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Friday, April 27, 2007

Magic Fall Into Code Blue

A medical emergency in which a team of medical personnel work to revive an individual in cardiac arrest.

Who is going to revive the Magic? The answer is nobody.

Pistons roll in Orlando

"Game 4 is a pride game," Brian Hill said. "This is our building. We let them come in and get a win. We've got to try to establish ourselves and not let them end the series here."


  • At 3:28 AM, Blogger OVERWADED said…

    Who would have thought it possible that Brian Hill's rotation get worse? Before the game, he said Redick would see some playing time, so we could create some space for Dwight. Obviously that didn't happen, actually, the opposite happened. With everything riding on tonight's game, Hill tightened up his rotation even more. The entire bench played less, if they played at all. The outcome and numbers speak for themselves in regards to how that worked out.

    Grant Hill was AWFUL. Turk wasn't a whole lot better, but wasn't as bad as Grant. Battie turned in his typical "bench quality performance". Howard wasn't bad, but it seemed tough to get him involved. And last, Jameer had his best game of the series. However, our point guard shooting 19 times (4 assists, 3 turnovers) just doesn't work for a team like ours. The rest of our offense looked worse than ever which reflected in the final score and our worst loss of the series.

    The series all but over. I’m starting to believe Jameer needs to be traded, as I fear he won’t accept a bench role, as I get the vibe he thinks he's better than he actually is. Jameer is a backup point guard at best; at least under Brian Hill.

    Grant Hill has really disappointed me this series. I thought he was going to shine like a superstar since he was in the playoffs for the first time since the 90’s. He was playing average until tonight; where he sunk way below average. This pretty much backs up why I consider him a bench player, AT BEST.

    All of us know Battie is a bench player, and he’ll be a solid one, if Darko ever gets a chance to take his rightfully earned spot in the starting rotation.

    Ironically, Darko has been our most consistent player of the series, which is going to earn him a nice paycheck this summer. I pray the Magic don’t lose him for nothing.

    I’m not going to waste anymore time dissecting this mess of a team/organization. We all know the problems. The Magic season will come to an end within a few days in embarrassing fashion. There is a good chance Brian Hill will keep his perfect record in the playoffs. When he loses, he really loses. Hopefully as soon as next week, we can start broom-ing his ass out of Orlando!

    This ones for the team; FIRE BRIAN HILL!!!

  • At 9:23 AM, Blogger Big Figure said…

    Again,no adjustments. I hate Brian Hill. This team needs two things,a new coach and a point guard that will pass.

  • At 4:01 PM, Blogger Mike from Illinois said…

    Brian Hill's stubbornness never ceases to amaze.

    Even Steve Kerr, the TNT analyst, asked in the fourth quarter about why J.J. Redick isn't seeing any action. He commented about what we all have been seeing... that the Pistons pack their defense down low because of the lack of outside shooting on the Magic, and that Redick, being an outstanding outside shooter, would be a big help and help spread the DET defense more.

    TNT showed Redick a couple of times on the bench in the 4th quarter... he looked absolutely disgusted that he wasn't playing, and who could blame him?

    I think Game 3 was one of the worst games I've ever seen Dwight play, especially after the first quarter. He was basically invisible, and had little fire or passion to his game. In the 4th quarter where Webber came around and stole the rebound from Dwight was very embarrassing for Dwight... no excuse to let that happen.

    Of course, it isn't all his fault. With BHill's player rotation the way it is, teams are going to double Dwight because of the lack of outside shooting on the floor for the Magic.

    The TNT studio commentators were also wondering why Dwight doesn't have a personal big man coach? Well, he did in Clifford Ray, but BHill got rid of him (yet another mistake).

    Every game, at least 4 of the Pistons starters have solid games, while with the Magic, we're lucky to have 2 starters who have decent games.

    I thought the Magic had enough talent to win a couple of games against DET. But with BHill's same lineups and player rotations, the Magic have little or no chance to win a game.

    Very discouraging and disappointing... but at least this playoff coaching performance is hopefully opening the eyes of the Magic front office that BHill isn't the right coach for this team.

    I admit I wanted to give BHill a chance this season after the promising end to last season, but I was wrong. He's a lot better family man than he ever will be a basketball coach, and he should be let go after this playoff fiasco.

  • At 4:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The Magic suck, Brian Hill should be fired, and I wouldn't count on Darko Milicic coming back next year.

    Given Darko's play against Detriot, someone is going to back the money truck up for him. Even if the Magic can muster up enough money to match, I'd be surprised if he wants to continue playing second fiddle to Dwight "I can ONLY dunk" Howard. And if some how Brian Hill doesn't get fired, then there isn't a chance in hell that Darko is coming back.

    Darko is some team's number 1 big man and he knows it. I think the best Magic fans can hope for is a sign-and-trade deal.

