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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Depth Chart: So Far

Center (3): Dwight Howard ($13 million), Tony Battie ($5.746 million), Marcin Gortat ($711K)

PF (2): Rashard Lewis ($17.238 million), Brian Cook ($3.5 million)

SF: (1) Hidayet Turkoglu ($6.864 million),

SG (4): Mickael Pietrus ($5.2 million), Keith Bogans ($2.912 million), Courtney Lee ($1.176 million), JJ Redick ($2.140 million)

PG (1): Jameer Nelson ($5.556 million)

Total: 11 players, $64 million payroll. Luxury Tax happens around $69 to $71 million range this year. There are four positions open.

The biggest hole is PG. Need two more to fill out the roster. SF seems weak until you consider that Rashard, Pietrus and Bogans can swing to SF when Turk sits.

Otis ain't near done. So far the Magic have said goodbye to a bad PF in Garrity, an iffy PG in Arroyo, a streaky combo guard in Dooling, and an average SG in Evans. Plus unknown status of permanent bench warmer Augustine and aging center with funny accent Foyle.

There needs to be a net gain of 2 PG, 1 SF and 1 PF before training camp starts at the end of September.


  • At 4:48 PM, Blogger OVERWADED said…

    You might get 2 of those 4 players you're looking for.

    One backup point guard is a guarantee, but I don't expect to see us grabbing two.

    I can't see them bringing in another power forward. I think they're very comfortable with the players we have. Also remember, when Battie last played, he spent the majority of his time playing as the power forward next to Howard.

    Adding another wingman is a possibility, but I don't think the issue will be forced.

    So while I think another point guard is obvious, the rest just depends. A lot of it might come down to finding a taker for one of Bogans or Redick, who have little to no market value. Regardless, I still think one of them needs to go.

  • At 6:59 PM, Blogger Mike from Illinois said…

    I don't think anyone expected Keyon Dooling to accept the two-year, $3.8 million offer from the Magic that was just offered to him. Heck, he could he could get more than that just for one season from another team. He's probably the premier point-combo guard on the market now.

  • At 9:31 PM, Blogger OVERWADED said…

    Yeah, the offer to Dooling was a nice insult. I don't know if you read Dooling comments, but it really pissed him off. Here they are:

    “I don’t even know why they offered that bi-annual because I rejected it right away. I don’t know if they were trying to devalue me or whatever the case may be, but that wasn’t acceptable,” said Dooling, Orlando’s top on-ball defender last season. “It’s ridiculous. That’s not a suitable offer for someone who was a good player on a good team. It wasn’t a market value offer and that’s the bottom line.”

    “I’m frustrated because I thought their intentions were different,” Dooling fumed. “More than frustrated, I guess I’d say I’m insulted by it. I thought they valued what I bring as a player and a person, but maybe I had an inflamed opinion of what they thought about me.”

    “We’re not talking the same language. I don’t know if the door is closed (on a return to the Magic), but we’re not talking the same language. But I’m not doing any of the door closing. It’s being closed in my face.”


    I wonder if this is what he calls "creative financing"? Ha-ha.

    The Magic are talking trade with the Grizzlies. The name of mention, 6-5 point guard Javaris Crittenton. At the right price, he would be a nice addition.

    Also, Glenn Schwartzman, the agent for Darrell Armstrong and Michael Doleac, has spoken to the Magic about interest in the veteran point guard and reserve center.

    I wouldn't mind either. But personally I'd love to see Armstrong back on this roster as a third string point guard. It was be a real positive for many reasons on and off the court. He's a perfect locker room player, guy to have around young players, and as we saw last season, he can still play if needed. Plus, I'd love to see him retire in a Magic uniform; it's the way it should've been. I can only see it as a positive, which probably means Otis will not do it.

  • At 10:58 PM, Blogger WeRDevos said…

    I hadn't read about the Armstrong thing. He'd fill the Bo Outlaw 15th man perfectly and give the Magic the emergency third point guard you hope they don't need.

    Is Crittenton any good? He has as many turnovers as assists, and doesn't look like he's developed a long range shot. He's only 20 and could get better. Adding another tall guard could be very nice.

    The argument for resigning Dooling is at 6'3" he was the best defensive guard the Magic had last year. Still, his defense was mediocre at best and his offense streaky. This year Pietrus should provide a huge improvement in perimeter guard defense.

    Memphis has 5 PGs, Crittenton is probably #5. Magic have four shooting guards, Redick is #4. Might make perfect sense so Overwaded is probably right. Chris Wallace and Otis Smith might not be smart enough to pull it off.
    There has been a lot of talk about Memphis wanting to trade Kyle Lowry as well. But he is 6'0" and can't shoot.

    By the way, I sure love having Rashard Lewis in a Magic uniform, but that extra $5 million they probably didn't have to pay them is alreay affecting the teams ability to get the extra man very good player they need to compete for a championship.

  • At 11:00 PM, Blogger WeRDevos said…

    Make that four PG's on Memphis. I counted Damon Stoudemire, but he was waived in January.

  • At 2:32 AM, Blogger OVERWADED said…

    You are absolutely right werdevos. I really like Lewis on our team, and I know it can't be changed, but I still find myself questioning why Otis Smith paid what he did when nobody else could. Even worse, if max-ing him out wasn't bad enough, why do the sign in trade so we could have him for a 6th year at 24 million?!

    The world may never know...

    Then there is D Armstrong... I don't think there is a single Magic fan that wouldn't like to see him back here in Orlando. Otis Smith really needs to make that happen.

    As for Javaris Crittenton, I think he'd be a great addition. I personally know of a few Lakers fans that were upset to see him traded instead of Farmar or Vujacic. While I haven't seen him play a whole lot, he has a great upset and is a minimum risk. I’d be very happy to see him brought into Orlando.

  • At 4:20 AM, Blogger Matt said…

    I have a hard time understanding Otis Smith. All my life, whether in teaching or consulting career, I have tried to simplify the situations which I was faced with, and With Smith I have reached the simple conclusion that he doesn't get it, and is basically operating on cliches:

    1 - Pick the best player available in the draft (cliche # 1). What if you don't need him and are not able to trade for somebody you need? What if the guy is a wimp and hasn't made up his mind where he wants to play?

    2 - Be transparent (cliche # 2). Smith has a history of insulting people. Why make an offer and announce to the world when you know Keyon is not gonna take it? You are accomplishing nothing except that making a player who is your best chance of filling a gap angry, and that would reduce the chances of any potential compromise.

    3 - Don't make moves when there is nothing available (cliche # 3). Good GMs are always looking for creating situations (not creative financing) to let trades materialize.

    4 - Stay behind the coach (cliche # 4). In Steve Francis's case where a potential trade was desirable, that reduced the trade value of the player. But luckily somebody as dumb as Isiah Thomas comes in and takes Stevo. Pure luck.

    Signing D. Armstrong is in line with signing a good guy like Bo Outlaw. With Otis Smith, I don't advise anybody to bid their house on it unless if it is in foreclosure.


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