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Monday, March 05, 2007

Bucks/Magic preview

The Magic (28-33, 18-12 home, T9th East). losers of 7 of 8 games since the All-Star Break, try to get back on track against MIL (22-38, 9-25 road, 11th East) MON night in ORL. MIL is coming off a gut-wrenching 126-121 OT home loss to CHI on SUN, as MIL blew an 18 pt 4th quarter lead with over 9 minutes remaining in the fourth. Star SG Michael Redd, in his seventh game back from his left knee injury, put on a show scoring 52 pts on 18 of 32 FGs, including 8 of 13 3 pt FGs.

MIL is led in scoring by Redd at 27.2 ppg; G Mo Williams 18.3 ppg, 6.3 asts; F Ruben Patterson 14.3 ppg; G Earl Boykins, who is out injured, 14.3 ppg; G Charlie Bell 13.1 ppg; F/C Andrew Bogut 12.3 ppg, 8.8 rebs; and F Charlie Villanueva 12 ppg, 6.2 rebs. MIL is averaging 100.4 ppg, while allowing 103.7 ppg. ORL is averaging 93.9 ppg, while allowing 94.2 ppg.

The Magic have split two games so far this season against MIL, with each team winning at home. However, MIL was without Redd for both games. MIL is a much better team with Redd, as they had won 3 in a row before their tough loss to CHI SUN. With a win, Magic would pull even with NJ for the 8th seed in the East. GHill should be available for action, while TBattie may or may not suit up. No line for the game yet, but Magic should be a slight favorite.


  • At 1:52 AM, Blogger Mike from Illinois said…

    Magic can't afford to take the Bucks lightly, as with Michael Redd playing MIL is capable of beating any team. I watched most of the MIL/CHI game, and the Bucks looked really good until Ben Gordon of the Bulls took over late.

    The Magic were very fortunate that NJ lost to two sub-.500 teams over the weekend, and are only a half-game behind NJ for the last playoff spot.

    Very important game for the Magic tonight... even though MIL is tough, a home loss to a team that played the day before would really be deflating to the Magic.

    After an outstanding effort at DAL, I'd really like to see a Magic win here.

    With GHill probably available, it'll be interesting to see how he's used (hope he comes off the bench).

  • At 9:04 AM, Blogger Matt said…

    This is not the best of time for the Magic facing a dangerous Michael Redd, back-to-back or not. Let's hope that their legs are a bit weary.

  • At 12:43 PM, Blogger Big Figure said…

    U can bet grant will be thrown right back out there with the starters,keith in bsh's mind is starter B,but yet keyon is the back-up two no matter who starts,huh? Intro mentioned this a while back and after thinking about it,bsh's rotations are his biggest problem,we can live with inside-outside offense,we can live with his defensive concepts,but we cant live with the wrong poeple being played at the wrong positions as our record shows. Grant coming off the bench would signal our coach gaining a clue,i doubt that either will happen.

  • At 1:28 PM, Blogger Big Figure said…

    Our point guard position play has got to get better at making players on our team better,i like jameer but a scorer isnt what we need at the point,we need an inside outside point guard,one who will pass and shoot for percentage from the outside,on our roster trav would be the closest to fit that criteria with his style of game,but he's a back-up at best. Jameer is a volume shooter,which means he's a scorer,we're actually stunting his growth making him play inside out,i'd like to see jameer used the way he was used the night grant and keyon were both out and jameer got some time at the 2 spot against the spurs. Carlos is a back-up at best,and in my opinion doesnt fit what-so-ever with this team,he cant shoot and he cant defend,we can deffinitely get younger there by moving trav into a back-up role and draft a player to watch.Our point guard position is leaving alot to be desired.

  • At 2:01 PM, Blogger OVERWADED said…

    If Grant is back, I'm sure he'll be starting. Even if out of small chance, he isn't starting, he will be in the next game (pending he's still healthy enough).

    Games like this are tough. If we win, who really cares? We beat Milwaukee at home! It's almost more exciting if we lose. However, I can't ever cheer against the Magic, just Brian Hill; which really doesn't make sense. I guess my point is, I want the Magic to win, but if they win, what does it mean? If they win, after the game we'll hear B Hill and others talk about turning this thing around, yada-yada-yada.

    And BIG, you're absolutely right. We could win more games with the offense we run and the defense we play; if Brian Hill would just stop playing the wrong players, at the wrong positions.

