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Sunday, January 15, 2006

ESPN Magic Columns

Magic made front page on ESPN's NBA page. Of course it wasn't for anything all to positive. They give their take on what the Magic may do, and the future of the team. Here's the link to the article titled Dark Magic.


In a relating article on the same page they talk about how the Artest soap opera my shape how the Magic handle Francis. Here's that link.



  • At 10:27 AM, Blogger Matt said…

    Nice posting with interesting articles. Steve's agent is expressing remorse on his client's behalf, and as I have stated before, it's in teams best interest to patch differences between coach Hill and Steve. I commend coach's comments, but in order to get out of this mess, other factors should merge to make a resolution possible. Meida is not helping since they do not focus on the situation that caused Steve's refusal to go in late in the game with LAC. Instead there are hints of team's relief in Francis's absebse. Brian Schmits wrote: "But they played like a team that looked as if it had a weight lifted off its chest." referring to the game with POR.

    In the meantime, the coach is saying the right things: "I thought they competed. There was a sense of purpose," and "That's a test of your character, when a lot of things are going against you.". I wished he had the wisdom to look the other way at the refusal time, and then use the situation to reach out to Francis to explore the underlying problems and at the end earn a closer relationship, and a whole lot more respect from him.

    The mass e-mail did not help much neither. I sincerely believe it was an unnecessary rush to damage control that might prove to create more long term damage.

    I certainly hope that at this time, the coach shows more leniency, in line with his wise comments, to allow a way out of this mess. I do hope that he does.

  • At 11:01 AM, Blogger Pete said…

    Wise bosses, who are confident of their position, do not feel threatened by occasional confrontations. In fact, in modern management conflict and adversity are sources of improvement, if used wisely. At midseason we cannot fix the mistake of hiring an average coach, but we should hope and pray that common wisdom prevails.


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