  • At 5:26 PM, Blogger OVERWADED said…

    Sorry, I don't think Darko has the type of mentality or attitude to where he wants to be "the man". It's just not in his character, just like it's not really in any foreign player's game to think like that. Dirk is the best of them all, and he still struggles with that role, and how many years has he been in the league?

    I really think he wants to play side by side with Dwight.

    However, I do think Darko has issues with Brian Hill.

    As for Dwight, he struggles with all the things Shaq struggled with when he came into the league. I'm not going to waste anymore time defending Dwight, as he does so many things so well.

  • At 6:36 PM, Blogger Matt said…

    It is not Dwight's fault, the same way that it is not Darko's fault or any talented player on Magic's roster that their games have not developed as expected, as is the case with recent regression in Trevor's game. In my view, it is mostly Hill's fault who wants to mold the players as he sees fit. Hill wants Dwight to be a post player only, and even limited at that. When Dwight was trying in summer to develop some short-range jumpshot, he was denied not only by Hill but also by Smith, if I am not mistaken. He has a big man coach in Mark Bryant but I am not in a position to judge how he stacks up compared to Clifford Ray. I am not sure whether or not Darko has a special coach, which I think he should. While I think that OVERWADED is right about European players' general attitude which is different compared to American or even South American players, I don't know how to judge Darko's attitude. We have seen flashes of excitability in him, from time to time, but in general he seemed disinterested with the exception of when he was starting in Battie's absence. In my view, he has the potential to become the first big man on a team but may prefer a lesser leadership role since he would probably shy away from such role.

  • At 11:03 PM, Blogger BigZ said…

    Wow, what a sweeping generalization about Euro players. Is it because Euro players don't seem to jump up and down like idiots and/or point their fingers in the air every time they make a rountine play that you feel they lack the character necessary of leadership. My goodness, using Dirk as an example is just silly. Dirk Nowitzki is the best player in the world. By definition, he is THE MAN. As far as Darko is concerned, I think it's a mistake to read his quiet demeanor as a sign of weakness. In reality, he seems much more of the silent killer type.

    Another thing, you cannot forget that we're talking about professional athletes. Every one of these guys thinks that they are the best player in the history of the game. Second fiddle only works when that's your only option. And Darko is going to have quite a few options after tomorrow.

    You can kiss Darko good bye.

  • At 9:29 AM, Blogger Big Figure said…

    Dirk the best player in the world? HUH? How can a player that plays "NO" defense be the best player in the world,be careful bigz your opinion's are only that,opinion's. I can name 5 players better than dirk,dirk is 7ft and can shoot,thats it. He still needs someone to bring him the ball most of the time,thats why guards and forwards will always be looked upon as the best players,and even at his position,Tim duncan and KG are still better players because of thier skills and leadership qualities (which dirk admitted he didnt relish the role last year,and d-wade called him out on that fact),can you imagine if you put either one of them with dallas instead of dirk,look what happened to the mavs last night with dirk's non playin defense behind. And some of the guys here covet darko,but not me,i understand that point guard play and coaching is what is holding this team back,whether darko is here or not is cosmetic in my opinion,we can win without darko look at the pistons right now,do they miss darko? NOOOOOOO!!!!!!! So losing darko isnt even close to the end of the world for the magic,that would be losing dwight!

  • At 12:37 PM, Blogger OVERWADED said…

    Some people...

    First of all, I really like Darko.

    Second, I enjoy the style of Euro-Basketball, because they actually play the game the way it should be played; fundamental sound.

    But, as BIG pointed out, some players just don't have it in them to be "the guy". They've been trying to mold Dirk into that for how long now? Don't get me wrong, Dirk's great, but does he really deliver as "the man"? I can tell you the 1 TIME he did, last year in the playoffs against the Spurs. Other than that, he's not that type of player. The fact that he let his team loss in the Finals when they were up 2-0 with home court advantage backs that up (even if I think it was fixed). And, what is happening to Dallas RIGHT NOW, they are the #1 team in the league, what 67 wins, and "the man"/future MVP is down to the Warriors 2-1. If this doesn’t knock some sense into you, nothing will, because those facts speak volumes, especially since they should be down 0-3.

    I'm not saying Darko can't be a great player, because I think he will be. I'm not saying I don't think he'll be an all-star one day, again, because I think he will be. I'm just saying, he'll never be the type of guy that is "the man", and honestly I really don't think he wants be. Time will tell; but until then, I’ll follow the track record of players similar to him.

  • At 12:52 PM, Blogger OVERWADED said…

    But since you want to make a point, how about you refresh my memory? Can you tell me what other foreign players have been, "THE MAN"? I'm sorry; my memory seems to be failing. I mean, I can recall A LOT of great foreign players. I can give you a list if you'd like, but I don't think I'd call a single one of them, "THE MAN", and that’s regardless if Dirk wins MVP this year.

