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Friday, January 20, 2006

Stats For Mr. Simmons: NBA number crunching for ESPN's The Sports Guy from 82games.com

NBA Blown Leads/Comebacks

The guys at 82games.com offer up research on clutch time 4th quarter/OT game performance.

Through Janurary 12 the Magic have only won 2 games when they have trailed in the 4th. 9% of the games they have trailed in results in a win. Magic are worst in the league, followed by Houston and Charlotte at 15% and Atlanta at 17%. The best at coming back and winning are Detroit 58%, Dallas 44%, and Cleveland/Milwaukee/Phoenix 40%.

The worst teams in the league at blowing 4th quarter leads and losing are Atlanta 53%, Charlotte 48%, Doc Rivers 39%. Magic blow leads and lose games 32%.

Best are the Nets who have yet to blow a lead, followed by Pistons/Spurs 10%, Memphis 12%.

If you read the whole thing, they continue to do an analysis of offense and defense performance in the last 5 minutes and OT of games that are within 5 points. Orlando gives up 121 points per 100 possessions (25th in the league) and scores 108 points per 100 possessions (20th)

I'm led to believe this is reflective of the six and a half man rotation we have seen for most of the year. And should improve a bit if Hill, Cato & Dooling can start to contribute.


  • At 2:20 PM, Blogger Mike from Illinois said…

    As a person who loves to analyze stats from sports games, those are some real interesting numbers, and a really good indicator of who the contending teams are, and the teams who are not doing so well overall.


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