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Friday, November 03, 2006

Iverson, Sixers visit Magic tonight

The Magic will try and build on their fantastic opening game against the Bulls, as they face the PHI 76ers, who are also 1-0 after beating ATL 88-75 opening night.

Of course, the 76ers are led by Allen Iverson, who scored 32 pts opening night, but with 7 TOs. PF Chris Webber had a poor offensive game, scoring just 8 pts on 4 of 16 shooting, but pulled down 13 boards. SF Andre Iguodala had 15 pts, and C Samuel Dalembert added 11 pts and 11 rebs. PG Kevin Ollie totaled 6 pts. PHI is not very deep, as Kyle Korver and former Magic first round draft bust Steven Hunter are the only reserves of note.

PHI held ATL to just 33.3% shooting. PHI shot 41.9% from the field, but a superb 23 of 25 (92%) from the FT line.

This is a game the Magic should win, as their superior depth and aggressive, sharp-shooting offense should be more than enough to avoid any possible letdown. Magic are 6 pt favorites (www.pinnaclesports.com).


  • At 7:28 AM, Blogger Brutal said…

    There is not a team in the East that excites me less than the Sixers. If the Knicks did not exist this team would probably get the award for worst run franchise in the league. I see only two players on the team with any kind of long term future (Iguodala and Dalambert).

    This is not intended to be a slam to Iverson who by guts and guile along will probably lead the team to 35 wins and draft lottery no mans land, but AI deserves better.

    On to the game, good teams win these home games against marginal opponents and if the Magic are a good team this should be no real problem. Match-ups favor the Magic, talent favor the Magic and home count favors the Magic.

    Howard will get a test from a more athletic Dalembert and it will be interesting to see how he varies his game. Webber who is a shell of his vastly overrated self can be exploited on defense and Dalembert is foul prone so I think the Magic will attack inside early and often.

    Bottom line, Iverson gets his but Magic talent and depth are too much for Philly. Orlando 105-88.


  • At 11:51 AM, Blogger Big Figure said…

    Three keys to a magic victory.(1)Attack iverson and webber-with grant and dwight being our best offensive threats,iguodala and dalembert will have the toughest match-ups,but jameer and tony will be more important in the big scheme of things,atlanta let iverson go for 32pts,primarily because atlanta doesnt have a scoring threat at point guard with claxton out,if jameer can make iverson work on the defensive end with dribble drives and pick and roll (maybe getting AI in some early foul trouble),it ususally makes his offensive numbers go down,same with tony,he needs to beat webber down the floor for dunks just like he did last year,which will frustrate webber and hopefully lead to a bad shooting night.(2)RUN,RUN,RUN-philly is a big squad similar to us,dalembert,hunter and webber will fade as the game goes on if we keep the pressure on them in transition,so it will be important for the guys to defend,rebound and run.(3)Turn the sixers into shooters-staying in between the sixers and the basket is going to be critical,they are not going to come in and try to out shoot you,there goal is to get good looks from all their players around and in the painted area,when iverson has hurt us the most is when he hits all those little floaters and lay-ups right at or around the basket,that cant happen tonight if we're going to win,iguodala and dalembert practically live off of easy baskets,gotta make'em shooters tonight. Brutal your exactly right about winning teams,the magic should win this game,but as good as we played opening night it still was just one game,i still think we're learning how to be a good team,so that logic may not apply yet(even though your right about the talent differences).

  • At 1:19 PM, Blogger OVERWADED said…

    Can you imagine what it'd be like to be a Philly fan? They're a team that didn't make the playoffs or any real moves in the off season. Webber is already over the hill, Iverson isn't getting any younger, and the rest of the team is pretty average. Dalembert isn't bad, but they overpaid him. Iguodala is decent, and would probably be considered a star on a team with Nash or Kidd, but that will never happen with AI. They pretty much have nothing going for them, as their best players are on their way out. What do you have to look forward to in Philly? If you trade AI, the city will flip, especially if you don't bring in someone legit, and everyone knows they'll never get fair trade value for him. Webber is pretty much worthless, especially because of the amount he makes. They're only hope is a few athletes, but nothing worth getting too excited over.

    The Magic would have to have a big letdown to lose tonight's game. They just need to take care of business. They need to jump on Philly early, as you don't want to be close in the 4th quarter because AI still has the ability to take over any game. Although Philly has a few athletic bigs, I still think Dwight will abuse them. I expect Jameer and Grant to play solid games. I also expect bigger performances out of Darko and Arroyo tonight. We'll see what happens; Magic 106-95.

  • At 2:00 PM, Blogger Matt said…

    The problem with the Magic under Hill has been the lack of consistency. If Hill is wise enough to start Darko (assuming that we won't need his offensive output but rather his defense), Magic will squash any glimmer of hope by Philly, early on. I agree with all who predicted a route if we come in meaning business, as we did with Bulls.


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