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Friday, December 29, 2006

Magic/Wizards preview

This game features 2 teams that are going in opposite directions. The Magic (17-13, 7-7 road, 6th East), losers of 3 in a row and 9 of their last 13, will face WAS (16-12, 10-3 home, 3rd East), winners of 4 in a row and 11 out of 14. WAS is coming off a 114-107 win over CHA on WED. Star Gilbert Arenas led with 39 pts, including 5 of 7 3 pt shooting.

WAS is led by the red-hot Arenas, who is averaging 30.5 ppg, including shooting 41.4% from 3 pt FG range, and 6.4 asts. Arenas is averaging 38.5 ppg the last 4 games, including 19 of 35 from 3 pt range. SF Caron Butler averages 20.2 ppg, 8.1 rebs; and F Antawn Jamison 19.3 ppg, 8.2 rebs. Former Magic SG Deshawn Stevenson is having a good year as well, averaging 10.1 ppg on 50.7% shooting. Stevenson leads WAS in 3 pt FG%, shooting 51.7% from long range (15 of 29). Last season, he only made two 3 pt FGs all season with the Magic.

WAS became the first team in 12 seasons to score at least 106 pts in 12 straight games. They are averaging 118.5 ppg in those 12 games, and are the third highest scoring team in the league at 107.8 ppg, while allowing 106 ppg. For the first time all season, the Magic are allowing more ppg (93.1) than they are scoring (92.7). In Arenas' last four games against the Magic, he is averaging 21.8 ppg on just 27.7% FG shooting. WAS is a 6 1/2 pt favorite (www.pinnaclesports.com).


  • At 4:34 AM, Blogger Mike from Illinois said…

    Funny thing... last season our biggest complaint about Stevenson was that he wasn't an effective outside or 3 pt shooter, and now this season, he leads the Wizards in 3 pt FG%. With Stevenson's superior numbers over Keith Bogans (Bogans 3.7 ppg, 36.4% 3 pt shooting; Stevenson 10.1 ppg, 51.7% 3 pt shooting), losing Stevenson hurt more than we thought it would.

  • At 9:06 AM, Blogger Matt said…

    I remember mentioning that Stevenson is a better 3-point shooter than he is allowed to be under Hill. Keith Bogans numbers, though, was better than Stevenson, at that time. Regardless, in my view, under Hill's restricted system both players would have been wasted, equally. I even doubt that Stevenson would have started if he was here, but probably in Hill's seniority approach - as Big Figure calls it - he would have been the first off the bench as a SG, which is an upgrade compared to what Keyon is currently producing.

    About tonight's game, I have a feeling that Dr. Jekyll will show up and Magic would be able to keep the game close or even steal a win. However, if I see Travis in street clothes, and I don't know J.J. where, forget it.

  • At 11:58 AM, Blogger tdawg said…

    Big game tonight, hopefully G Hill, Howard, and Nelson will play more than 5 minutes in the fourth.

  • At 12:20 PM, Blogger Big Figure said…

    I really dont see how the magic have a chance,the wizards like to score points,the magic struggle to score points,if the teams hit their season averages the wizards win.

  • At 7:50 PM, Blogger OVERWADED said…

    Hey Matt, Travis and J.J. are both on the INACTIVE LIST.

  • At 8:04 PM, Blogger Matt said…

    Then all the bids are off despite how well Hedo is shooting.

  • At 9:45 PM, Blogger OVERWADED said…

    I took notes, and here are my post game thoughts.

    Great basketball game; period...

    Why do the Magic nerer seem to get the respect of the officials?

    Keith Bogans is used at the most random times.

    Brian Hill has no clue how to use Darko.

    Even though I laughed when I first heard this statement, maybe Kobe was right, Gilbert Arenas has no conscience what so ever.

    If I see the officials buy into another Haywood flop again I think I’ll puke. There needs to be some kind of change made in regards to charging calls.

    1st half we saw Hedo the all-star; second half we saw Hedo the bench player.

    In the 4th we’re told Grant Hill won’t return because of a sore foot, did I jinx him?

    Trevor Ariza will be a starter in this league.

    Dooling had a great game. He had just cause to continue shooting. The problem is, he always continues shooting, even though he only on like that 1 out of every 7 games.

    Less than a minute left in the game, fresh from a timeout and the Magic look clueless. First, they go to Hedo, who had yet to score in the 2nd half. Then, they have to foul, and let a ton of time burn off the clock before they do so. Why or how could execution ever be this poor? Are our players that ignorant? If they are, why isn’t Brian Hill doing something about this? This isn’t the first time this kind of thing has happened.

    The Magic had a chance to pull out a lucky victory. So, with 2.8 seconds to go, they decide to go to the "hot hand" for the final shot. Normally, I would agree, but Dooling just isn’t one of those guys. I’d take Jameer taking that shot any day before Dooling. Another poor coaching call...

    I'm happy 2006 is coming to an end. I hope the Magic view next week as a "fresh start". So far we've seen the Magic appear as the best in the league, and the worst. Hopefully we can find some balance in 2007.

    And that my friends is the exact reason Big Figure is saying the name "Vince Carter".

  • At 10:33 PM, Blogger Matt said…

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  • At 10:35 PM, Blogger Matt said…

    Magic usually plays well against WAS, and it is a pity that they had a chance to win this one and they didn't. I agree with Introvert316 that Keyon should not have taken the last shot, hot hand or not, simply because he has not been in that situation but more than a few times.

    As for the future needs, we will discuss that plenty of times, I am sure. The main question would be whether we will pursue a signing from the free agency - which will be a drag on the salary cap - or we will pursue trades. There is also the possibility of a sign and trade, which takes a lot more skill to pull off.

  • At 6:57 PM, Blogger Big Figure said…

    Bring Vince Home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • At 7:00 PM, Blogger Big Figure said…

    Keyon's way to streaky and isnt a big shot taker,vince wouldve gotten to the free throw line because he's been in that situation so many times before.


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