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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Nelson the hero in Magic last-second win over SAC

The Magic (14-5, 7-4 road) found another way to win a close game. This time, Jameer Nelson hit a 3 pointer with 1.7 seconds remaining to give the Magic a 92-89 win, after the Kings scored 6 pts in a row to tie the game at 89.

DHoward led the Magic with 18 pts on 7 of 9 shooting and 16 rebs. Nelson had 14 pts on 6 of 9 shooting with 7 assists, HTurkoglu also had 14 pts, and GHill, playing in back-to-back games for the first time this year, scored 10 pts, and CArroyo led the reserves with 12 pts. TBattie also had a good game with 9 pts and 9 rebs. Mike Bibby led SAC with 19 pts 7 assists, and John Salmons and Kevin Martin added 16 pts each.

The Magic (37 of 70, 52.9%) dominated from the field, outscoring SAC (30 of 76, 39.5%) 78-63. Magic were 4 of 11 from 3 pt range, while SAC was just 3 of 16. SAC (26 of 33, 78.8%) had a big edge at the FT line (ORL 14 of 25, 56%). The Magic had a slight edge rebounding 42-41, but were outrebounded 13-6 on the offensive boards. SAC had a slightly better assist/turnover ratio of 19-14, compared to 19-17 for the Magic. SAC also had a slight edge in bench scoring, 29-27 over the Magic bench.

The Magic's hot outside shooting and good defense won this game for them even though they had 17 TOs and only shot 56% from the FT line. Nice job winning at SAC after the loss to LAC the previous night and breaking an 11 game losing streak at SAC. The Magic are now guaranteed a winning road trip and have a chance to finish the trip 5-1 with a win at IND WED night.


  • At 4:33 AM, Blogger Ken said…

    Nice way to bounce back from the previous nights' loss in L.A. It shows the pride and determination this group of players have. Jameer Nelson even said after the game, something to the fact that they wanted to prove to coach (Hill) they weren't about to lighten -up or hang their heads because of last nights loss. Ya just gotta love this team.

    The thing thats bugged me though is the refs refusal to give GHill any sort of benifit of many calls.. I know he hasn't played a whole heck of alot the last few years. But, damn... This is Grant Hill. Classy veteran, multiple all-star, gentleman, and all around good-guy. I don't expect them to blow the whistle everytime someone gets within arms reach of him, like Iverson. You see Grants expression after some of those non-calls and can tell what he's thinking...

  • At 8:43 AM, Blogger WeRDevos said…

    Word of the Day: Resilience.

    Magic will come home from this long west coast road trip with a minimum of a 1 game lead in the East. That's terrific and outside of the realm of historic expectations.

    Kings had great defense on the final play. I loved the bench reaction. Arroyo looked like a happy kid on a pogo stick. Darko even cracked a smile.

    No Magic team has ever achieved 5-1 on a west coast road trip. Indy is on a 3 game losing streak, but 4-2 at home.

  • At 10:14 AM, Blogger Matt said…

    I guess an ugly win is still a win. I am with WeRDevos on the resilience being a hallmark of this Magic team. On a night that everything pointed to a breakdown and eventual loss, the team found the way to win. The consecutive trips down the court without scoring could have sunk them, but it didn't.

    I will take a loss at Indiana if they show up with fresh legs for Detroit's game. Detroit will be coming from a tough game at Dallas on Thursday. I expect the depth, and an extra day of rest, to help us prevail.

  • At 10:43 AM, Blogger WeRDevos said…

    Only Magic & San Antonio have 7 road wins. 6 others tied for 3rd at 5 wins.

    Magic would need to finish 3-27 on the road to match last years mark.


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