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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Down 20, Magic come back to tie UT but still lose

The Magic, who were down 75-55 late in the third, all of a sudden started stiffening their defense, as UT only made 1 FG in the 4th quarter, and ran the offense a lot better to tie the game at 81 and again at 85. However, Jameer Nelson's layup attempt to tie the game with 9 seconds remaining was blocked by Andrei Kirilenko and Utah hit a couple technical FTs to win 90-85. This was the Magic's 6th loss in a row, and 18th out of 20 games overall.

Missed FTs again hurt the Magic, as they shot just 21 of 32 (65.6%). UT shot 30 of 42 (71.4%), and made 9 of their last 10 FTs. DHoward led the Magic with 18 pts and 14 rebs. Stevenson (14 pts), Arroyo (14 pts), Nelson (10 pts) and Dooling (10 pts) all scored in double figures. Mehmet Okur (22 pts) and Kirilenko (18 pts 10-10 FTs) led UT. The Magic outscored UT 64-60 from the field on 31 of 74 shooting (41.9%). UT shot just 28 of 70 (40%). The Magic outrebounded UT 41-39. The Jazz had a good assist-to-turnover ratio of 22-10, while the Magic's ratio was just 13-12. UT had been averaging nearly 20 TOs per game. UT also blocked 13 Magic shots. The Magic bench did outscore UT 31-18.

Jameer, after having two outstanding games, had a sub-par game with 10 pts on 5 of 12 shooting with 4 TOs and just 3 assists. Grant had to sit out once again with lower abdominal pain. I would have rather seen TAriza than Stacy Augmon (1 pt in 14 min). And why did Darko play just 15 minutes (2 pts 3 rebs 2 blocks)? Also, I didn't see the game... did Jameer get fouled on his layup attempt that would have tied the game in the last 10 seconds? With the two technical fouls at the end, it seemed like the Magic were really frustrated with the refs.


  • At 3:02 AM, Blogger OVERWADED said…

    The Magic truly got jobbed tonight. Jameer's blocked lay-up was the least of the worries. The Jazz only points for the last 2 minutes were on the free throw line and pretty much all of those calls were questionable. It really did suck to lose in that fashion, but whatever, at this point; it's just another loss closer to a #1 pick.

    Good question on why Darko didn't play more though?

    Another good question on why a guy like Augmon is still getting playing time at this point in the season; WHY?

  • At 12:47 PM, Blogger OVERWADED said…

    Thanks Werdevos, because I forgot to include Outlaw's name with Augmon. At this stage, why are they playing? There is no excuse. I already know B Hill's answer, that we needed some energy out there tonight, but couldn't Ariza have provided that?

  • At 2:58 PM, Blogger Mike from Illinois said…

    I read Bryan Schmitz's account of the game in the Sentinel. I can understand everyone's frustration with the refs, but if the Magic make 5 or 6 more FTs instead of missing 11 and shooting just over 65%, they likely win the game.

    Once the Magic got down 10-0, BHill went to the bench in a hurry. Schmitz said that when Darko came in, he looked "lost". Well, I don't care, at this point in the season he has to be allowed all the playing time he can get, so he can gain valuable experience. Fifteen minutes of PT is a joke, especially with Battie being such a non-factor.

    Yeah Intro, BHill said he brought in Augmon and Outlaw for "energy". Outlaw did alright, but I am really puzzled to as why Trevor Ariza didn't see any time.

    As the end of the season nears, how long will BHill keep sticking with the veterans, and will our younger players see more playing time? We can't do much worse than we are now... 18 losses in 20 games.

  • At 3:55 PM, Blogger Matt said…

    The positive spin is, if Hill is looking for ways to win, he probably doesn't feel that his job is ecure.

  • At 3:56 PM, Blogger Ken said…

    The calls definatly sucked
    Free throw shooting sucked
    Substitutions sucked
    BSHill still Sucks

    This game was pretty much a train wreck from beginning to end... Sometimes I wonder if BSH dosn't play Darko and Arizza because of their age and lack of experience, or if he was against the deals to aquire them and this is how he retaliates. I dunno, I quit trying to figure him out. He makes no sense in his decisions. Outlaw hasn't played in more than a hand full of games all year, now all of a sudden we have new, fresh talent and he decides he's gonna play Outlaw and Augmon. The guy is a friggin retard idiot. Unfortunatlely we are stuck with his idiot ass until we loose enough games and management gets tired of loosing all the time and realize what a incompetent buffoon he really is.. If this was any other coach, they would be hopping up and down with excitement to have these guys.. But NOOOOOOO, not dipshit Hill, he's gonna play the washed up, over the hill, just killing time until they retire veterans the majority of the minutes..... This season can't end soon enough for me... I can't wait til it's over....


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