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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Comparing the DET and ORL rosters statistically

Here are the 2006-07 statistics of the starters and key reserves from both teams:

Jameer Nelson------- PPG: 13.0 FG%: 43.0 3PT%: 33.5 FT%: 82.8 AST: 4.3 TO: 2.4 REB 3.1 STL: 1.0
Chauncey Billups---- PPG: 17.0 FG%: 42.7 3PT%: 34.5 FT%: 88.4 AST: 7.2 TO: 2.0 REB 3.4 STL: 1.2

Grant Hill----------- PPG: 14.4 FG%: 51.8 3PT%: 16.7 FT%: 76.5 REB: 3.7 AST: 2.1 TO: 2.2
Richard Hamilton--- PPG: 19.8 FG%: 46.8 3PT% 34.1 FT%: 86.1 REB: 3.8 AST: 3.8 TO: 2.1

Dwight Howard:-----PPG: 17.6 FG%: 60.3 FT%: 58.6 REB: 12.3 BLK: 1.9 AST: 1.9 TO: 3.9
Chris Webber------- PPG: 11.3 FG%: 48.9 FT%: 63.6 REB: 6.7 BLK: 0.6 AST: 3.0 TO: 1.7

Hedo Turkoglu-------PPG: 13.3 FG%: 41.9 3PT%: 38.8 FT%: 78.1 REB: 4.0 AST: 3.2 TO: 2.0
Tayshaun Prince-----PPG: 14.3 FG%: 46.0 3PT%: 38.6 FT%: 76.8 REB: 5.2 AST: 2.8 TO: 1.2

Tony Battie------------PPG: 6.1 FG%: 48.9 FT%: 67.5 REB: 5.2 BLK: 0.5 AST: 0.5 TO: 0.9
Rasheed Wallace------PPG: 12.4 FG%: 42.4 3PT%: 35.1 FT%: 78.8 REB: 7.2 AST: 1.7 TO: 1.3

F Darko Milicic------ PPG: 8.0 FG%: 45.4 FT%: 61.8 REB: 5.5
F Trevor Ariza------- PPG: 8.9 FG%: 53.9 FT%: 62.0 REB: 4.4
G Keyon Dooling---- PPG: 7.9 FG%: 41.1 FT%: 80.9 AST: 1.7
G Carlos Arroyo------PPG: 7.7 FG%: 42.5 FT%: 79.5 AST: 2.8
G J.J. Redick---------PPG: 6.0 FG%: 41.0 3PT%: 38.8 FT%: 90.0

F Antonio McDyess---- PPG: 8.1 FG%: 52.6 FT%: 69.1 REB: 6.1
G Ronald Murray------PPG: 6.7 FG%: 40.4 3PT%: 28.9 FT%: 72.5
C Nazr Mohammed--- PPG: 5.6 FG%: 53.2 FT%: 61.0 REB: 4.5
G Carlos Delfino------ PPG: 5.2 FG%: 41.5 FT%: 78.7 REB: 3.2
F Jason Maxiell------- PPG: 5.0 FG%: 50.0 FT%: 52.6 REB: 2.8

PPG: 94.8
FG%: 47.2
3PT% 35.6
FT%: 70.2
REB: 40.7
AST: 18.6
TO: 16.3
STL: 6.9
BLK: 5.1

PPG: 96.0
FG%: 45.4
3PT% 34.4
FT%: 77.4
REB: 40.5
AST: 21.6
TO: 11.7
STL: 7.1
BLK: 5.8


  • At 2:45 AM, Blogger Mike from Illinois said…

    Here's hoping the Magic can compete and give the Pistons a good series. To be able to compete in the playoffs and get the playoff experience will be a positive for our young players for the future.

    Looking at the statistical comparisons between the two teams, DET has the solid edge in the starting lineups, but the Magic have a solid edge in depth. It will be up to Brian Hill to use the proper player rotation so the Magic can use their depth to their advantage.

    As we all know though, BHill has always had difficulty making in-game adjustments and utilizing the proper player rotations.

    I believe the Magic can win 2 games. DET isn't invincible, but I predict DET in 6.

  • At 3:06 AM, Blogger Mike from Illinois said…

    On SI.com, NBA WRITER Kelly Dwyer ranks the 16 playoff coaches. Guess which coach he rated last... no surprise, Brian Hill. Here's what Dwyer had to say about BHill:

    "As we've talked about in the past, Hill isn't exactly at his best when having to adapt or adjust on the fly. Opposing teams flesh out Hill's schemes by halftime, his teams won't know how to react; and even if a sound game plan is in place, Hill hasn't always been the most proactive of motivators. The trick for the Magic coach this time around is to try to take a game or two before being knocked out of the playoffs--Hill's three playoff series losses have all been sweeps."

  • At 1:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I think the magic will do more than compete - I think they will win the series in six. Check out my magic blog at:


    For my full series preview.


  • At 3:10 PM, Blogger OVERWADED said…

    As the Mission Impossible theme music plays...

    If we want a CHANCE, we need...

    1. Great play from our inconsistent point guard position.

    2. Limit our turnovers

    3. Play defense

    4. Control the boards

    5. Solid bench play

    6. In turn, get a few easy baskets, by getting out on the break.

    7. Hedo needs to show his good side, rather than the other.

    8. Dwight will be Dwight regardless; hopefully his can shoot at least 60% from the line.

    9. Last, I expect Grant Hill to play like an all-star, or break his ankle trying.

    Let's go Magic!

    The Magic's biggest disadvantage is Brian Hill. I just don't see how Hill will be able to adapt throughout the series. His history of getting swept out of the playoffs, every time his loses speaks for itself. I expect his rotations to be pretty bad, and predictable. He will rely on the veterans heavily. But regardless, I think our players will play with some guts enough to steal a few games from Detroit and surprise a few people by making the series somewhat respectable.


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