of the team remaining in town, a larger percentage has a positive view (47% to 44%). However, that remains within the margin of error.

You will find the full results as follows. As I was not able to import a nested table from either Excel or Word, I had to settle for a straight table hoping that in final posting it would still look decent.

Do you agree with building a new basketball arena? Yes 78% No 11% Not Sure 11%
Do you support using public funds to build the arena? Yes 26% No 59% Not Sure 15%
Do you blame Francis for recent incident? Yes 39% No 46% Not Sure 15%
Do you blame coach Hill for the incident? Yes 43% No 16% Not Sure 41%
Do you think Francis's suspension was right? Yes 64% No 18% Not Sure 16%
Do you think Francis should be traded? Yes 29% No 59% Not Sure 12%
Do you have a positive view of Magic's ownership? Yes 21% No 61% Not Sure 18%
Do you agree with Magic's damage control e-mail? Yes 32% No 58% Not Sure 10%
Do you think the team will remain in town? Yes 47% No 44% Not Sure 9%

date: Jan 13 - 14, 2006
Sample: 120, Responses received 104
Margin of Error: ± 4
Sample group is balanced based on socio-economic factors.


  • At 11:08 PM, Blogger Ken said…

    Matt, you really have to much time on your hands.. LOL.. just messin wit ya.. LOL..

    Nice job on the survey. It seems like it is a acurate indication of how people feel about the team. The numbers for a new arena and keeping the team in town seem favorable. I was sort of surprised to see that more people blamed BHill for the Francis suspension than Francis himself.. Nice work, and thanks..

  • At 11:08 AM, Blogger Pete said…

    Nice work, Matt. I was also surprised that a larger number of people blamed the incident on coach Hill than on Francis, although the results on that question are within the margin of error. The sample group should be deeply involved to reach such conclusion. Are you sure you did not manipulate the result by forwarding your own views to them? I'm kidding!!!


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