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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Magic Say Francis won't be traded


Otis says Francis won't be traded because no on is interested in paying him $48.7 million. Teams call about 1. Howard, 2. Nelson, 3. Turk. Otis won't trade any of them.

Hill has now had 2 cortisone shots in his abdomen for pain and hopes extended rest will solve the problem.

Cato landed on Augmons foot "grotesquely rolling his ankle over."


  • At 6:36 PM, Blogger Matt said…

    How smart is that to admit that there wasn't much of an interest on Francis? Am I seeing it right that the "wiseman" Otis Smith is more visible than Twardzik? May be he is the eventual GM.

  • At 5:15 AM, Blogger Ken said…

    Matt, I was just thinking the same thing. It seems Twardzik is rarely mentioned anymore whenever personnel discisions are announced. Whether Otis Smith is the right guy for the job is a nother discussion.... This whole co-gm thing just seems really indecisive and sophmoric to me.

    Announcing that Francis was 4th on the list of inquiries isn't exactly a confidence booster. But, perhaps, it was sent as a wakeup call to Francis. Meaning, he values himself more than other teams value him and his ability. And that he has simply aquired to much "baggage" to be worth risk. From Day 1, when he refused to be taken by Vancouver, he placed himself above "Team" concept and if he didn't get it his way, was gonna sit down and pout, or he would make himself such a distraction, that eventually the other side would cave in and Francis would get his way.

    If this motivates him and gets him back to his old form, then it has worked and Otis Smith looks like a genius. But, if in the next few weeks Francis still appears indifferent and sleep walks through games, the suspension and all were for nothing.

  • At 5:35 AM, Blogger Ken said…

    What stuck out to me in that article was,
    "Jameer Nelson entered Wednesday averaging 23.1 points during his past nine games".

    If i recall, aren't those better numbers than Stevo had prior to his meltdown?

    I think this is one of the rare instantces that "size dosn't matter" so to speak.. Sure, Jameer is undersized for a PG, and there are nights he'll get run into the ground. But he's proven he can produce, and your not having to "second guess" if his head is in the game. He'll give you 48 minutes a game win or loose. And should be announced as the starting PG. This whole 1 Guard, 2 Guard back and forth thing is a real problem. I changes from game to game. Name a starting PG and 2 Guard and leave it. Then maybe we would see some consistancy.

    I would be like any of us going to work and finding out our job title and job duties are going to be changed on a daily basis. No wonder everything seems "out of sync" with this team

  • At 9:38 AM, Blogger Matt said…

    We got to remember that numbers are just the starting point not the finishing line. Looking more into the last nine games, Steve was out for 2 and in 5 Magic fell behind early having to go all offense. That leaves us with 2 games at home, one against a shorthanded CHA which was a blow out, and one against MIN at home. Let’s assume that 23.7 points in games as described makes Jameer’s numbers as good as Steve’s in his best form. Now we have to consider two factors:

    1. A smaller backcourt is a defensive liability. Against teams defending well not allowing us to score easy, such liability would be magnified. Look at the game with Detroit, and two games with NJ.
    2. As Pete has pointed out, Brian Hill cannot bring Steve off the bench for an extended period of time. That would result in his outrage or at least an intentional lower performance. If that happens to be the case, we will lose not only on the point production total between Steve and Jameer, but we also jeopardize any good chance of trading Steve, if that is the objective.

  • At 2:41 PM, Blogger Ken said…

    Matt, Agreed, A small backcourt is a definite liability and Francis would never tolerate comming off the bench for any extended period of time, but what i was getting at was, I felt they should go with their plan of moving Francis over to the SG spot and then use Jameer at PG like they discussed last year, small or not, overall i think it could be productive, and not ever game is against Detroit...... Whew.. sorry bout the run-on sentence...


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