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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

HoopsWorld Magic Rumors

Morning Report: Miami Is Not A Player -

No Urgency In Orlando:

Hey Magic fans… the roster is basically set, so quit asking… just kidding. The Orlando Magic and their rabid fan base have been fun this summer, but sadly beyond a couple of toss-in roster players the Magic are not looking seriously at any major moves before camp opens on September 27th.

The Magic would like to add a third point guard and there is always the lingering question of what to do with J.J. Redick, but neither of these issues seem to be at the top of the Magic's to-do list. As it stands today Redick looks like he's coming to camp to compete for a role on this team. Magic sources say they understand that things may be broken with J.J. after two seasons of being parked on the bench, but they also point out that if J.J. get real minutes and a role on this team there is a belief that things can be fixed.

The other side of the J.J. situation is that his value is tremendously low because he has not played. One league source said the Magic were struggling to get a first round pick for a player they took in the first round, so why sell J.J. at a loss, bring him to camp, establish some value and move him along when his value is higher?

There had been a rumor floating around, suggesting the Magic and the OKC TBA's – also dubbed The Thunder – were pondering a swap involving Nick Collision coming to Orlando in a package that was to include Tony Battie. Magic sources have assured me that Tony Battie is not going anywhere and that the love affair fans and the media have with Nick Collision in Orlando is not going to happen, at least not before training camp. The Magic feel Tony Battie is the answer to their toughness question and Tony is in great shape and well rested. Should the team struggle early or Tony not fit back in where he's expected that could change the situation, but Magic sources were pretty clear that beyond a few small tweaks, you are looking at your 2008-2009 Orlando Magic roster now.


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