    The thing that Brian Hill really struggles to understand is; the 5 best players, or most talented, or whatever, do not always make the best team. Some player’s style of play just doesn't compliment another’s. The examples, Grant Hill or Keyon Dooling do not work at the 2 spot. He's been doing all year, and he still hasn't figured this out. And the fact that it hasn't changed, tells me Otis Smith hasn't figured it out yet either.

    And BIG, your last line says it all; "our point guard position is leaving a lot to be desired". The more time that goes by, the more I question. But someone needs to get these guys at least attempting to pass the ball first.

  • At 2:31 PM, Blogger OVERWADED said…

    There is a reason a guy like me couldn't be the coach, well probably many reasons. But if I came in to coach at this point in the season, considering how the team has continued to lose, I'd make changes. How about my starting five? I'm going to be a little bold here, but hear me out.

    Nelson would continue to start at point, pretty much because he is the best PG on the roster. Yet, I’d make sure Diener was getting some time. I’ve always liked what I’ve seen out of Travis, but he’s never been given a consistent opportunity. And yes, this means Arroyo might not be playing as much. I’d probably put it out there to all 4 of them (Dooling included), if you pass the ball more, you’re going to play more; let the best basketball player win.

    At the 2 spot is where I'd get bold. While I like Bogans, I still see him as a solid bench player. Redick would start at SG. My reasons; he's a smart basketball player, a confident player, unbelievable shooter, he would compliment everyone on the floor, and I believe if he just got the chance with the right rotation of guys, he'd be dropping 15-20 a night. And as some time passed, and the chemistry got better, the other guys would start learning where to find him and we’d start to see Redick’s "cocky side" that we used to see every game in college. And we need that kind of player in the starting 5. And while I understand Bogans is a steady all around player, he just doesn't have anything special about him, where as Redick does.

    This brings me to the small forward. Ariza is my SF. I think Ariza and Redick would compliment each other perfectly. What one lacks the other one excels in, and vice versa. He can defend the tougher players. And because of his defense, rebounding, hustle, finishing ability, and knack he would start, as he to has things that stand out in his game. The funny thing is, you’d think his style of play wouldn’t compliment Dwight and Darko, but they’ve always played well together. Dwight finds Ariza open more than any other guy. And of course behind him we’d have 2 options in Grant and Turk.

    The lineup would round off with Darko and Dwight. They are the final pieces that make everything work on both ends. And I don't have to waste anymore time explaining why, because it's obvious. And of course Battie would be backing them up, and maybe Bo every now and then.

    I know the only question mark here is Redick, but I think his positives weigh heavily in his favor. And as far as I’ve heard, the common question with him is his defense. But that’s why I think it would work with Ariza next to him, as he would always take the tougher match up. And while I know Redick will never be a defender like Ariza, he still plays a respectable fundamental defense. And if for some reason that isn’t working, he’ll have two of the best shot blockers in the league behind him.

    I’ll admit, I’ve wanted to see this lineup for a while. I guess what sparked me to say something was the fact that the season is coming to an end, we’re still losing, and we’ve still seen no changes (besides Darko finally getting to start, but that was only because of Battie’s injury). Even just think about that for a minute. We’ve been calling for Darko to start all year, but B Hill refused to start him. But by luck, Battie gets injured, Hill is forced to start Darko, and what happens, Dwight and Darko are both having career numbers playing with each other. But B Hill likes to stick to his ways. Maybe he figures if he doesn’t change anything, then that says he knows what he is doing, where as if he starts experimenting, it’d show that he was wrong all along. I expect no changes for the rest of the season. I don’t know.

  • At 6:17 PM, Blogger Matt said…

    I like your line-up. It is intriguing. I am for giving J.J. a chance to develop. As for SF position, I feel that Trevor is not ready yet, but considering the lack of consistency by Hedo, and lack of a reliable bill of health by Grant, I don't feel strongly against it.

  • At 7:15 PM, Blogger Mike from Illinois said…

    Interesting idea for a lineup, OVERWADED.

    If Redick were our starting SG, you know that he would get around 15 FG attempts or so per game. Many games where Grant or Keith is the starting SG, neither of them gets anywhere near 15 shot attempts a game.

    When the starting PG (Nelson) gets more shot attempts than the SG on a game-to-game basis, that's not a good thing for the offense. With Redick in the lineup, I believe that would encourage Nelson to pass the ball to Redick, as Redick can do a much better job of getting a shot off than any of our other SGs, and would increase Nelson's assist total.

    As mentioned, Redick's defense would be in question, but having Ariza in there at the same time would help.


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