    You're right though, when Dirk wins MVP, that'll put him the closest any foreign player has ever been to being "the man".

  • At 1:51 PM, Blogger Big Figure said…

    America is the land of ball-handlers make no mistake about it,we are that way because we grew up watching spectacular individual players,magic and dr.J specifically then on to MJ,so as kids we all wanted to be one of them on the court,fancy dribbling and scoring alot of points,we even designed games to accent the one-on-one game,for any non basketball players here that would be "21",a game designed to be every man for himself no matter how many players. Europe is totally different,most of their players are always older and much more mature,which means that alot of them in the earlier years didnt pick up the game till later on in life,so as teen-agers picking up the game they usually were more prone to start with the fundamentals,and not waste time outside playing "21" like american kids.It all starts at the top though,american coaches fall in love with the individual talent,so fundamental arent as stressed,european coaches dont usually have great individual talent,so they have to figure out a way to win with what they have,spot-up shooting,running the floor and passing become the answer. One thing i know,european basketball doesnt win NBA championship's. I dont favor either style because i think it's all about the coach and players,both style's can win.

  • At 11:55 PM, Blogger BigZ said…

    So let me get this straight, BIG FIGURE, you reprimand me for expressing an opinion and then base your counter argument on an opinion. Well played...

    The NBA MVP is the most objective measure of current greatness available. The result is certainly debatable, but there is no arguing that it conveys the average belief among informed observers. At the very least, it is more reliable than an individual, possibly biased, opinion such as your own. For instance, telling me that you can name 5 better players is swell, but you are most certainly in the minority, and in my opinion you are really just announcing that you grossly undervalue Dirk Nowitzki. Again, well played…

    As far as listing historically great Euro players in the NBA is concerned, there have obviously been none on par with Magic, Bird, Jordon, etc. Obviously, because the proportion of Euros (or any foreigner) competing in the NBA has only recently become significant. However, as evidenced by recent history, the pool of talent is abundant in Europe and we can only expect to see this pool to grow as they systematically begin to play basketball from their youth. Additionally, the idea that Americans are superior athletes is utter nonsense that is quickly defeated by inspection of the rapid decline in our success in all international sports. We’re going to have to face it, there are big, fast, and strong people all over the world. Although, I suspect that BIG FIGURE’s argument is more racially than geographically motivated; an argument I wholly reject.

    I just can’t figure out why you guys seem to think Europeans are all wimps who are incapable of leading. To me it shows a remarkable lack of foresight to judge all current and future Euros based on the small historical sample, which has been observed. Perhaps you should remind yourselves of the fact that Europeans have come close to conquering the world on quite a few occasions. They’re not all Peja Stojakovic you know.

  • At 3:58 AM, Blogger OVERWADED said…

    Hey, Peja is one of the best foreign players to play in the NBA. I wouldn't knock him if I was you. He's one of your best arguments.

    Another thing, we're talking about basketball here. We're not talking about soccer. So, if you want to talk "best athletes" as far as basketball goes, you're still wrong.

    The irony is, I don't like the style of basketball that is played in the NBA today. To me, I get too much of an And 1 vibe. I enjoy team basketball. I enjoy the fundamentals of the game. Back in the day, the stars of the league used to still play with fundamentals. That's changed now-a-days for many reasons, but largely due to what and who is promoted about the game.

    Regardless, with all of that said, no foreign player has ever been "the man". Sure, Dirk has had a nice season, and his team has had a great year. But Dirk has a ton of talent around him. Terry, Howard, and Stackhouse take just as many big shots as Dirk does. He just can't be put on that level......yet.

    Now if you want to count Nash as a foreign player being that he's from Canada, you might have a valid argument. While I know he doesn't defend well, Nash actually makes everyone on his team better. The Suns would be hurting without him.

  • At 1:05 PM, Blogger Big Figure said…

    Counter arguement? And you call "be careful" a reprimand? Thats funny...listen bigz,i'm in no MINORITY,most intelligent basketball fans know that our current MVP is steve nash,dirk hasnt won anything yet,the best INDIVIDUAL player in our NBA is kobe bryant mr. "81" for that matter,calling dirk the best player in the world would put YOU in the minority,i dont undervalue dirk i just call it like i see it,a 7ft shooter thats plays no defense. And are you reading my comments or someone else's,racially motivated? HUH? What the hell are you talking about? I specifically used AMERICANS hello???? AMERICANS. I was shedding a little light on the difference in culture's between american's and european's IN BASKETBALL ONLY. And i had to go back and read,where did we say they were all wimps? Seems like your making your own arguements and assuming you understand my position (which you dont) well played by you.I wont be part of a debate with someone that continue's to do that,any intelligent reader will see these comments and take a side so i've said enough in this forum,but intro i totally agree if you count nash,he's a much better player.

