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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Magic shift focus as Chris Duhon heads to Knicks

With Chris Duhon now heading to the New York Knicks, the Orlando Magic will turn their focus to two free agents: shooting guard Corey Maggette and point guard Keyon Dooling.Duhon has chosen the Knicks over the Magic, opting to take a shorter deal with a better shot at becoming a starter in New York.Kevin Bradbury, Duhon's agent, told the Sentinel on Friday that Duhon will sign a two-year deal with the Knicks when free agents can begin signing contracts on Wednesday.Bradbury said the Magic did not present an offer sheet, but the "parameters" of the Magic's offer "was more than fair." Duhon is believed to have agreed to a contract around $6.5 million with New York -- or roughly $3.25 million a year.
The Magic had deemed point-guard depth their biggest need and wanted the defensive-minded Duhon to back up starter Jameer Nelson.The club still has their entire mid-level exception available, worth an average of about $6 million per year.And apparently that is what is available around the NBA to Maggette, a top-flight scorer who could upgrade Orlando's shooting-guard spot.Magic Coach Stan Van Gundy didn't rule out the team adding a player such as Maggette, and then filling out the roster with minimum-salary players.As of late Friday, Maggette had yet to agree to sign with any team after opting out of his contract with the Los Angeles Clippers, although the San Antonio Spurs were thought to be the frontrunner.Maggette has expressed through friends that he would love to return to Orlando, where he began his career. The Magic acquired him during the 1999 draft but traded him after one season to the Clippers. He averaged 16.1 points in eight seasons in L.A.The Magic were looking for a true point guard as they courted Duhon, and likely will have to try to re-sign Dooling, a combo guard.Dooling said he "wasn't surprised" the Magic tried to sign Duhon, but added Duhon's leap to the Knicks could open talks with Orlando, though the Magic have yet to make him a formal offer.Bradbury said Duhon called Magic General Manager Otis Smith to tell him he was signing with New York."For Chris, it came down to the fact he had opportunity to start in New York, and to turn this thing around. It was a short-term deal and he wanted to take that chance to take his game to the next level as a starter," Bradbury said by phone. "It's always tough when it's down to two teams. Chris felt he couldn't lose either way. Chris had a terrific visit in Orlando."


  • At 10:36 AM, Blogger Big Figure said…

    Unless one of the few teams with money opens its vault to him, it appears Corey Maggette has only the midlevel exception available --- and that puts the Magic in the running. Things will heat up this week when teams can sign free agents on Wednesday, so....

    The 5 Reasons Corey Ought To Choose Orlando To Play:

    1. It's homecoming, sort of. Maggette began his career with the Magic, acquired in 1999 and then traded the next year. The Magic will issue a formal apology for this transgression. Despite that, Maggette has always liked it here. A few years ago, when he was the subject of trade talk, he intimated to me (heck, I wrote it) that he'd love to come back. His parents lived here at one time (and still might).

    2. Dwight Howard. Hey, Maggette has a chance to play with the most dominant young big man in the league. Tim Duncan is 42. He'd get so many wide open shots because of Howard that his shooting arm might fall off.

    3. The Eastern Conference, home of the Magic. The Boston Celtics are the champions, true, but they needed two longtime players from the Western Conference to win it. (See KG and Ray Allen.) The West is still the toughest from stem to stern as Maggette knows more than anyone, having getting beat on most of his career as a Clipper.

    The Celtics are getting old fast, ready for blue-plate specials. The Pistons are so yesterday they are putting their whole team on E-Bay. LeBron? He's already planning his escape to New York/New Jersey. The Magic are coming on strong, having reached the semis this season.

    4. The shooting-guard spot is yours, Corey, and trust me: Stan Van Gundy has never held up the stop sign. You want to have some fun? You want to shoot at will? Rashard Lewis won't mind if you do some of his scoring; he's that accommodating. You can be the guy who is considered The Missing Piece To A Title Run. You'd be just another guy under the whip with the Spurs, and you'd have to time-share with Ray Allen in Boston.

    5. No state tax! If this isn't a tie-breaker, nothing is! If Maggette is making "only" about $6 million a season, he'll need the break.


  • At 12:46 PM, Blogger WeRDevos said…

    5 Reasons for Maggette to not choose the Magic:

    1. Spurs want him for the MLE
    2. Celtics want him for the MLE
    3. Detroit wants him for the MLE
    4. Cavs want him for the MLE
    5. Lakers may even want him but they would have to give up Turiaf and Vukovich. (Both would make nice Magic players)

  • At 10:24 PM, Blogger Mike from Illinois said…

    On "PTI" earlier today, they said that Maggette is seriously considering taking the MLE from Boston. Maggette would be willing to sacrifice money and also his scoring to have a chance to play with the Celtics and his former coach Doc Rivers, according to PTI.


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