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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Magic stave off 76ers in OT for 5th straight win

Despite tremendous games from the Sixers' Allen Iverson (38 pts 15 assists) and Chris Webber (32 pts 11 rebs), the Magic hold on for an impressive 119-115 OT win. The Magic shot a superb 58.9% from the field compared to 48.9% by Philly. Another good job by the Magic drawing fouls, as they went to the FT line 41 times (only making 26, however, for 63.4%). The 76ers went to the FT line only 27 times, but made 22 (81.5%). 6 players in double figures for the Magic, led once again by Hedo, who had 25 pts on 9 of 15 shooting. Good game by all the starters, except maybe Stevenson who had just 7 pts and 4 rebs in 30 minutes. Great job off the bench by Garrity (24 pts) and Dooling (18 pts), who combined for 42 pts on 15 of 24 shooting. The Sixer bench combined for only 19 pts (Korver had a miserable night, shooting only 1 of 8). Garrity shot 5 of 7 from the 3 pt line for the Magic. Maybe this will quiet all the Garrity haters out there for at least a game. He is valuable to the success of this team. Francis did a great job passing the ball with 15 assists, and the team wound up with 27 assists, compared to 16 TOs. It is a really good sign that so many players are stepping up each game for the Magic during this 5 game winning streak. When Nelson and GHill return, that will make the Magic that much more deeper. Things are really looking up for all us long-suffering Magic fans... keep it going Magic...we're right there in the playoff chase!


  • At 12:52 AM, Blogger OVERWADED said…

    The Magic have put pressure on themselves now, for good reasons though. They are really showing what they can do on both ends of the floor. With a five game streak, against quality teams, road and home, 2 OT games, and injuries throughout; they're proving they're a team that is not going to go away. They are proving they're legit and belong in the playoffs. I'm not crazy about the 76ers, but we beat them in PHL, in OT, with AI at his best, Webber having a "flashback" of a game, without Nelson, Hill, or Cato. This is another great win for the team. This team was all expected to give up and meltdown after Francis suspension, but they haven't. It's great to see. Everyone is playing their role. Everyone seems happy, of course that's easy when you're winning. Hedo is playing aggressive, Pat found his touch, Francis is playing a all around controled game, Howard is being himself, yet improving offensively, Dooling is showing why we picked him up in free agency, and Stevenson and Battie are both "Mr. Consistent".

    A back 2 back on the road is going to be tough, but the Magic need to keep this going. I don't want any excuses relating to fatigue. Our guys should be pumped due to how they've been playing and winning. Let's keep it going!

  • At 3:29 AM, Anonymous Mathieu said…

    I completely agree with introvert. Again (I keep bringing this up) the depth of this team is proven. Great to see Pat had such a good game, I'm really fond of him, he can be a major factor for this magic team.
    They belong in the play-offs, and the fact that intro could post something about the magic and use the word "consistent", that's just terrific news, because that's exactly what we've been lacking of the last couple of years.
    I think most magic teams of the last years would've folded in gales like this one or the one against SAC. So maybe this year ís different after all.

  • At 9:42 AM, Blogger Pete said…

    Fantastic win for the Magic. They shut down role players like Korver and Iguadela while making it harder for Iverson and Webber to score. The offense was clicking nicely with Keyon inserted shooting at 60%. Our offense had to play as well as it did to win this one considering the unfortunate misses on the free throw line. Pat has found his shooting touch in recent games which was an expected yet very pleasant surprise. Towards the end it was nice not to exchange just 2s with Iverson. Keep up the good work guys. GO MAGIC!!!

  • At 11:06 AM, Blogger Big Figure said…

    We know this team is better defensively than last years team,with that said,it was the magic's relentlessness (dooling)to get to the basket that eventually gave us the victory,with a timely three pointer to push us into the lead at the end of the fourt!Two games in a row steve has fouled out and has given keyon alot of time as our point guard,and as matt would tell you,i said way back on the sentinel's blog,that keyon was probably our best point guard,but we never got a chance to see him play while we were on the sentinel blog! Jameer b/c he is a fan fav probably will get the nod in the future,but boy did keyon look great running the team,he puts alot of pressure on the opposing team with his attacking the basket,and steve looks great playing off the ball,as a two guard he can just focus on attacking,playmaking & defense,without having to run the team!

  • At 11:29 AM, Blogger Matt said…

    Yesterday Introvert316 questioned my view of the starting point guard, causing Big Figure to join the exchange. I responded under the original posting of “Florida Today on Francis”. I don’t expect to convince anybody to come my way but I hope that I clarified my standings. Interestingly enough, I stated my personal preference of Dooling for the future point guard if and when Francis is gone. The way Dooling played last night, I don’t think that I was off on my marks.

  • At 11:53 AM, Blogger Big Figure said…

    No Way your off your mark matt,Keyon was a vital player on that heat team last year that made it to the eastern finals,the heat lost him b/c of their choice to start damon jones,then it backfired on them when damon jones signed with cleveland,they lost both,keyon is the only player on our team to make it that deep in the playoffs,which should technically make him our leader right,and he's our most playoff experienced player,which means to me that he should be the starter!I knew a long time ago what type of game keyon brought to the table,last year he was noticeably better than damon jones,but the heat didnt want to make him a starter,the magic gave him that opportunity,but injuries ravished the beginning of his magic career!

  • At 2:12 PM, Blogger OVERWADED said…

    Matt was right on mark not only for last night's game, but the one before also. Dooling has looked great since he's been back. It's hard not to like the guy. I've said all along that he reminded me of D. Armstrong, but I think he could be better. He's bigger for one thing, longer... He has a hell of a "first step". He has a decent shot. He plays defense. He's a ball of heart and energy. And he seems to control the flow and run the floor pretty well. I'd be just as happy with him starting at PG. Because no matter what, Jameer will always be a major spark off the bench. These are nice problems to have for once. We are stacked with talent in many positions, better than not...


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