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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Five things that Magic must do to compete according to a Lakers fan

From bleacherreport.com here is a piece written by Lakers fan and Bleacher Report member Chris Richards on how the Magic can better compete the rest of the series with the Lakers:

So I watched the highly anticipated Game One of the NBA finals and I was pretty disappointed by the outcome. Now I am a die hard Lakers fan, but even I wanted to see a better fight from the Magic. I have five things that would help the Magic tremendously in this series.

One. Establish the post.
Going into the game everybody (including my 80 year old grandmother) thought that Dwight "Superman" Howard would dominate the post like he did against everyone else in the Eastern Conference. WRONG.

A combination of good coaching and good play by Lakers interior defense (maybe a sprinkle of kryptonite) stopped the big man from saving the Magic from defeat. There were no good looks at the rim all day for the Orlando Magics big man and that cost them, leaving him with an atrocious 12 points on one-of-six shooting.

With those numbers it will be impossible for the Magic to even test the Lakers in this series. Howard must establish position, make quick strong moves to the cup, get Bynum and the rest of the bigs in foul trouble (which is not that hard the way kung fu Bynum is playing), and dish to one of many three point shooters that you have on the team. Shouldn't be too hard for someone who has an "S" on their chest

2. Knock down THREES.
The Magic are not what you would call a typical Champion contender but they made it this far shooting jump shots, and a lot of them. At this point they cant change their identity so they need hit the shots that their taking. They probably have some of the best shooters in the league they just have to hit the three, plain and simple.

3. Don't mess up Chemistry.
And the Worst Coaching Move in a Finals Game One goes to Coach Van Gundy. I understand that Nelson scorched the Lakeshow like a burnt hot dog on Memorial day during the regular season, but you cant reinsert him into the lineup after three and a half months of sitting.

Chemistry plays a big role in today's NBA game and once he did that, all eyes were on the once street ball king. You could see that Alston was losing his confidence seeing JJ Redick to his left and Adonal Foyle to his right, and it was apparent that he lacked the confidence once he reentered the game.

Coach Van Gundy, aka Mr. Loudmouth, definitely needs to either stop Nelson from playing all together for the Finals or limit his minutes substantially. You got there with Alston and you should stick with Alston, bottom line.

Four. Find a way to stop (or at least attempt to Contain) Kobe Bryant.
I know its easier said than done but they at least should have given Kobe a courtesy goodbye waive before he blew by Magic defenders. I really wasn't surprised when Kobe was taking the Rookie Lee to the cup but there wasn't much of a drop off when they put Michael "run and gun" Pietrus on him.

I mean Pietrus came from Nellies world rebound defensive juggernaut in Golden State, so he should have slowed him down right? They definitely need to try to stay in front of Kobe to limit his dribble penetration causing Howard to help and possibly getting into early foul trouble.

Again easier said than done but if they don't focus on number 24 he will give them that black mamba stare all the way to the Trophy ceremony.

Five. Just get after it.
No matter how much advice coaches and former players (yes even Patrick Chewing) gives the team bottom line they need to play. Fight for 48 minutes and play every game like its your last. All that being said cant wait for game Two.


Again, that was written by Lakers fan Chris Richards on bleacherreport.com


  • At 5:42 AM, Blogger Mike from Illinois said…

    I wanted to give a little different perspective how someone sees the Magic from a Lakers' fan's point of view.

    I thought he was pretty much on target with his five points, pretty much common sense stuff.

    While I agree that Coach Van Gundy probably gave Jameer Nelson too much playing time, I don't think that had anything to do with the outcome of the game. The Magic would have lost by 25 if Jameer had played 10 minutes or the 23 minutes that he did.

    One thing I would add is that the Magic need to execute their pick-and-roll offense a lot better; I think that would really help establish D12 offensively.

    I know SVG was upset about the Magic defending the Laker's pick-and-roll offense.

    The Magic have two days off to make the right adjustments.

  • At 5:54 AM, Blogger Mike from Illinois said…

    The Magic also have to do something about their two point shooting; in Game 1, the Magic scored a grand total of 30 points on two point field goals on 15 of 54 shooting while the Lakers scored 76 points on two point field goals.

    If they can get D12 involved and improve their execution of the pick-and-roll, their two point field goal shooting should improve by leaps and bounds in Game 2.

  • At 11:55 AM, Blogger Ken said…

    I agree we have to do something about our shooting.. 29.9 isn't gonna get it done against to many teams. I still say if we could have shot even around 40 percent, this would have been a totally different game. We got all the open looks we wanted, unfortunately the shots just never fell.

  • At 6:38 PM, Blogger Big Figure said…

    Guys to be honest the magic are fine. After viewing the game film for the second time i've come to realize that we didnt win because we didnt play our game. We took the ball out of the basket way to much on one end,and the lakers got way to many run-outs because we couldnt hit our shots or get offensive reboundson the other end. They forced us into a possession game and that benefits them,we need to get out and run and in the first quarter we did that. Those 5 points will help,but the key is this: if we continue to play their game those 5 points wont matter in the end. At the same time if we play our tempo which is running and gunning,i'd be willing to bet those 5 keys to being competitive are naturally addressed. (1)When we run dwight usually gets his best low block position. (2)When we run we usually make shots from behind the arc.(3)When we run we dont have chemistry issue's because everybodies scoring. (4)When we run on offense our defense becomes better because we dont have to defend on the run,then its easier to send a double at kobe. Cant send any doubles if were trying to defend against the fast break because we aint making any shots. (5)Running is energy,getting after it is your energy and effort on max. When we run i never question the magic's energy and effort,we must be faster if they are gonna try and play the big bully game with two seven footers in the paint. Game two i wanna see magic basketball,getting up the floor and scoring quick baskets which will allow us to put the pressure on the lakers in the half-court set. They dont have push the tempo point guards so if we can get them playing from behind i think that could be the biggest assest to the magic.

  • At 11:13 PM, Blogger Mike from Illinois said…

    The Magic have been watching film from Game 1 also these last couple of days, watching all that they did wrong, so that should help, too.

    As long as the Magic can shoot better than 29.9%, I think they'll be alright also.

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