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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Magic end preseason on winning note with victory over Rockets

The Magic finish with an encouraging 6-2 mark this preseason with their 94-90 victory over Houston. Three players scored in double figures for the Magic, led by D Howard (22 pts 15 rebs), C Arroyo off the bench (16 pts), and H Turkoglu (10 pts). The Rockets were led by former Magic star Tracy McGrady (18 pts) and Yao Ming (13 pts in 13 minutes).

The Magic outscored the Rockets from the field 79-69 on 45.3% FG shooting, while Houston shot 38.4%. However, the Rockets had a huge advantage in 3 pt FG shooting, shooting 13 of 33 (39.4%), while the Magic shot just 1 of 13 (7.7%). HOU (21 of 28 for 75%) outscored the Magic (15 of 19 for 78.9%) from the FT line. HOU outrebounded the Magic 44-42, but the Magic had just 11 TOs compared to 20 for HOU. The Magic bench outscored the Rockets bench 42-37.

Darko, coming off the bench, scored 4 pts in 17 minutes along with 5 boards, 2 steals, and a blocked shot. However, he had 5 TOs in that little amount of time. J.J. Redick played 3 minutes and failed to score. J Nelson (8 pts 3 assists 3 TOs) is trying to find his form after missing much of the preseason due to a concussion. G Hill scored just 6 pts in 27 minutes. However, at least he's healthy and ready for the regular season.

Just 6 more days until opening night when the Bulls and Big Ben Wallace come to Orlando!


  • At 11:33 AM, Blogger OVERWADED said…

    I went to last night’s game. Here are a few things that stood out watching from the stands.

    -Dwight and Arroyo are the only players that looked ready for the regular season. The rest of the team looked out of sink. I hope it’s just because it was a preseason game. But they need to get in gear come next Wednesday when Wallace and company come to town.

    -Dwight is noticeably better. He doesn't think anymore on the offensive end, he's going off of instinct. 20 and 10 should be no problem this year for him. I could even see a 30/20 game happening a few times.

    -Darko looked out of it. I don’t know if his back was still bothering him or what. But he turned the ball over a lot. He shot a few air balls which is unlike him. He didn’t really seem happy to be out there and you could see it from his play, body language, and in his face.

    -When the Rockets had their starters on the floor, the game was a BORE. The officials put T-Mac and Yao on the line pretty much every time down. Touch fouls were being called almost every play for the Rocket’s, but not consistently on the Magic’s end. But once the 2nd half, mainly 4th quarter started, even though the game was close, the touch fouls stopped, why, because no stars were on the floor. That's one thing that pisses me off about the NBA.

    -Where was Keith Bogans? Please tell me he's hurt, because he didn't play a single minute.

    -The lack of use of J.J. Redick. So, the Magic had their bench on the floor the entire 4th quarter. J.J. didn't check in until 3 minutes left in the game. Did Hill just forget he was sitting down there? It was obvious that whoever was still left sitting in the stands was wanting to see him in the game. When he checked in, that was probably the loudest the crowd was the entire night, besides when they were shooting t-shirts!

  • At 12:51 PM, Blogger Matt said…

    Nice observation. What I wanted to assess from these preseason games, (which I never got a chance to see anyone although I had tickets provided to me) is the style of game that is going to be used. Are we gonna witness the old slow-down defensive-minded style that Hill has always preached or we are going to see more of the free flow style that was so befitting, and thus more beneficial to the team towards the end of last season? I guess it would be hard to assess the trend through the preseason games but we may be able to see a glimpse of what is ahead.

    As I have stated before, Darko's frame of mind concerns me, and the answer, in my view, is not MAKE HIM EARN THE SPOT. I do not believe that Darko is fundamentally weak on defense. May be there are creases that need to be ironed out. In my view, compared to Battie he may not be as consistent on defense, but there are areas including the size & height and shot-blocking ability that he is superior to Battie. With Battie being such a classy mentor, I do not see Darko falling off the cliff, but somebody needs to communicate with him to get to the depth of his mind, and we know from Hill's shortcomings in communication, that would not be him.

  • At 4:37 PM, Blogger Mike from Illinois said…

    Interesting observations Introvert... nice that you had a chance to check out the game in person.

    Darko's hip must still be bothering him. He hasn't been effective at all since his fall. Let's hope that this is just minor, and that after several days of rest he'll be close to 100% and ready to go against the Bulls.

    Dwight is going to have an awesome year... what a great preseason he had.

    It looks like it's going to be several weeks before J.J. Redick can contribute for the Magic. Because of his back and foot, he just hasn't seen enough floor action these last couple months. When he is able to practice more, he'll be better prepared and ready to play.

