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Monday, November 19, 2007

Magic make it 5 in a row with win over NO

Just like the previous night against the Celtics, the Magic (10-2) jumped out to a big first qtr lead, only to see NO cut into the lead and eventually take a 5 pt lead in the 4th qtr; however, the Magic were able to come back, despite 20 TOs, and made the clutch shots in the end for a 95-88 win, snapping the Hornets' 5 game winning streak.

Four of the five Magic starters scored in double figures, led by DHoward with 24 pts (10 of 14 FGs) and 15 rebs; RLewis 19 pts (7 of 12 FGs, 5 of 9 3 pt FGs), 7 rebs; JNelson 16 pts (7 of 15 FGs), 5 rebs, 5 asts; and HTurkoglu 15 pts (4 of 13 FGs), 7 rebs. KDooling came off the bench for 15 pts (4 of 8 FGs). Peja Stojakovic led 5 NO players in double figures with 21 pts. NO center Tyson Chandler had to leave the game in the 2nd qtr with a knee injury and could not return.

The statistical breakdown:

FG... ORL 34 of 72 (47.2%) NO 36 of 83 (43.4%) ORL 76 NO 76
3 PT FG... ORL 8 of 30 (26.7%) NO 4 of 17 (23.5%)
FT... ORL 19 of 23 (82.6%) NO 12 of 16 (75%)
REB... ORL 43 NO 36
AST/TO... ORL 19/20 NO 19/14
BENCH... NO 20 ORL 17

Magic now have the most wins in the NBA, and will look to extend that with yet another tough game WED night at defending world champ SA.


  • At 11:52 PM, Blogger Mike from Illinois said…

    Glad you called the game right instead of me, Big Figure!

    The starters continue to impress, as every starter except Bogans scored in double figures; Dooling was able to come off the bench and give the team a big lift. The Magic were able to overcome 20 TOs and 26.7% 3 pt FG shooting.

    Our 3 pt shooting has leveled off the last few games, but fortunately the opposition shot threes worse in both those games. Lewis continues to prove his worth with 5 of 9 shooting on threes in the game.

    The Magic got a break with Chandler getting hurt in the 2nd qtr and being unable to return; he had 8 rebs in just 15 mins. Of course, Chris Paul missed the game too, but Pargo did well in his absence, as he always does against the Magic.

    The Magic really deserve the day off tomorrow, before taking on the world champs WED.

  • At 9:02 AM, Blogger Big Figure said…

    Thanks mike...Anytime you win on the road its a good win! In alot of these games the magic are being outscored from 2pt range,but because we shoot three's make or miss and can get to the basket,we usually end up with more points on the scoreboard. Winning the three point battle and free throw battle have been huge. SVG also seems to be gaining confidence in his bench. Augustine has been playing the last five games and has looked pretty good,last night i think he was the first sub. Carlos,keyon,trevor and adonyl also were used meaning we played 10 guys last night,good to see the bench help out even if they arent scoring a whole bunch of points.

  • At 9:11 AM, Blogger Big Figure said…

    Talk about a stretch,the magic just played the team that hadn't lost,then played the team tied with us with 9 wins,then get the world champs!

  • At 3:03 PM, Blogger WeRDevos said…

    CLE-NJ-BOS-NO 4-0 was unthinkable last summer.

    All of a sudden it's not such a big stretch to think they can beat the Spurs in San Antonio.

    The last three years we have all been excited about Dwight Howard's future. He no longer has a future, it's all come together.

    Four big games against 3 playoff teams plus Boston. 3 on the road. All Howard has done is:


    and won all four games. That's 26/14 on average. He has made the same leap to greatness in his fourth year that LeBron and Wade made at age 21. This is outstanding to watch.


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