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Friday, April 20, 2007

A breakdown of the Magic's 40-42 record

Here is how the Magic did in various categories recordwise this season, with last season's records in parenthesis for comparative purposes:

The Magic's W/L record: 40-42 (36-46)
Home: 25-16 (26-15)
Away: 15-26 (10-31)
vs East: 26-26 (24-28)
Home vs East: 17-9 (17-9)
Away vs East: 9-17 (7-19)
vs West: 14-16 (12-18)
Home vs West: 8-7 (9-6)
Away vs West: 6-9 (3-12)
NOV: 12-4 (7-7)
DEC 6-10 (5-8)
JAN 6-8 (6-9)
FEB 4-9 (2-12)
MAR 6-8 (9-8)
APR 6-3 (7-2)
Games decided by 3 pts or less: 10-7 (4-6)
between 4-5 pts: 2-6 (6-8)
between 6-9 pts: 8-10 (11-13)
between 10-14 pts: 8-12 (6-10)
15 pts or more: 12-7 (9-11)
Record vs teams that finished season .500 or better: 17-25 (12-29)
Record vs teams that finished under .500: 23-17 (24-17)
Home record vs teams that finished season .500 or better: 10-11 (9-11)
Away record vs teams that finished season .500 or better: 7-14 (3-18)
Home record vs teams that finished under .500: 15-5 (17-4)
Away record vs teams that finished season under .500: 8-12 (7-13)


  • At 10:01 AM, Blogger Matt said…

    All the numbers cry mediocrity. This group of players could do better if they were on defensive and offensive systems that would make them a team.

    Big Figure, could you please enlighten us with your dissection of the upcoming series against Detroit?

  • At 3:14 PM, Blogger Big Figure said…

    There are alot of variable's that come into play when it comes to the playoffs and the magic,until we see a game and get a good indication of how the refs are gonna call the game it's hard to judge how the game will go,we know the obvious,the pistone have an outside game,and the magic have an inside game,who execute's better will be the victor in all actuality.Most of the time when you have a team as experienced as detroit you would think that you have to favor them in a close game because of the big shot factor of billups,whether or not jameer can slow him any will be key,to me for us to even compete everything depends on our point guard position,if we start out games the same way we did to finish the regular season,detroit will eat us for lunch,they wanna slow it down just like us,the only way we can beat them is for jameer to push the ball and get easy baskets for hedo-tony and dwight,if jameer isnt assisting the ball we're in trouble like we should be when a point guard doesnt do his job and we'll see keyon playing their which is good but throws everything off in bsh's twisted rotation,we showed that turnovers can be low and we still can find ways to lose to the pistons even if keyon has to come in and save the day from the lead guard spot (which is why he should be starting anyway,but thats another story)in that game recently so playing solid isnt good enough against them,you have to do the things that beat teams regularly and the magic only show flashes of that type of play.

  • At 3:30 PM, Blogger Big Figure said…

    The pistons just do so many things good,and we do so many Bad. Three keys to the game for the magic:(1) On the ball defense-this is most important,if billups is hitting shots right over jameer as if he's not even standing there we're in big trouble. (2)Taking advantage of of our size-hedo and grant will be match-up problems for rip and tayshaun,there should be a heavy dose of them in the post and letting them make plays which makes our starting unit alot better rather than feeding dwight and letting everybody watch,when the second unit hits the floor (keyon,JJ,trevor,darko) thats when you want to make dwight the focal point and run the offense through him,these players feed off of dwight's production.(3)Freethrows-our biggest bug a boo this year,if we leave alot of points at the line how can you expect to win,the guys have to at least make one so you can set your defense,if we have alot of 2 miss free throw attempts you can forget it.


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