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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Magic Trade Turk to Toronto

The Magic were part of a 4 team trade that brought Shawn Marion to Dallas, and sent Hedo Turkoglu to Toronto. The Magic receive a very large trade exception in return.

In one of the truly random delights of NBA trades, Orlando receives a sizeable trade exception as the fourth team involved in the trade, according to two of the sources with direct knowledge of the deal. Thus, the Magic send Turkoglu to the Raptors in a sign-and-trade as opposed to Turkoglu signing straight up with Toronto. Those two sources said Turkoglu does not get a sixth year in his deal, which Orlando could have given him as part of the sign-and-trade.
Trade exceptions are good for one year. It basically would allows a team with a bad cap situation to send a player to the Magic without having to take any salary back. Of course, it would be a net gain in salary to the Magic so will likely not be used anyway. Ideally, the Magic hold onto this chip and use it at the trade deadline to get the last piece they need to win it all.

Anyway, they at least got a little something for losing Hedo. We should find out how large the trade exception is in a few days. It is probably worth a bit more than $7 million. Last year they used the trade exception they got from NJ for the Keyon Dooling trade to facilitate the Rafer Alston trade. Without that exception, they would not have been able to add as much salary to their cap as Alston's contract cost.

Link explaining the whole trade is here


  • At 12:07 PM, Blogger Big Figure said…

    Another good job by otis. Getting something for turk when most thought we'd get nothing is a bright surprise. So its finally done,thanks for eveything hedo.

  • At 1:03 PM, Blogger Big Figure said…

    By the looks of things i beleive rashard is gonna spend at least one more year starting at PF,i was on record thinking maybe we'd go to a more traditional line-up but that doesnt make any since now with the best guys at that position signing for just too much money. Like it or not,we made it to the finals with him there and i'm confident we can do it again with some help for him at that postion.(1)Ryan anderson. 6ft10 "TRUE" PF who can shoot the three,perfect for us. I've been watching him play the last three days and im sold. Handle's really well for a 6ft10 guy,mixes it up and seems to be tough enough to play the spot. (2)Drew Gooden,Brandon Bass,Paul milsap. We will sign another option at back-up PF and it might be from this group. Either way we'll have two options off the bench At PF that will do a few different things. Rashard will be able to play SF more,he'll also be able to rest more with two options behind him when we only had one (battie)last year. This also makes us a tougher all-around defensive team just by the fact that we'll have guys who can actually guard their own position. The next question becomes who starts at SF. MP or some un-named player who isnt on the roster yet? With the Pf's and Sf's left out there i think you get more bang for your buck bringing in a player that can compete as a starter at SF.

  • At 1:16 PM, Blogger Big Figure said…

    Bringing in VC you just got super huge at SG so we are naturally gonna be a bigger more physical team. As much as i love turk,he played about a soft under the basket as you can get. Another area where we will be better,we should be able to now always have guys on the floor who will fight and scrap for the ball. We'll find out in a week what happens with marcin,i think 5 years 34 mil is gonna be to rich for our blood.

  • At 5:19 PM, Blogger WeRDevos said…

    Milsap is likely getting a $7 million offer from Portland so scratch him off the list.

    I don't ever recall seeing Bass play, but his numbers look terrific for a backup and he's only 24. But he is 6'8" and a really a PF. The Pistons are pushing hard to land him, and can probably offer more playing time after losing both Wallace and McDyess. San Antonio just got a whole lot better adding McDyess.

    I think Drew Gooden would cause Van Gundy's head to spin and separate from his body. I'm really not sure Gooden is a good fit.

    I'm starting to think we are two weeks away from seeing the Magic add to the roster. Probably a couple of guys splitting 4 to 5 million total and the rest from the D League.

    That puts Pietrus as your 5th starter and leaves it to Van Gundy to develop a competent bench if that's possible. It's one hell of a starting five and a lot of work left to do.

    Then make a final trade at the deadline once Van Gundy really understands what he needs to compete in the playoffs.

    I'm going to do a post looking at total minutes from last year later tonight.

  • At 6:13 PM, Blogger Matt said…

    One needs to know what trade exception really is before getting too excited about it. In plain language it is an exception to trade a player IN without having to trade anybody OUT. The only value to it is that teams can get players from the other teams who need to dump salary without having to dispatch/lose a player. With Magic going over the salary cap this exception has little to no value.

    Bad job by Otis Smith that we could not get any of the decent PFs out there; McDyess would have been a good addition. In my view, with Rashard at PF we have diminished our chances against both BOS and CLE. Even if we manage to come out of the East, we cannot beat Lakers bearing in mind that we lost the finals in the PF position more than any other position. Our guards position, although upgraded, will get thinner as well with MP probably moving to SF.

    Considering Battie and Anderson a wash, if we lose Gortat, we need another capable big to fill that gap, too.

    In short, the team has been decimated with no clear option of filling the gaps from market availability. We may end up using band aids in three positions of Center, PF and SF as it comes to back-ups.

  • At 6:17 PM, Blogger Mike from Illinois said…

    This sign-and-trade allows the Magic the flexibility to acquire a solid player later in the season.

    I'm hoping the Magic will be able to sign Brandon Bass this month.

    Bass's stats last season with the Mavs: 8.5 ppg on 49.6% FG shooting (86.7% FT shooting) and 4.5 rebounds in 19.4 minutes per game.

    So long Turk, and thanks for everything you did for the Magic during your tenure here, and thanks for playing such a big part in helping the Magic get to the NBA Finals this past season.

  • At 6:30 PM, Blogger Mike from Illinois said…

    Matt, how can you consider Tony Battie and Ryan Anderson a "wash" at power forward?

    Battie is 33 years old, only has a year or two left, and averaged just 4.8 ppg and 3.6 rebounds in 15.6 minutes a game last season, while Anderson averaged 7.4 ppg and 4.7 rebounds in 19.4 minutes a game with NJ last season in his rookie year.

    Plus, Anderson is only 21 years old with lots of upside.

    Anderson is clearly an upgrade over Battie for now and for the future.

  • At 7:16 PM, Blogger WeRDevos said…

    Mike beat me to it. No way is Anderson anything but a significant upgrade over Battie. Battie is now reduced to slow, has no lift, and was an unreliable shot.

    Anderson is young, can dribble, rebound and seems to have a beautiful shot. No comparison.

    Some say he is better than Courtney Lee straight up. If he turns out to be just as good as Courntey, that will be great.

  • At 10:06 PM, Blogger Matt said…

    Battie was not used much last year but he has always been a solid defender who could play both center and power forward positions. In comparison, Anderson cannot play center. I am not saying that is exactly a wash especially when you look at Anderson's salary. But since we accepted Vince Carter's huge salary, and Battie has an expiring contract, those kinds of favorable salary situations are expected.

    What is troubling is that Otis Smith did not make any attempt for attracting players like McDyess, and it was clear from his statements that he is waiting for cheap band aid type players to be picked up after dust settles. I guess, as usual, he is following the orders while relying on good luck breaks. I bid that he is gonna lose Gortat too based on the self-imposed cap.

    One more time, exception means nothing if a player is picked up in the free market. It also means nothing in the overall salary structure and luxury tax penalties. As for using exception to pick a player from another team, it typically happens when teams are looking for salary dump, otherwise they expect to get return value in a comparable player.


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