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Monday, February 18, 2008

Solid outing by Howard helps East beat West in All-Star Game

Starting his first All-Star Game, and after his spectacular performance in the slam-dunk contest SAT night, the Magic's Dwight Howard had a solid all-around game as the East All-Stars beat the West All-Stars in New Orleans 134-128. In slightly more than 30 minutes, Howard scored 16 pts on a perfect 7 of 7 from the field, along with 2 of 3 FTs; he grabbed 9 rebs, along with 3 asts, 3 steals, and a blocked shot. CLE's LeBron James was named the MVP with 27 pts (12 of 22 FGs), 9 asts, 8 rebs. BOS's Ray Allen added a game-high 28 pts (5 of 9 3 pt FGs).


  • At 1:38 AM, Blogger Mike from Illinois said…

    I think it's safe to say that Dwight will be starting in the All-Star Game for at least the next 12 or 13 years!

  • At 4:09 PM, Blogger OVERWADED said…

    Dwight should be a starting all-star for that long. Shaq went 14 seasons. I think Dwight's work ethic and attitude is better. I'd love to see him break that. But that's a far away. Hopefully by the time we reach then, Orlando will have an MVP and championship...or two...or three.

    Lebron was fun to watch, but Ray Allen was my MVP. The East does not win without his clutch play.

    Of course I understand it’s all fun and games, popularity, and marketing.

    At the same time, the MVP was voted by the fans right? So it makes sense...

    Overall, it was a decent all-star game, but nothing compared to the slam-dunk on Saturday night.

    The 2nd half of the season is getting underway. I’m really hoping to see our team step up. But to call out a couple names, I want to see Dwight and Rashard giving the effort they did last Wednesday against the Nuggets every game.

    I guess I just want to see the guys who are being paid and expected to carry this team do so. I’m tired of blaming our backcourt or whomever.

    Watching the all-star game made me think a little. How we have a guy with a 118 million dollar contract sitting at home when really, there should be no question on where he should be if he is making that kind of money.

    As for Dwight I just want to see him stay aggressive like he was against the Nuggets.

    For the rest of them... It’d be nice to get some consistent play out of Jameer. Hedo has more than earned his check. We can ask for anything more from Hedo except for him to keep it up. All of the others are role players, and we’ve gotten what we expected out of them.

    Lastly, it’d be nice to see Redick get some playing time, even though it won’t happen. Stan has done a good job, and I think he’s finally settled on a rotation. Then there’s Otis, who just needs to make a deal. We could be one big body away from contending this season. The Lakers got Gasol for next to nothing. The Hawks landed Bibby for expiring contracts. Hopefully Otis can utilize a few players, namely expiring contracts to bring in a solid player.

  • At 5:02 AM, Blogger Mike from Illinois said…

    Good analysis of what the Magic need to do these final two months, OVERWADED.

    I'd like to add that it would be great to see the Magic focus on their defense every game as well as they did against the high-scoring Nuggets last week, led, of course, by Howard.

    If they can do that well defensively on a consistent basis, I think we'll be talking about a 50-win season!


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