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Monday, July 06, 2009

Orlando Summer League Starts Today

TrueHoop By Henry Abbott - ESPN

Starts at 3:00 PM today.

Click Here to Watch

Orlando players to watch:
  • Ryan Anderson Until recently, he was always referred to as a talented Nets big man with potential, but he got a new uniform in the Vince Carter trade.
  • Jeremy Pargo Jannero's little brother, who made a name for himself at Gonzaga, gets to try his hand playing against NBA talent.
  • C.J. Giles Giles has long been considered a player with NBA potential, but he has had a disappointing string of off-court trouble. Was kicked off the Kansas University team last November over an incident with a girl who wouldn't leave his apartment.
Link to Entire Roster Here There are two project European tall guys Milosevic and Rakovic

Magic really need Anderson to deliver this year. One of the others could wind up filling out the end of the bench. If Otis' plan to wait and sign quality players at a bargain fails, we could see a few of these guys on the roster.


  • At 3:20 AM, Blogger Mike from Illinois said…

    From the Orlando Sentinel, here's a recap about how Ryan Anderson and the Magic Summer League Team did on Monday:

    Ryan Anderson's debut as an Orlando Magic player mirrored his 2008-09 rookie season with the New Jersey Nets. It was an up-and-down affair.

    Anderson, traded to Orlando in the draft-day deal that netted Vince Carter, missed all six of his first-half shot attempts in the Magic's 2009 Orlando Pro Summer League opener against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Monday at RDV Sportsplex. But the 6-foot-10 power forward bounced back in the second half, making 6 of 8 shots and finishing with a team-high 21 points.

    "He had good moments and bad, about what you see with everybody," said Magic Coach Stan Van Gundy, who watched the exhibition from the courtside scorer's table.

    Anderson said, "It's summertime: It takes a little while to get going. I just tried to regroup and just keep playing. You've got to stay positive even if you're missing shots. It wasn't my greatest day, but luckily we have a couple more games."

    The Magic lost to the Thunder 88-77.

    Jeremy Richardson, a forward who played in 12 regular-season games for Orlando in 2008-09, scored 18 points and had 11 rebounds.

  • At 3:23 AM, Blogger Mike from Illinois said…

    Not a bad debut for Anderson, making 6 of 8 shots in the second half after the bad start and winding up with 21 points.

  • At 11:22 AM, Blogger WeRDevos said…

    I put my headphone on and tried to listen to the game at work. They have two clowns calling the game that are taking it as seriously as a summer game is worth. Plus the camera work is not exactly compelling.

    I don't like Jeremy Richardson and it's too bad he's on the roster. He's never met a shot he won't take instead of being part of the offense. But he's cheap!

  • At 2:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Whats magic should do?

    as an observer/ as well baller...i thought sheed was perfect but he chose the C's (not the best move sheed, doesnt make a whole lot of sense but hey it is what it is) so now with free agency moving forward... i see some nice options for magic....1st brandon bass (b/c of marcin depart), a secongd pf would b drew gooden (a well polished scorer...someone cleveland should have picked up last year instead of joe smith...lol), 3rd maybe a chris wilcox but i dont know how well that works...also since the one euro big on the summer league who is supposedly like marcin(give him an extra 10 day contract to see how he works in the system)...that might be an option...as far as guards/sf...i seee matt barnes...anthony parker....as front runners....

    it will be interesting to see what otis does....i dont see marion cuz he doesnt fit...plus sliding shard to a 3 would b better....being that i watch ball on all levels...hell i would even check out boki nachbar (a serious wing who played for nets that can hits 3s...similar game as anderson but has years of experience plus can b an asset in streching the defense with 3 ball....also looking to get back in to th league...offer 2 year deal 4 - 5 mil) that would be a great pick up....


    brandon bass, drew gooden
    barnes or parker

    wish list boki nachbar


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