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Monday, March 26, 2007

Clutch 3 pt shooting by JNelson leads Magic to win over NY

Down 86-82 with under 2 minutes remaining, the Magic (33-38, 12-24 away) received two clutch 3 pointers from JNelson, as the Magic scored 12 of the last 15 pts in their 94-89 win over NY (30-40, 18-18 home). Magic have now won 2 in a row for the first time since early FEB, and are now in sole possession of the 7th seed in the East.

Five Magic players scored in double figures, led by Nelson with 18 pts, 5 rebs; HTurkoglu also with 18 pts, 5 asts; Battie with 14 pts on 6 of 7 FGs; DHoward with 10 pts, 14 rebs, 4 steals, and 3 blocks; and JRedick who led the reserves with 12 pts (2 of 5 3 pt FGs). NY was led by Stephon Marbury with 32 pts, 5 rebs; and Eddy Curry added 17 pts. Former Magic guard Steve Francis scored just 1 pt in 12 minutes.

The Magic (37 of 71, 52.1%) outscored NY (32 of 68, 47.1%) from the field 80-66. The Magic hit on 6 of 17 3 pt FGs, while NY was just 2 of 13 from long range. NY (23 of 37) enjoyed a big edge at the FT line over the Magic (14 of 21). The Magic had a slight edge in rebounds 35-34. Despite 20 TOs, the Magic still had a better AST/TO ratio of 22/20 than the Knicks 14/15. The NY bench outscored the Magic bench 31-28.

The Magic were able to overcome a large disparity in FT attempts (16 more FT attempts for NY) and 20 TOs thanks to a 52.1 FG percentage, balanced scoring, and missed NY FTs. Magic did not panic after losing a 6 pt lead in the 4th quarter, and came out with a very encouraging win. A trip to BOS is next up on WED.


  • At 11:50 PM, Blogger Mike from Illinois said…

    Glad the Magic proved me wrong in my pre-game prediction. Now this is a team I can proudly cheer for, regardless of my negative feelings for our coach... a team that battles, and wins close, hard-fought games, like they have the last two games.

    If the Magic can play with this kind of effort and resolve the rest of the season, they can do well despite Brian Hill and his questionable strategies and/or rotations.

    Good to see Dwight get 5 asts... maybe he's starting to find the open guy better when he's doubled underneath. However, the 6 TOs show he still needs to improve. Nevertheless, Dwight had a good all-around game and a few key blocks late, despite only 10 pts.

    Also nice to see J.J. get the 25 minutes off the bench; but wish Darko would get more than the 16 minutes he's gotten the last 2 games. However, Battie had an above-average scoring game with 14.

    True, the Knicks were missing David Lee and Quentin Richardson, but injuries are a part of the game, and no one gave the Magic any sympathy earlier when they had several key players out. The Magic were still able to survive the best shot from a team they usually have difficulty with in NY, as this was almost a must-win game for NY, who are now 2 games out of a playoff spot with a very difficult schedule coming up, while the schedule gets a little softer for the Magic.

  • At 9:43 AM, Blogger Matt said…

    This win is nothing to gloat about. NY deserved to win the game. One may call making a couple of 3-pointers heroics, but I consider it luck. There is no point talking about sympathy, or lack thereof. It is important to remember that 3 key players of NY, namely Crawford, Richardson and Lee were missing from the line-up, and yet NY could and should have won. That all despite NY's defense resembling Swiss cheese that should have been a feast for Dwight and Darko.

    In short, I would have been happier with a loss, because in the bigger scheme for the future, it is imperative to kick Hill's behind to St. Petersburg (not in Florida but in Russia) as of yesterday. And while at it, let's add the other horse taking this cart to nowhere, Wise Otis Smith.

  • At 7:45 PM, Blogger Mike from Illinois said…

    I could tell all you guys were elated over the Magic win... so far, only one comment, which was anti-Magic.

    I caught the highlights of the game on SportsCenter, and will admit the Magic caught a break when the refs missed Dwight's goaltending of the Marbury layup attempt late in the game that would have given the Knicks the lead. It was close, but the ball just started on its way down when Dwight made the block.

    However, one is foolish to blame the refs for the NY loss last night, as the Knicks were given 16 more FT attempts than the Magic, but they could only make 62.2% of those FT attempts.

    NY did not deserve to win this game. The Magic had the better FG%, FT%, one more rebound, and a better AST/TO ratio.

    Again, no one felt sorry, and rightfully so, for the Magic when GHill, Ariza, Dooling, and Turkoglu were all missing due to injury at various times earlier this season. Every team has to deal with injuries, they're a part of the game, so I'm not going to give the Knicks a pass because they were missing 3 regulars against the Magic.

    Call it luck, or whatever you want to call it, but the Magic did what they had to do to win the game.

  • At 9:08 PM, Blogger Matt said…

    I don't get it; who is anti-Magic? And how did you figure that everybody is elated? Just because they didn't post any comments?

    Once again, I failed to express myself clearly. I said that sympathy or lack thereof is not the point. The point is that with all our players available, and three of their top players unavailable, we won a game that we could have simply lost if Jameer's 3-pointers were not going in. I didn't say any thing about refs (I never do), and I didn't mention the goal tending. How difficult is it to understand that the long-term health of the team - which runs against Hill's presence - carries more weight than just making to the play-offs leading to a disgraceful exit at the first round?

  • At 5:26 AM, Blogger Mike from Illinois said…

    I was referring to the NY media... I saw Brian Schmitz's Basketblog, which said that the NY media was very critical of the non-goaltending call at the end of the game.

  • At 5:39 AM, Blogger Mike from Illinois said…

    That was supposed to be a sarcastic remark by me about you guys being elated with the Magic win, because I know you are rooting against the team for the reasons you stated.

    If I'm going to be the only one on here to root for the Magic to make the playoffs, thats OK. Everyone's entitled to their opinions, but I love the Magic too much to root against them because of my dislike for the coach, or for the hope that he would get fired (which is not guaranteed anyhow; Otis has already said that Brian Hill is not in danger of losing his job). I still believe in the players, and I thought the effort was really good the last 2 games.

  • At 9:28 AM, Blogger Matt said…

    Mike, I don't think that any one of us on this blog loves or cares for the magic less than others. We may disagree on what is the best course for the Magic's future. I would love to see Magic compete in its first play-offs after being out for the time that seems like ages ago, but I tend to suppress that desire for a larger brighter picture of the future.

  • At 6:41 PM, Blogger Big Figure said…

    I was elated with the win,i tend to enjoy beating teams that you've made trades with,ariza going back to the garden and playing well was good to see,can the magic go for three in a row....

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