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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Cold-shooting Magic fall to Knicks

The Magic (25-23, 16-10 home) failed to build on the momentum of their last two wins and did not look anything like the team that was so dominant against NJ while losing to NY (21-28, 9-15 road) 94-86.

DMilicic had a career night off the bench with 19 pts and 6 rebs, but fouled out in 26 minutes. DHoward added 15 pts, 11 rebs; HTurkoglu (4 of 15 FGs) 13 pts, 7 rebs; and J.J. Redick off the bench with 11 pts, but 0 of 3 from 3 pt range. NY was led by Eddy Curry, who had his usual effective game against the Magic with 27 pts on 10 of 13 FGs and 6 rebs. Channing Frye added 18 pts, 7 rebs; and Stephon Marbury 14 pts, 6 rebs.

NY (31 of 62, 50%) outscored the Magic (29 of 77, 37.7%) from the floor 67-60. NY connected on 5 of 20 3 pt FGs, while the Magic were a woeful 2 of 16. NY (27 of 41) had a slight edge at the FT line over the Magic (26 of 36). NY outrebounded the Magic 46-36. NY had 18 TOs, while the Magic had 14 TOs, but NY had 17 asts, compared to just 15 asts for the Magic. The Magic bench outscored the Knicks bench 38-34.

HTurkoglu, JNelson, CArroyo, and KBogans combined to shoot an ice-cold 10 of 40. After running the offense so efficiently against NJ with 28 asts, the offense bogged down against the Knicks with just 15 asts. Magic now begin a stretch of 9 games out of the next 13 on the road, starting TUE night at MIL.


  • At 12:54 AM, Blogger OVERWADED said…

    Almost everything about this game was ugly.

    The whistle never stopped blowing. Tonight, I think I saw 3 seconds called in every way imaginable.

    I know Dwight got into some foul trouble, but was Brian Hill making an effort to not play Dwight and Darko together?

    The Knicks were punishing us down low. Why did Darko and Dwight not play more together? By the time they did at the end, it was too late.

    Jameer, Hedo, and Carlos killed us tonight; all of them were rushing and just trying to do it all themselves.

    We all had to love Pat Garrity getting the call. But there was no other choice right? We needed some energy and Dwight was in foul trouble. Wait, Battie ended the game with only 1 foul, and Darko wasn't in foul trouble at the point Garrity checked into the game... The things that make you say hmmmm.

    I actually think the inserting of Pat Garrity was a big turning point. The Knicks were really struggling with their offense in the 3rd quarter, and playing really passive. Of course the Magic were too, but Redick and Darko also checked in with Garrity. The 6 minutes he played, the Knicks abused us down low, and they got some offensive confidence back. The lead was 12 when Garrity checked in; it was 15 when he checked out. But he was worth the risk right? He finished with 1 foul and 1 turnover. AWESOME!

    Like I said, ALMOST everything about this game was ugly; except for the play of Darko. He did end up fouling out, but the game was basically over at that point anyway. He had to guard "The Fat Guy", who was abusing us, because Dwight had 5 fouls at that point. Darko pretty much kept us in the game single handed, with his play in the 2nd quarter, and later in the game.

    19 pts 6 rbs 1 stl 1 blk 3 tos in 26 minutes... The downside was the 3 turnovers, but that's expected at this point. When can we see more of this guy? When are we going to stop letting teams off easy and make them start having to deal with Dwight and Darko together? The world my never know.

    Last note: Redick is progressing nicely. You can still tell he’s not comfortable, but he’s getting there. I hope his playing time doesn’t go away, but I fear it will soon.

    Overtime: With tonight's loss, everyone that was trying to talk "positive", like the Magic had turned the ship around after beating 2 crappy teams can now just stop. Those 2 wins were basically meaningless after being dominated on our home court by the Knicks. Changes still need to be made!

  • At 2:44 PM, Blogger Matt said…

    I had only the stomach to watch the first half, and after that I was not even curious to see the final result.

  • At 5:24 PM, Blogger Mike from Illinois said…

    I don't have to worry about the Magic's problems for at least a day... because it's Super Bowl Sunday! GO BEARS!!!!!

  • At 8:17 PM, Blogger Ken said…

    I hear ya matt... That was about as much as i could stomach as well..

  • At 2:25 PM, Blogger Big Figure said…

    7 out of the next 11 games are on the road to finish the month,3 out of the four home games are against san antone-detroit and houston which are games i wouldnt favor the magic in even being at home,there is a split for the all-star break so the magic should have ample rest,but boy its gonna be a tough stretch.


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