    It's kind of hard to gauge what kind of an offense the Magic will run, as Matt said, based on the preseason because of all the injuries and different lineups that have had to be used. Let's hope it will be the fast-break up-tempo offense we saw the last month of last season.

    I really like the Magic's depth and wouldn't be surprised to see 10-11 players play and be a factor in most games. Their depth will wear out other teams that aren't as deep.

  • At 4:29 AM, Blogger Ken said…

    I think what concerns me most, Matt touched on this a bit, Is not just Darko's frame of mind, but the entire teams. We know there are going to be peaks and valleys throughout the season. Especially with such a young team. But it's how BSH brings this young team through them. Is he going to bench Darko in favor of Garrity because for one or two lackluster performances? Or bury other guys so farther down on the bench because of one uninspiring practice, that they never see the light of day? This is a young, athletic, energized team, with more promise than we have seen in Orlando in quite a few years. I am just hoping BSH dosen't screw with all of this potential that has been given to him. In one heavy handed move, he could wreck team chemisty as well as the fragile psyche of the teams present and future stars.

  • At 3:29 PM, Blogger OVERWADED said…

    I think this team showed what they were made of last year. They went though a hell of a lot last year, and in the end, they were still fighting. Of course anyone can wear out, but I think we're deep enough and balanced enough to avoid a letdown.

    As far as Darko goes, I think he's too good of a player to not get the minutes. He would really just have to stop trying, but I don't see that happening in a contract year.

    If there is any friction this year, I expect it to be at the point guard spot between Nelson and Arroyo. Nelson will not even consider coming off the bench. Yet, Arroyo is playing solid basketball right now. If one peaks while the other valleys, there could be a change at one point or another. That is the only problem I see arising.

    OK, don't get me wrong, I know the fan who called Mutumbo a "monkey" was in the wrong, but is it really as big of a deal as they are making it? This story is all over the place. The league is looking into it, as are the Magic. They are talking like they might revoke whoever’s season tickets they are? Come on, get real… The world we live in is far more screwed up than to bitch about some random nobody that goes to a basketball game, using a paid ticket, and screams something obscene. I’ve heard far worse things said. But since the player could hear it this time, and reacted by giving the fan the bird, it’s a big deal. I was screaming too, except I was screaming "RETIRE"! Some guy next to me kept screaming and was saying "fagots" a lot. Did I think the guy was against that, no, I just felt he was into the game, having a few drinks, and not thinking about what he was saying. Was I offended; no. Was I laughing; yes. In no way am I saying what the guy said was right, but I'm just saying it shouldn't be a big deal. There are far worse things happening EVER SECOND in this world.

  • At 4:19 PM, Blogger Mike from Illinois said…

    I'm glad the Magic are looking into the incident further regarding the fan who used the slur against Mutombo. A racial slur is never, ever acceptable in any circumstance.

    Of course, fans have a right to cheer or boo or complain or whatever when they go to a game, but throwing things, obscene language and especially racial slurs definitely cross the line and cannot be tolerated. What about all the families with kids who go to the games and have to listen to that?

    From all the Magic games I've attended, 99.9% of Magic fans are great fans who do an outstanding job supporting their team.

    Too bad that guy who got ejected didn't yell "Retire" to Mutombo like you did, Intro... now that's funny.

  • At 8:34 PM, Blogger Matt said…

    Since when we got such a thin skin? I am sure that worse callings have happened in the arenas and will happen again, and I am sure that kids will not be affected with any name calling as long as it is not profanity. This league policing is getting ridiculous.

    A final note: As good as a chemistry that the team had towards the end of last season, minor frictions could easily ruin the team unity and chemistry. Introvert316 has mentioned the rivalry at point guard. I am sure Carlos might feel that he deserves to start and Jameer might not accept anything less than starting. The same goes with Darko that we covered in details.

    It is easy to gel at the end of a losing season when you have nowhere to go but up. That would not be the same at the start of a season when stakes are high, and so are the expectations. It takes constant communication with players to keep everybody engaged. Hill falls short often on his communication skills, and as I was about to see wisdom in Otis Smith, he comes out with cliches and unwise comments that do not show a high level of intelligence in terms of modern management.

  • At 8:36 PM, Blogger OVERWADED said…


    I'm a white dude. I went to the game with a Puerto Rican and 2 black guys. Every single one of them laughed about it, and that was that. It amuses me how some people try to act like they are so proper. What can I say; I guess I have a twisted sense of humor?

