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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Magic fire on all cylinders in rout of MEM

After MEM went into the second qtr with a 1 pt lead, the Magic took over and dominated from that point on, making a franchise-record 18 3 pt FGs to help the Magic (27-17, 17-9 road) to their largest margin of victory for the season 112-85 over the Grizzlies (12-30). This was the third win in a row for the Magic.

Six players scored in double figures for the Magic, led by HTurkoglu with 26 pts (10 of 16 FGs), 5 asts; DHoward 16 pts (5 of 7 FGs), 10 rebs, 3 blocks; RLewis 16 pts (6 of 13 FGs), 6 rebs; KDooling off the bench with 13 pts, MEvans 12 pts; and Brian Cook off the bench with 10 pts. CArroyo added 7 asts and just 1 TO. JRedick, in the final 3 mins, scored 7 pts (3 of 4 FGs).

Four players scored in double figures for MEM, led by Rudy Gay with 20 pts. Former Magic players Mike Miller and Darko Milicic scored 10 pts and 8 pts, respectively.

The statistical breakdown:

FGs... ORL 41 of 75 (54.7%) MEM 30 of 69 (43.5%) ORL 100 MEM 66
3 PT FGs... ORL 18 of 33 (54.5%) MEM 6 of 18 (33.3%)
FTs... MEM 19 of 29 (65.5%) ORL 12 of 16 (75%)
REBs... MEM 40 ORL 33
AST/TO... ORL 18/6 MEM 13/15
BENCH... ORL 39 MEM 17

Coupled with WAS's big loss to CLE, Magic now lead the SE by 3 games. The Magic will face a very tough test at DET FRI night.


  • At 1:51 AM, Blogger Mike from Illinois said…

    Very, very, impressive! Great defense, great offense, and great job taking care of the ball. I really like the chemistry that the starting lineup and bench rotation are developing.

    I have to admit this game worried me a little bit; I was afraid the Magic might suffer a letdown going on the road after their intense game against DET, but the Magic kept their focus and intensity the whole game. At last, the Magic are performing on the court as they should instead of merely talking about what they need to do.

    The pt guard tandem of Arroyo and Dooling once again did very well. They both played exactly 24 mins, and combined for 16 pts, 10 asts, 4 steals, and just 1 TO. I hope Nelson continues to sit until he is no less than 100%.

    After a slump of several games, Turk has really looked like an All-Star these last two games.

    Complete statistical domination by the Magic, especially the 100-66 advantage from the field, thanks to the Magic's sizzling long-range shooting.

    Also noteworthy is that the Magic made 11 steals, compared to just 1 for the Grizzlies, and only 6 TOs for the Magic.

    As far as +/- numbers go, all 12 players who played for the Magic had a positive rating! Turkoglu at +26 and Dooling at +24 were especially outstanding. Others... Foyle +16, Bogans +15, Lewis +14.

    On the other hand, the 10 players who played for MEM all had a negative rating.

    Nice to see Redick shake off all the rust and make 3 of 4 shots in the final 3 mins.

    Magic should be more than ready for the rematch against the Pistons in DET on FRI, followed by the Celtics in ORL on SUN on national TV.

  • At 1:50 PM, Blogger Big Figure said…

    Another good defensive effort,i think thats five in a row. Efforts like this make you wonder how we can show up so uninterested sometimes,i guess were finally learning how to play with the lead.

  • At 4:01 AM, Blogger OVERWADED said…

    I think the Magic have had a little time to rest and they finally shook some of the fatigue that they were caring from the grueling early schedule. In turn, they took care of business in Memphis.

    This doesn't mean I expect them to win Friday in Detroit, but I do expect a hell of a game. I think the Pistons will still be far too bitter about the loss in Orlando for them to let this game go.

    However, I have high hopes for the Magic Sunday back in Orlando against Boston.

    Sadly, my biggest worry right now is Jameer Nelson. He's said he's going to "give it a shot" Friday. Well you know what, in my opinion; it's the wrong time to step on the court to "give it a shot". The team is winning, and we finally have a solid rotation. Personally, I think the last thing we need is Nelson throwing his inconsistent ass out in the mix.

    I guess I can’t blame him though. In the last few games, we really haven't missed him. He might be seeing that himself, and feeling a little nervous. Who knows?

  • At 1:38 PM, Blogger Big Figure said…

    I surely agree,our only hope is that SVG stays with his current rotation/starters and lets jameer back-up carlos,that way keyon could man the back-up shooting guard spot full-time and keith would move over to the three making room for everybody.

  • At 2:00 PM, Blogger OVERWADED said…

    BIG, that is true. But don't you think that it'd be better to have Dooling out there playing backup point guard tonight due to the fact that we’re facing the Pistons and Billups?

    Monday was the first time we’ve beat them in a while. It’s not like we shut Billups down or anyone down for that matter. But they didn’t dominate us the way they have in the past.

    Nelson and Arroyo shouldn’t both get playing time tonight (one or the other). Nelson is too small and will likely be rusty, and Arroyo isn’t a great defender. Still, we’ve been winning with Arroyo, so I’d like to see him remain starting. But for the most part, I’d like to see Dooling out there defending Billups, and Evans and Bogans defending Hamilton.

    I just don’t think it’s the right time to move Dooling back over to the two spot, not against the Pistons. If we do, I think they might make us pay.


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