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Friday, August 04, 2006

The High Cost of Ego

ESPN.com - NBA - 'Minimum' wage: Wizards get a deal in guard Stevenson

Opts out of $3 million guarantee as a starter thinking he is worth $5 million, er, 4.5 million, uhm $4 million. And definately not $10 million for 3 years that Otis offered.

Oh no, wait that's actually $932,015 as a backup.

Call it the $2,067,985 error in judgement.


  • At 11:12 PM, Blogger wes said…

    OUCH!!! Way to play your hand, DeShawn! But seriously, I would take that money to sit on my ass and watch Gilbert Arenas and co. for a front row seat. I also like his agent's excuses. Just a fun story all around.

  • At 3:41 AM, Blogger Mike from Illinois said…

    Many of us were saying earlier that Stevenson was making a mistake in thinking that his value is worth more than what the Magic were offering. This deal with the Wizards really proves it!

  • At 12:09 PM, Blogger OVERWADED said…

    This is an example of why players have agents, and why Deshawn should now fire his. He opted out, turned down 10 million, and ended up with the lowest possible. He left a starting spot, for a who knows what bench role. He leaves Dwight, Jameer, and company to play in Washington. Nothing against Gilbert and the Wizards, but they won't be what Orlando is and will be. Again, he should fire his agent...

  • At 2:17 AM, Blogger Ken said…

    HAHAA... Funniest thing i've read in a long time. I could see this comming when he decided to opt out. If Stevenson is anything less than brilliant next year and the Wizzards don't reach the play-offs Otis will look like a genius. I don't think Stevenson would be happy sitting on his ass just watching Gilbert Arenas, knowing he's not going to get his 5 mill a year by comming of the bench at the end of quarters.

  • At 11:46 AM, Blogger Big Figure said…

    Whats up fella's,long time no blog,been away from basketball emmersed in football (draft/fantasy leagues/mini camps etc.,)but i had to come and weigh in on the deshawn situation,2 things come to mind right off the bat,(1)just like everybody has mentioned,Orlando is and will be a better team in the long run,plus he's giving up a starting job,plus he's giving up playing with arguably the leagues best young big man,plus being part of a team,and not a one man show(arenas),he might as well have signed with philly b/c arenas takes iverson like attempts per game and doesnt shoot a great %,and anything thats left over caron butler and antawn jamison fight over who's gonna jack it up next,boy deshawn is gonna hate himself this whole season,while he's sitting on the bench over and over in his mind he's gonna be regreting acting on the advice he got! (2) Before any games are played let me go on record as saying i love keith bogans game and attitude about the game,in my opinion he's much better suited to play with dwight than deshawn ever was,we were just able to make it work with deshawn,but keith is a major upgrade at the two for one reason,HE CAN SHOOT THE THREE,ala a bruce bowen type of player(keith and bruce are both 6 ft 4),keith can stretch the defense which deshawn couldnt do,this move gives dwight and the rest off the guys even more freedom,now having JJ & keith at the two (two brand new players)feels the best i've felt about our two position since nick (anderson) left for sac,both players shoot the three but more importantly,one is a offensive juggernaut,and one is a defensive demon,giving you options as a coach,and neither one takes away from what you want to do offensively as a team,i watched keith his whole career at kentucky (which is the team i root for in college basketball)which is why i might seem a little biased in keith's favor,he and tayshaun (prince)carried my cats for 3 years,even though tayshuan got more pub keith was our best all-around player,this move made me feel good right when i saw it,i didnt like rush or anyone else that was mentioned,i felt like we corrected another wrong in our history by bringing keith back,he should have never been traded,WHERE'S BRANDON HUNTER NOW?

  • At 5:38 PM, Blogger WeRDevos said…

    I think Bogans is a good backup, just like I always thought DS was backup quality. The difference is Bogans likely knows he is a good backup and DS is only now discovering he is too.

    When Otis signed Bogans he talked about how important it is to have guys who know their roles as supporting cast to Howard and the core group. Guys like Dooling & Bogans fit that perfectly, and Battie will too if Darko develops like we all hope.

    How can a group of bloggers see this coming and DeShawn didn't? Last year he started 82 games on a 36 win team. When he was on the court the team was -9 points per 100 possessions which was the worst of all guards on the team except Diener. And Diener gets the benefit of the doubt because he got stuck playing with Kasun & Garrity at the end of meaningless games. Points allowed per 100 possessions was lower when he sat on the bench which puts the lie to DS being anything special as a defensive stopper. He made 2 3 pointers all year making him no Bruce Bowen. Chad Ford of ESPN called him a silent team killer for reliably catching the ball at the 3 point line, taking a step in and launching a 22 foot 2 point shot. Basically, at $3 million per year he was still overpaid. Taking the money and getting to start for another year should have been a no-brainer. Despite that Otis offered $10M/3yrs which ammounted to a $7 million extension for two more years. And he turned it down!

    It sounds like it took Bogans no time at all to accept an $8M/3 year deal.

  • At 1:34 PM, Blogger OVERWADED said…

    I like the Bowen and Anderson comparisons in regards to Bogans.

    The funny this is, when we first drafted Bogans, he reminded me of Nick Anderson.

    Overall, I'm happy to have him back instead of Stevenson. It was basically a wash, but he's a better fit for our team. He understands he's a role player, as werdevos mentioned. He's a better shooter, which is all we'll need from him on the offensive end. And I really believe he is a better defender than Stevenson.

    Speaking of Nick Anderson... I just wanted to say I'm very pleased the Magic finally decided to give Anderson a role with the franchise. He deserves it more than any of our other former players. I'm happy to have Nick back in town.


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