    Why is it that if you're making fun of someone it always gets related to a racial issue? Well, unless it’s someone making fun of white boys on BET, then that’s just funny right? That’s not racist? Seriously though, if I looked like a bull dog and someone said I looked like a dog, is it a race issue? In the past, I heard little kids say Patrick Ewing looked like a gorilla. Were they were being racist without even knowing it? Now-a-days, I don’t think it’s about racial issues as much as just making a joke, trying to get under someones skin, or cruel humor.

    I hate to burst your bubble, but kids are going to hear and see farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr worse things today in school 5 days a week.

    Again, I never said what the guy said was "right", and I'm not trying to defend him, but I really don't get the fuss. It’s not like NBA crowds haven’t been chanting "bull-shit" for years. Do you want your kids hearing that? How about some of those Duke games, where the chant was "F-U J.J."? For that matter, take a look at a wrestling crowd, there are little kids in all of those crowds, and the chants get as vulgar as you can imagine. But I forgot, this is "The Magic Kingdom", home of Disney World, and the happiest place on earth where people are just not like that.


    It's beautiful out in Florida these days. Have a good weekend guys!

  • At 8:38 PM, Blogger OVERWADED said…

    Thank you Matt... In all my ramblings that is exactly what I was trying to say. And you summed it up in what, 2 sentences! :)

  • At 1:25 AM, Blogger Ken said…

    I just want to add my 2 cents on the Motombo incident. I must be getting old or just really out of touch with whats going on in society these days, but since when did the word "monkey become associated with racism, and who determined the word was a racial slur? I'm overweight and out of shape and could be called any number of animals I suppose. A hippo, elephant, rino, walrus, whatever, to me it seems like there are people who are looking for racism where there is none. If I'm wrong please point it out to me and I'll admit I was wrong.
    Example: The NCAA determined that the Florida State Seminole mascot was demeaning to the Seminole Indian Tribe. The Cheif of the Florida Seminole Indians spoke up and said the tribe was proud to be associated with the college and didn't feel it was demeaning in any way. The NCAA then said they recieved a complaint from someone from a Oklahoma Seminole Tribe. Upon contacting the Oklahoma Seminoles they also were proud to be assosiated with the Florida Seminoles and Florida State, as it turns out, 1, that's ONE person from Oklahoma sent a letter to the NCAA and said they were offended by the Seminole image that Florida State uses.. Case Closed.

    One final note: Several years ago while Penny Hardaway was still a member of the Magic, I was watching a Magic game against New Jersey on television. Hardaway was on the free throw line taking a technical foul shot. As Goose and I think Chip Carrey were discussing whatever, you could hear a New Jersey fan in one of the lower seats yell, "Hardaway you overpaid monkey" just as plain as day come across the telivision. Neither announcer mentioned the incident. Hardaway made the foul shot if I recall and the game continued. And as far as I know, nothing ever became of it. Not saying it was right, but I have been to my share of NBA games, and like others on here have said, we have all heard far worse things comming out of the mouths of fans...

  • At 2:19 PM, Blogger Matt said…

    It is funny that we live in a society that is so polarized along RED and BLUE lines that civility has been thrown out of the window, and if our representatives do not vote on the party-line they may be penalized by their party brass (what happened to the integrity and independence?). We live in a society that is based on an adversarial system and yet the slightest difference of opinion makes one the enemy of the other. It is bad enough that the potential speaker of the house has called the president of the country liar and incompetent, and has no clue that the war against terrorism is not restricted to Afghanistan.

    We face a lot of ills in our relationships with each other and our love for the fellow-citizens, and yet some take the time to make a big fuss about the bad manners of a drunken fan, who was heard by a palyer, who by the way receives his considerable salary from the fans, who in return flipped the middle finger, and yet is so outraged that he will go all the way to the commissioner. Give me a break! who has any time for this kind of crap?

  • At 3:17 PM, Blogger OVERWADED said…

    Well said you guys.

    Since when do 2 wrongs make a right? The fan was ejected, and the NBA and Magic are doing what they're doing. Yet, Mutombo gave him the bird, and still has his panties in a bunch. Here is what the once overpaid should have retired 5 years ago vet had to say. Should he really care that much?

    "I am not going to take that. He was insulting my race, my family, my integrity. For him to call me a monkey ... that should not happen today," Mutombo said.

    "If I get fined, I will go straight into the stands the next time."

    Kind of amusing...But like Matt said, who has time for this kind of crap.

    Only 2 more days until the NBA season kicks off, and a long 3 days until the Magic hit the floor against Da Bulls! I'm jazzed-I'm pumped-I'm ready to go!

