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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Game 4: Magic 84 76ers 81

Hedo Turkoglu, who had a horrible first three games of the series, saved the Magic from going down 3 games to 1 with a dramatic three point field goal with 1.1 seconds remaining to give the Magic a tough 84-81 victory as Philadelphia came back to tie the game after trailing 79-69 with 4 and a half minutes remaining. Andre Iguodala's game-tying three point field goal at the buzzer fell short.

In a low-scoring first half, the score was tied at 36 at the half. The Magic opened things up in the third quarter and had their largest lead at 53-42. It was 64-55 Magic going into the fourth before the exciting final five minutes unfolded.

Magic leading scorers

Dwight Howard: 18 points (6 of 11 field goals), 18 rebounds, 3 blocks
Hedo Turkoglu: 17 points (8 of 11 field goals)
Rashard Lewis: 17 points (6 of 15 field goals), 7 rebounds, 2 blocks
Courtney Lee: 15 points (6 of 11 field goals), 2 steals
Rafer Alston: 13 points (5 of 12 field goals), 5 assists

Philadelphia leading scorers

Andre Miller: 17 points (6 of 18 field goals), 5 rebounds
Thaddeus Young: 15 points (6 of 17 field goals), 7 rebounds
Andre Iguodala: 13 points (4 of 13 field goals), 11 assists, 7 rebounds

Overall Game Statistics

FG%: ORL 47.1% (33 of 70) PHI 38.8% (31 of 80)
3 PT FG%: PHI 42.1% (8 of 19) ORL 30% (6 of 20)
FT%: PHI 73.3% (11 of 15) ORL 60% (12 of 20)
REB: PHI 43 (10 offensive) ORL 37 (3 offensive)
AST/TO: PHI 19/11 ORL 13/11

Other game notes and stats:

-The 76ers had six players in double figures while the Magic had five
-The Magic had a 72-70 advantage from the field and a 12-11 advantage at the free throw line
-After shooting a horrendous 9 of 34 in Game 3, the trio of Lee, Lewis, and Turkoglu shot a combined 20 of 37 for 49 points
-The 76ers' trio of Young, Iguodala, and Miller combined to shoot just 16 of 48 for 45 points
-The Magic starters outscored the 76ers' starters 80-66
-Alston led the Magic with 5 assists; no other player had more than 3 assists
-The Magic used a nine-man rotation, with J.J. Redick and Mickael Pietrus the only reserves to score with two points each
-The Magic reserves combined to shoot 2 of 10, including 0 for 6 from three point range, and had 3 rebounds and 2 assists
-The 76ers reserves combined to shoot 6 of 18 from the field with 14 rebounds
-Howard had all of the Magic's three offensive rebounds, and did not get his first offensive rebound until the fourth quarter

Game 5 is Tuesday night in Orlando, with the Magic taking back the homecourt advantage.

For the complete box score, click here


  • At 5:25 AM, Blogger Mike from Illinois said…

    Good for Hedo! I know Magic fans were wondering what's up with Turk, why has he done so poorly in the first three games of the series, is his ankle hurting, etc., but he really came through with the big shot at the end.

    Far from a dominant performance by the Magic, but they did just enough to take back the home-court advantage.

  • At 12:30 PM, Blogger Big Figure said…

    Way to go magic! That was a tough game to hold onto. Changes? lots. (1)First thing first we played them straight up just like i asked for. PG match-up RA vs miller was fine,RA hit some big three's and miller got a few baskets for teammates out of the post,but they didnt gain any advantage by RA guarding miller. Also,CL and willie green ran well together no need for switching the match-ups.(2)JJ actually played which was good to see,came in and gave us a spark too. Better from SVG but i thought him not playing battie is questionable.

  • At 12:33 PM, Blogger Big Figure said…

    Also,Great for hedo's confidence hitting that shot!!! (3)Putting rashard on the block alot more helped us too,even hedo got a few post-up attempts which we need more of we cant just live and die with the jumpshot in the play-offs.

  • At 2:47 PM, Blogger WeRDevos said…

    Awful, painful, scary last 5 minutes. I know they should win this round and the next, but just have no confidence about that right now.

    Here's hoping they get on a roll and still make it to Cleveland.

  • At 7:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Rashard lewis looks so lost in every set at both ends just pathetic. some one need to say something. you could clearly see if you watch the game. he was lost,slow,tired,scared.........

  • At 3:25 AM, Blogger Mike from Illinois said…

    Say what you will about Lewis, but he was tied with Turk for the second most points scored on the Magic in Game 4 with 17 points. He also grabbed 7 rebounds defensively along with 2 blocks.

    It's encouraging the Magic are tied at 2 with the 76ers, despite the fact the Magic have been less than stellar in all 4 games so far.


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