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Sunday, June 25, 2006

A review of players who may be available for the Magic in the 11th spot

Here is what Chicago Tribune basketball writer Sam Smith had to say about the players that could be available for the Magic at the 11th spot in Wednesday's draft.

Ronnie Brewer, Arkansas, SG, 6-7, 223. Maybe the best individual defender in the draft. He's known to play all 94 feet with intense desire and has the ability to guard multiple positions. Questions remain about his shooting based on a childhood accident that limits him extending his arm.

Rodney Carney, Memphis, SF, 6-9, 227. Breathtaking athlete who comes from a family of track stars. Good shooter who can also defend, but has had stretches when he disappears from games. Terrific jumper who can get his shot off on anyone.

Randy Foye, Villanova, PG, 6-3, 212. More of a combo guard who draws the inevitable comparisons to Ben Gordon and Vinnie Johnson. Scouts are not sure of his adjustment to point guard, but he is tough, strong, can shoot with range and finish at the basket.

J.J. Redick, Duke, SG, 6-4, 190. Top collegiate player who is a great shooter with NBA three-point range and a quick release. Comes off screens like a classic shooting guard. He's not particularly quick or big and has limitations on defense. There are questions about his back from an old condition.

Patrick O'Bryant, Bradley, C, 7-0, 249. A project who is coming out too early. But the pros are intrigued about his true center size and almost 9 1/2- feet standing reach. Can rebound and block shots and has a decent shooting touch. But he has little idea about how to play his position.

Here are my thoughts about what the Magic should do:

I think that the Magic would do well to draft any one of those players except for O'Bryant. I think he would be too big a risk to take so early, considering he has so much to learn. The Magic need someone who can contribute right away, and although O'Bryant may turn into a decent NBA center eventually, I don't see him contributing much his rookie year. I think any of the other four would make a good addition to the Magic, and be able to contribute right away.


  • At 8:32 AM, Blogger WeRDevos said…

    This draft could be interesting with a lot of trade rumors floating.

    It's possible the Magic could make a trade up with some combination of Dooling, Garrity, last years pick and the #11 to wind up with Roy or Foye.

    If Magic can resolve the Stevenson issue with free agency, then O'Bryant is an interesting idea. As a second big off the bench next year he would not be expected to do much other than make the Magic front court amongst the biggest in the association.

    Redick is probably the biggest risk. Does he come to the league with a Jameer Nelson sized chip on his shoulder and exceed all the experts opinions? Or does he go the way of all those other short white slow arrogant guards that do so well at Duke and disappear?

    And what to do if Bargnani drops like a rock to 11?


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