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Friday, November 10, 2006

Whit Watson on Eastern Conference

Whit Watson has mentioned our blog at the start of his recent post in response to my challenge of writing a more serious piece than his Fantasy Basketball one, and also in response to my critique of his assessment on Chicago's being the team in the east to watch. It is an interesting post especially when Miami of this year is compared to Chicago of 1993. Here is the link:

Sun Sports :: Whit Watson Blog



  • At 6:42 AM, Blogger Mike from Illinois said…

    Alright... way to go Matt!

    The Bulls continue to struggle, as they are at 2-3 following a 113-94 loss to the Cavs.

    Whit has some interesting observations about the Magic also.

  • At 8:52 AM, Blogger WeRDevos said…

    The blog is now officially semi-famous and not a year old.

    I agree with Watson, the team is in dire need of one more tough big. Watching Outlaw & Garrity on the floor together Wednesday night made me apoplectic.

    I would also like to see Bogans step up to the role of a Bruce Bowens type defensive enforcer.

    Even without help, I believe this Magic team has a shot at winning 50 games. It will be painful along the way, but the talent is there to develop. And there is still hope that help will come with a January trade.

  • At 10:24 AM, Blogger Matt said…

    I agree that Magic has assets for a potential January trade, amongst which Garrity's expiring contract. Also, given extended role, Bogans could become a more consistent defensive force. The problem is that Keyon is playing so well in that position, that is already heavy with Grant and J.J. (although not an issue presently), that the glut would reduce Bogan's minutes to the point that a trade may become inevitable. The question is who would you trade? Keyon or Keith?

  • At 1:50 PM, Blogger WeRDevos said…

    It's early, but the effect of Doolings on-court play is counter-intuitive to what I thought they would be. That is, my impression of his play has been good, but when he is on the court the team is under performing. That is not necessarily his fault, he could be teamed with bad players.

    Average Score Per 48 minutes while on the court:

    Dooling: 96.5 to 100.2 = losing by 3.7 points per game.

    Bogans: 102.4 - 103.7 = losing by 1.3 points.

    Net numbers On Court vs. Off Court:

    Dooling on Court, Magic lose 105.6 - 111.7, or by 6.1 points per 48 minutes. Magic when Dooling not play are winning 108.5 to 101 a 7.5 point winning margin. Net difference is 13.6 points per game in favor of not playing Dooling.

    Bogans on Court: Team loses 112.4 - 113.4, off court team wins 104.4 - 103.7. Bogans seems to be a drag on the Magic play to tune of 1.7 points per 48 minutes.

    Way to early to tell. All stats from 82games.com here: http://www.82games.com/0607/0607ORL1.HTM

    The numbers that don't lie show Garrity & Bo are on-court disasters. Much less when they play together. Both need to never play for the team to succeed.


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