  • At 9:33 AM, Blogger Matt said…

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeah, it's time to rock and roll with Big Figure's pre-game and Mike's post-game analysis. GO MAGIC!

  • At 12:21 PM, Blogger Big Figure said…

    On the racism issue the term "monkey" is a racial slur and a very known term to african americans used by racists against african americans,the problem is that the fan could have chosen (like intro)to talk shit about a myriad of things,"hey mutombo you cant shoot" or "you cant dribble" or,you suck,your slow,your old,so many things i could go on,but the reality is,the fan chose to call him something that attacks his and every other african american's physical appearance,everyone knows a monkey is not a perticularly attractive animal,its dark in color,has long limbs and big hands,big lips,and isnt the normal pet for americans,he's making fun of the god given physical traits of african americans as if we cant be seen as attractive human beings,and because alot of us share those same characteristics,i too was offended when i heard the comments,sorry but there's no way that isnt related to race,that guy deserves whatever he gets,and mutombo should be fined for those comments about going into the crowd and for the middle finger gesture,because like everyone else said two wrongs dont make a right! There's always a place for good natured trash talking,but no place for racial slurs,intro in your 8:36 rant you make some great points,but remember this,when you see comics making fun of caucasion guys they arent calling them names of white/caucasion colored non attractive animals that fit the physical attribute of caucasion americans,that just isnt happening and is really the bottom line.

  • At 12:45 PM, Blogger Big Figure said…

    Would you call,calling a bi-racial person (jason kidd,mike bibby) a zebra or an oreo (which i've heard both)"trying to get under someone's skin/cruel humor" or a racial slur? Hopefully we all know the correct answer,very distasteful and the fan at the magic game shouldnt be allowed to attend anymore games this year,i agree that it shouldnt have been made media attention and showed on espn,it wasnt that big a deal,racism is a hated but expected part of our society,magic should have kicked the guy out and mutombo shouldnt have gone crying to the commish,which made it public!

  • At 1:21 PM, Blogger Big Figure said…

    Cold pizza just reported that "the fan has sent a letter of apology to mutombo for the racial slurs",and "has set a self imposed ban from magic games untill mutombo notifies the league that he can return to magic games",plus "he will donate 5000 dollars to a charity of mutombo's choice",good to see that when sober the guy can be a stand up guy and acknowledge his distasteful actions!

  • At 2:43 PM, Blogger OVERWADED said…

    I could go on about this, but I'm just ready for basketball.

    But to finish what bigfigure started; here is part of the letter from our minority season ticket holder small corporate sponsor racial slurring friend?.

    Hamzehloui's letter to Mutombo reads, in part, "Dear Mr. Mutombo: I would like to take a moment of your time to offer a complete and unconditional apology for my poor behavior, and in particular, my poor choice of words last Thursday night while attending the Houston-Orlando basketball game.

    "I am by no means a racist, and if you only knew me better you would never begin to have those thoughts. What I am guilty of is poor judgment in the use of words while doing what I do too many of the visiting team's players, 'heckle them.' "

    Hamzehloui wrote that he wanted to apologize in person.

    He also said he would not be "attending any more Magic games until you tell them it's OK for me to attend or the Magic say it's OK to come back."

  • At 3:00 PM, Blogger Mike from Illinois said…

    Hopefully, the sincere letter of apology from the fan to Mutombo will put this matter to rest.

    Like the rest of you guys... I'm pumped and psyched and ready for the Magic and the Bulls Wednesday night... GO MAGIC!!

  • At 2:28 AM, Blogger OVERWADED said…

    As Matt already said; "this league policing is getting ridiculous."

    The Orlando Magic and the NBA banned Magic fan Hooman Hamzehloui from attending any league games this season and revoked his season tickets.

    The league and the Magic wanted to set an example and put some teeth in the Fan Code of Conduct it instituted after the Detroit Pistons-Indiana Pacers brawl.

    Hamzehloui didn't agree with the decision and told The Sentinel on Monday, "They have players shooting guns in front of strip clubs and getting into drug-related fights and marijuana getting found in the car, but that’s OK. I say something I’m sorry about and they want to throw me to the wolves."

  • At 7:26 AM, Blogger Ken said…

    In light of Big Figures post I must say that I stand corrected. I just never associated african-americans with a physical description of a monkey. Call me uninformed or nieve(sp) I just never put the two together. Thank you for the education.

    With that said, I also think the year long suspension by this ignorant fan is a bit excessive, but that dosn't give Motombo a free pass either.

    And with that said. LET THE SEASON BEGIN!! Wendsday can't get here soon enough.. GO MAGIC!!


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