  • At 4:33 PM, Blogger OVERWADED said…

    Well said BIG.

  • At 5:34 PM, Blogger Matt said…

    The cultural differences between Americans and Europeans - and you cannot bunch all Europeans together since there are many cultural differences within Europe - is academic and not only in basketball. American culture promotes individualism while many European cultures promote collectivism, also known as teamwork. Without becoming judgmental, American definition of leadership, sometimes requires "individual undertakings", which some European cultures are not comfortable with, because it may conflict with their concepts of teamwork. Also, part of leadership is communication skills, which most foreign players may have difficulty at it before mastering English language. Having that said, the world cultures are converging closer and closer to each other. For a long time, teamwork was not highly coveted in American business but we are learning and progressing in that area, as is the case in our sports.

  • At 3:40 AM, Blogger OVERWADED said…

    I’m guessing it’s a bad time to be talking big on Dirk? Dallas is now down 3-1 to the number 8 seed!

    In this series, if you want to define "The Man", take a look at Baron Davis, because he has taken over the entire series.

    As for Dirk, he hasn't even been the best player on his team. Both Howard and Terry have outplayed him. And tonight, in the biggest game yet, Stackhouse kept them in it.

    This is Dirk’s time! He'll probably be the MVP regardless, but this is where he proves his worth. He needs to step up, play tough, demand the ball, stop shooting teardrops, and take it to the basket. He needs to stop deferring to Terry, Howard, and Stackhouse when the game is on the line, and put the team on his shoulders.

    Although, I understand it's kind of tough for him. He does have PG's, SG's, and SF's defending him!? And still he continues to play passive, and shot fade-a-ways? “MVP-MVP-MVP”; my ass…

    If they lose this series, what does that say? Last year, they were up 2-0 in the Finals with home court and lost. What if they lose, this year, after winning 67 games, to the 8th seed having home court? Who really is to blame?

    At least we are seeing an MVP performance from Baron Davis, so it's all good. However, if you want to see my choice for MVP, watch a reply of the Suns/Lakers game. Nash dished out 23 assists and made it look pretty easy. It doesn't get much better than that; unless you look up some old Magic Johnson or John Stockton playoff games.

    In all seriousness though, this is exactly what I was talking about. And I think Matt put it the best way it could be said, in regards to individual play, and team play.

    I love to cheer for the underdog, and since the Magic are already out; Go Warriors!

  • At 3:27 PM, Blogger Mike from Illinois said…

    Speaking of "team" basketball, it was a pleasure to watch the Bulls dismantle the defending champion Heat in 4 games. I know a lot of people dis the Bulls because of their lack of a low post scorer, but they are so well-coached and play such good defense and move the ball so well on offense, and have several players who can score and who are effective on offense.

    I'll repeat what I said before: the Bulls have as good a chance as any team in the East to make the finals. They dominated the Heat, beat the Pistons 3 out of 4 games this season, and Big Ben Wallace is really paying dividends now with his great defense and experience. Bulls over Pistons in 6.

    It was also nice to see GS take a 3-1 lead over DAL. They are a team that is very similar to the Bulls, not having a dominant low-post scorer, but they have excellent perimeter players, play real tough defense, have an outstanding pt guard, and are very well-coached.

  • At 11:00 PM, Blogger Matt said…

    Congratulations to Bulls. I, however, think that they are more of an aberration than a norm. They have some flaws that will catch up with them. I wish for them to move past Detroit, at which case they have a great chance of making it to the finals.

    As for Golden States, they will face the fate of Lakers of last year. Dallas is too good to lose the series to them. Remember that Baron Davis is playing on a bum leg, and GS's jump-shooting cannot remain this hot forever.

  • At 12:39 AM, Blogger OVERWADED said…

    Well, the Warriors jump shooting only needs to be really hot 1 out of the next 3 games and it's over. Of course Dallas should win at home in game 5, but I honestly don't know if Dallas has the confidence right now to beat GS in front of one of the wildest crowds the NBA has seen in years. If somehow Dallas can win game 6, they'll take the series.

    As for the Bulls and Heat; of course I was as happy as anyone to see the Heat exposed for the chumps they are. They looked awful in everyway possible, but the most disappointing thing for Miami fans, is that it didn't look like the Heat cared they were losing.

    I know the Magic were swept also, but it was in a completely different way than the Heat. The Heat started believing their own hype, and after taking the season off, thought they could turn it on when they wanted, which they couldn't have been any more wrong.

    As for the next series, it'll probably be the best we have in the East this year. I know the Bulls have had their way with the Pistons, but I think the Pistons have a lot more players that just play with confidence and back it up. Both teams will be tested. I'm predicting the Bulls in 6, or the Pistons in 7.


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