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Friday, November 03, 2006

Brokenhearted Knicks Fan seeks new team to love

ESPN.com: Page 2 : I love this breakup!

Lifelong Knicks fan can't take IT anymore. Puts together a formula for picking a new team to root for and came a few points from getting it right. The only reason he didn't pick the Magic is Katrina.


  • At 1:53 PM, Blogger Matt said…

    It is plain foolish to abandon a beloved team because things are not working out. One of the main advantages of living in a democracy is the power of public opinion. For the same token, in a free enterprising system, market forces will eventually prevail. The question is whether or not one has the patience or the life expectancy to endure through the miserable times?

  • At 2:36 PM, Blogger OVERWADED said…

    I could never love another team the way I love the Magic. It’s not like we haven’t been through tough times with our team. Even when there were talks of the Magic possibly leaving town, if they ever did, they'd still be my team. Something’s you just can't change. The Knicks might suck right now, but it's New York, the fans there are not the only ones hoping for that team to get back on track. You know David Stern and the NBA wants NY back in the playoffs. So much potential money goes through that possibility alone. It's only a matter of time before they start getting better...probably once Thomas is gone.

    Still, it was a cool article. The guy obviously has to much time on his hands. In the end, he probably just needs some therapy, not a new team. ;)

  • At 2:57 PM, Blogger Brutal said…

    I was born and raised in Ohio, and a fan of all things Cleveland...except the NBA where my heart belongs to the Magic.

    I moved to Florida 20 years ago and suffered losing contact with the Browns, Indians and Cavs. This was before the internet, cable league pass pacakages, etc. I could never love the Dolphins, I had grown a healthy hate for them over the years and at that time nobody in their right mind followed the Buc's by choice.

    At the same time I moved here, the NBA awarded a franchise to Orlando and I was hooked from day one. I had always loved the NBA (first game I ever saw in person was featured Oscar Robertson of the then Cincinnati Royals, I was 8). I followed the construction of the franchise, the entry draft and attended the second regular season game the team played.

    At first I had split loyalities, the Magic were not very good early on so I followed them and the then rebuilding Cavs. It did not take long however for my interest in the Cavs to wane and while I still have a soft spot for them, in any Cleveland/Orlando matchup I am die hard Magic.

    So...I live and die with the Browns and have died 1000 deaths. I bleed for the Indians and have needed many stitches to deal with the 1000's of cuts. Being a Cavs fan was never easy and while I left them is was not to embrace a front runner but to have a real "home team" to root for in my newly adopted home state. An expansion team none the less.

    And make no mistake being a Magic fan has not been easy. The loss of Shaq, the disappointments that Penny provided, one great year that ended with the team being swept in the finals. 10 years of at best average basketball. The promise of Tracy McGrady dashed, the injuries to Grant Hill.

    And I would not trade a second of those memories. If the Magic, Browns or Indians ever win a championship I will be on a cloud. If they don't...I will still be there for them...


    PS...its not all painful...I did graduate from THE Ohio State University and I am a Buckeye through and through....things have turned out nicely with them the last few years....

  • At 3:24 PM, Blogger Matt said…

    Nice story, Brutal. I think loyalty is a virtue that is well connected with love, and none is by choice. If we choose to love, how could we call it love? And if we shift loyalty, how could we call it a virtue? In my study of Japanese culture, inclusive of their business culture, I acquired deeper understanding of loyalty as a human characteristics that has a profound soothing effect, though not pain-free at all times.

  • At 4:51 PM, Blogger WeRDevos said…

    I only posted the story because the author clearly thinks the Magic have become the team to root for in the NBA.

    Unlike some, I am all for bandwagon fans because growing teams attract them and failing teams shed them.

    As for pain, I clearly wasn't in my right mind. I went to every one of the Bucs home games the first two years, through 0-26. My dad drove me to the airport to greet the team after they beat New Orleans for the first win. And watched them tear down the goalposts the next week after their first home win. I was at a big Super Bowl party in 2003 and eventually wound up in a back room with a few other long time suffering fans. I still have the Wheaties box on the shelf.

    FWIW I promoted starting this blog because I was so pissed off at the Magic front office and the horrible organization they had put together. There just wasn't enough space to rant in just 200 characters on the Orlando Sentinel site. It was either give up on them completely or have an outlet for my angst.

    Surprisingly, Otis Smith wasn't quite the moron I envisioned and now I haven't been as pleased about the direction of the franchise since the day Shaq left. Who knows, maybe even the spanish guy fiasco will still work out.

  • At 7:39 PM, Blogger Mike from Illinois said…

    Brutal, I feel sorry for you that you're a die-hard Indians and Browns fan... the Browns have never been to the Super Bowl and the Indians haven't won a World Series since what, 1948? But I know you're proud of the Buckeyes.

    Speaking of fan loyalty, how do you think Cubs fans feel, not winning a World Series since 1908? And this past season, with a mediocre team, they drew over 3 million fans! (fortunately, I'm a huge White Sox fan, and we got our WS title last year :-) And us Bears fans are being rewarded this season... it's been tough times for Bears fans since the '86 Super Bowl. The Blackhawks... that's another story.

    It's great that WeRDevos started this blog so all of us loyal, die-hard Magic fans have an outlet to express our opinions about the team... and since March, it's amazing how much optimism is now in place after a horrific 20-40 start last season.

    I consider the Orlando area my second home since my sister, brother-in-law and dad all live there and I visit quite frequently and make it a point to go to Magic games whenever I'm there. My first Magic game in person was in March of 1990. There's only one team I like more than my hometown Bulls... and that's the Magic (my adopted home team)... and it's great that we now have such a promising, young, talented team that will be a force for years to come after not winning a playoff series since 1996... GO MAGIC!!


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