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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Wizards lose big to Jazz; Magic clinch SE

With UT's 129-87 romp over WAS MON night, that allows the Magic to officially clinch the SE division for the first time since the 1995-'96 season. WAS is 38-36 and can finish no better than 46-36. The Magic are 47-27, and can finish no worse than 47-35.

The Magic finish up the regular season with 8 games in APR, including 7 games in 12 days from APR 5th through APR 16th. They have 4 home games and 4 away games. At home, the Magic play 2 teams currently over .500 (NO, WAS) and 2 teams under .500 (CHI, MIN). On the road, the Magic play 1 team over .500 (CLE) and 3 teams under .500 (NY, CHI, ATL).

It may be difficult for the guys to have serious focus for a few games, because after they clinch the third seed and get to 50 wins, they won't have anything to play for except pride. I still expect the Magic to finish with no worse than a 5-3 record in APR, which would give them a 52-30 final record.

There are two remaining goals for these final few weeks... 1) to clinch the third seed over CLE, which is currently 41-33 and 6 games behind the Magic. The "Magic Number" for the Magic to clinch the third seed is 3. The Magic are a distant 5 1/2 games behind second seed DET. 2) not to incur any serious injuries to any of the players. BCook will miss the rest of the regular season, but should be ready for the playoffs. He is an effective weapon off the bench when he brings energy and accurate long-range shooting.


  • At 12:01 PM, Blogger Big Figure said…

    Great job by so many this year,from the GM to the coaching and on to the players. This is the one season where everyone i talked to during the season always asked me if the magic are for real,i always told them that this year was different,but the same thing was thought by most,at some point the magic would crumble. NOT THIS YEAR!!!!DIVISION CHAMPS BABY!!!!


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